A Divine Quest

Hey friends! I go to a site called Heaven Letters. This is a wonderful site. The writer of this site is awesome. Very great writer! JI go to this site from time to time for inspiration and encouragement. I would like to share today’s Heaven letter with my friends!😁 Enjoy! 


A Divine Quest

God said:

You have heard the advice: “Don’t be on a fool’s errand.”

You may look at this guidance in several ways. One way is: What else is there in the temporal Life on Earth but a fool’s errand? HA HA!

All the running around you do and all the dreams you dream, and soon or late, dreams change their appearance, and, soon or late, you walk out of this worldly Life and wave a fond good-bye and enter the Highest Heavens which, I remind you — you have never left.

To enter the Highest Heavens is everyone’s Destiny.

At the same time as this is true, you do not always feel confident in your Destiny. Regardless, you are on a Divine Quest. As you seek, so shall you find. I am wanting to clarify that in your seeking intimate and ultimate Truth, you are not a fool, and Life cannot quite be a fool’s errand, for your God’s Honest Truth will come to you.

That which you seek is your Self, beloveds. Whatever quest you may believe you are on, no matter how worthy-seeming or worthless-seeming, it is your Self you are seeking. To seek your Self – this is great privilege and happiness. As you come closer to your Holy Self, the greater the mastery you reveal. Closer to your Self are you as you continue in Life. Surely you will come to see your growth. Hail to you, Beautiful Soul of Mine.

Living Life on Earth is your project. Everyone has the same yet so different a project. Yes, there is this Infinite Oneness, and there is also the Wonder of Individuality.

No two human Beings are alike. There is a whole world of Oneness, and there is a whole world of separate uniqueness as well. Instead of one ribbon of Life, each Child of Oneness is two-ribboned, two-pronged, We can say.

You live in a world filled with wonders of diverse kinds. The world is entirely filled with royalty that looks like royalty or may look like ruffian-ship and poverty of one kind and another. Nevertheless, all the differences are on the surface. In the Depths, there is Oneness. There is Oneness, Beloveds.

Surely you know you live in a magical world where anything can seem to be or not seem to be.

Just think of all the varieties of language, of countries, of soil and scenery, and waterways. What a great Kingdom of Kingdoms you live in. What a blueprint I have given you. This is your Destiny, and you will fulfill it.

You hardly dare dream of what is coming around the corner for you. You are going to meet something Great, for your destiny is embedded within you. Of course, you are made for Greatness.

The Greatness you are made for consists not of ego. O My Goodness, ego can’t even light a candle to you. One way or another, ego will trip you up. Even when ego delivers the honorariums you like, somehow or another, it will lay you low. In Truth, ego plays tricks on you. Ego will cheat you. The best ego can do is to lead you on.

In the world, you have had bouts of ego. As powerful as you are, ego has had its way with you and trounced you. At the same time, no matter how ego may have had its fun with you at your expense, there is absolutely nothing lacking in you. You have paid attention to the blackguard ego who seems more real to you than the world of Spirit that may elude you.

You are learning all the tricks of the trade of this Great Life on Earth right now. Faster and faster, you become closer and closer to your Destiny.

You and I, We meet head on.

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Never Buy Frozen burritos Again! Save Money Now! 💰

Hi friends! I want to give you a great money saving tip! If you’re like me, sometimes after a busy day you want the taste of a homemade meal without the big fuss. So we order out to get the closest thing to home cooked. But ordering out can be very expensive. So why not make your own frozen dinners! You get a home cooked meal, and it’s way better quality than the frozen dinners at the grocer. I used to fall victim to the packs of frozen burritos in the frozen food aisle. They were expensive and cheated me on the filling! I was chewing on tortillas and barely cheese and bean! So, I created the perfect solution! I simply made my own burritos and froze them. It’s very simple to do! Here is the recipe!

One pack of flour or wheat tortillas.
download (2)
One can of refried beans.
Shredded cheese of choice.

You can add any filling that you like, just make sure that it’s room temperature and it’s not dripping with moisture/ juice. If so, you will get soggy tortillas. For the bean burritos you can either heat up the refried beans in a saucepan and then let it cool to room temperature, or you can dump the beans out of the can into a bowl and stir it until it’s smooth. I usually loosen up my bean filling by heating and cooling  it to room temperature. Now that you have made the mixture pliable for spooning, lay out a single tortilla. Spoon your desired amount of filling onto the tortilla. Please don’t add too much filling or it will spill out when you fold up the tortilla! Then add your shredded cheese. Now it’s folding time!


You may not fold it properly the first couple of times. But don’t become discouraged. You’ll be just fine as long as you don’t add too much filling. Once you have all your burritos folded, wrap them individually in plastic wrap. Then put all the wrapped burritos in a large freezer bag. And now you have your own homemade frozen burritos!

Note: You can heat them up in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.



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Are You Possessed By The Green Eyed Monster?

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about jealousy/ envy. This is a strong emotion that God gifted us with that we often misuse. Yes, you read right! This strong emotion is a gift. It wasn’t an emotion that was supposed to torment us, give us low self-esteem, and make us feel unworthy. It’s an emotion that was meant to pull out the best in us. It’s an alarm in us that reveals our deepest insecurities and desires of our hearts. You can learn a lot about yourself by examining those you are jealous of. Let me give you some examples. Perhaps you and your friend is overweight. You both get along perfectly as friends  because you both share the same insecurities of your bodies. But your friend decided to start eating more healthy and started exercising and lost a tremendous amount of weight.


So now you are feeling insecure and jealous of your friend. Misery loves company, and now you have no one to be miserable with. So now you lost a good friend because your envy caused you to lash out at her. You say things like ” You think you are better than me now” and ” You look like a skeleton” ; despite the fact you think she looks great. Instead, the right thing to do would be to notice how her new body makes you feel. Your jealousy really is your heart calling out for you to better yourself also. You’re miserable in your body and it’s time for YOU to make a change! Who else better to help you make that change than your friend! Let her be your help and inspiration! Get tips on how she was able to accomplish her goal so you can too! Before you know it, you both will be sharing in the victory!


Let me give one more example. Perhaps she is now in a new loving romantic relationship. Now you feel jealous and lonely.


Perhaps you never really thought about being in a relationship until you saw the happiness it brought your friend. Instead of trying to sabotage the relationship she’s in, notice how her relationship makes you feel. Perhaps it’s time to open up your heart and get in the dating scene. Maybe the ” I don’t need a man” club is not working for you anymore! If your friend found a healthy relationship, use her relationship as inspiration to move forward in your own love life. She might even know someone she could introduce you to!

This advice goes for anything you are jealous of. Whatever you are jealous of, put it as one of your goals to accomplish! It’s your heart telling you what paths in life it desires. Use the person you envy as inspiration! Watch them and get as many tips and advice from them as possible!


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Do I think all illegal immigrants should be sent back?

Hi friends. Hope your weekend went well. I want discuss if I think all immigrants should be sent back home. The answer for me is no. I think the whole situation is sad and unfortunate. The U.S. allowed immigrants to have a free for all with the border. They were given refuge, safety, and resources when they made it over illegally. They were given the dreamers program and were offered illegal jobs from employers. There were no consequences for their actions. Many of them have been here for years. They have set up shop, bought homes, and started families. The damage is done. Yes, there is plenty of undocumented people and families, but it’s inhumane and ridiculous to just start shipping people off who already were ALLOWED to come and set up shop. Immigrants have done nothing wrong! Lol😆! If you are given a free opportunity, wouldn’t you take it? It being illegal was an illusion. That’s why they were often bold enough to march and fight for certain rights. I compare it to being a marching thief. If you knew that being a  robber was illegal, would you get mad and start fighting for your right to steal. Perhaps you wanted to march for store owners not to be able to put security cameras in their stores because you feel like it infringes on your privacy to steal. If you are that bold, stealing being illegal is an illusion. So, no, they should not be shipped back. What they did was legal. But, what I do think should be done is anyone who is “illegal” have two years to get all proper identification. All identification fees will be waived or free; which means no more free rides. If you want to go to school you must have proper paperwork and pay tuition. If you get pulled over you must show identification. You must also have identification for employment. You must pay taxes and have all proper business licences. No public assistance without all documents. Those who don’t have proper paperwork will be denied jobs, education, and services. Why? Because that’s what’s fair. Us Local Americans are demanded to have those things. If you don’t have those things and you are caught in suspicious activity or caught in a crime by law enforcement, you will be investigated and sent back if found guilty. If you are not found guilty, but illegal,  you will be fined a fee for lack of effort to become documented within the two year period. Then you will have a court order to get documented. If you don’t comply, you will be sent back. That’s what I find fair. This is my opinion.

Immigrants need to become fully integrated with society! 


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Get Rid Of The “Bad” Apples?

Hi friends! A lot of us feel that the world would be a better place if we could just get rid of all the “bad” people in the world. If this or that person was more like us, we would have a heaven on earth! Right? I guess that would work if we all could Commit and come to an agreement on what’s defined as perfect behavior. But, we can’t because there is no such thing. The idea of perfection is instilled in each individuals mind. It’s an illusion. Most of the time we don’t even live up to our own standard of perfection. So I have to say it’s very hypocritical to judge others so harshly! And Of course there is taboos that I feel no one should do! And a majority of us would agree that certain things are just unacceptable. But just getting rid of those small groups who perform taboos won’t save the world. We all have taken on the role of judge, and we feel like it’s time to clean house to rid the world of “evil”!


Oh wait! We can’t! Now we are arguing amongst each other. Since the creator of our brain gave us the ability to have free will, and our own unique perspectives, we can’t come to an agreement on good or bad? How? I mean everyone has the bible and ten commandments, right? No, and it’s not that easy. Take a look at the following example conversations:

These people say: “People who spank their children are abusive and evil.”

These people say: “Because no one spanks their children is why people  have become evil. People who don’t discipline is bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “People who eat meat are savages. It’s a life for God sake!”

These people say: “People who don’t eat meat are pushy and don’t want our bodies to be healthy. They are picking animals over human health! They are bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “God only love people of the Christian faith! The rest is bad people going to Hell!”

These people say: “God is love. My Religion/ faith doesn’t teach death or Hell. People like you are bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say:” “The death sentence is barbaric! No one should kill anyone! People who believe in that are savages!”

These people say: “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. This person who killed someone deserve to die. People who don’t believe in the death sentence are bad! They have no regard for victims and care more about the bad guy!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “Same sex couples are wrong. God made man and woman. They are going against nature and God does not Love them. They are bad and going to Hell!”

These people say: “People who say God doesn’t love them have no soul. Same sex couples know no gender and you can’t help who you love. People are people. You people who hate them are savages!”

Who is right and who is wrong?

I could go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of examples, but I’m sure you guys get it by now. Some of you couldn’t stomach some deeper examples! But, I suggest you do this exercise with yourself, because you’ll get better at seeing things from other’s point of view. Anyway, who is right? Who is the bad apples that we can get rid of to make a better world? A heaven on earth? The best we can do is feed our ego, put our judge gown on, and live in the illusion of superiority swearing that we are the only ones with the right answer. Or, we can shove each other’s religious answers down each other’s throat. Either way we are still bumping heads and still don’t know who should stay or go because we all are claiming to be right!

2 Corinthians 12:9

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness ” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Are you the ultimate judge of right or wrong? 


Betcha didn’t know! 😆

How do you deal with life’s problems?


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Illegal Immigration

Hi friends! I’m all over the place with my subjects! But things can get boring if you just stick to only one subject. Anyway, I wanted to give my two cents on illegal immigration. I personally don’t feel that anybody should come into a country without legal right. It has nothing to do with race or their need for a better life. It’s about law and order. The law is not being honored because too many people are taking it personal. Wanting immigrants to come legal is nothing personal. It’s about not breaking a law that was set forth for a reason! The law was put there to keep proper boundaries within countries. To keep track of who and what is going on in that country. That is called order. A country need order. If it’s a free for all, then that country will no longer know who or what is coming or going, if they have bad intentions, or will harm someone. If they break the law within that country, the law authorities have no idea who that person is or their criminal history because there is no paperwork. They won’t even contribute their fair share in taxes like those in the legal job market because they are working under the table. People have to understand it’s not personal but business! Stop letting your heart pour out for those who have good intentions. It doesn’t matter if they need safety or a better life for their family( don’t we all!) You are still breaking the law! Do we always let someone who steal a loaf of bread for their starving family go? No! Do we let store robbers go because they only wanted to use the money to feed their family? No! We don’t let them go good intentions or not because it turns into a free for all. Everyone is stealing freely now because everyone has a good excuse! Now you have no law and order, and your citizens now have to fear their safety! That’s all that happen here in America with immigration. They let one handful pass, now everyone wants to come in! And they have come in! Look, here is the simple solution! The government simply have to set forth proper reasonable procedures for people to come in. Don’t make the Paper work or procedures too hard or too easy. Make the procedure easy enough for those with good intentions to get in. That’s all! Besides, those who come in will have much more pride and self-respect. Instead of jumping fences, getting sick and dying hiding in trucks, and stealing resources. They can walk in America with their head held high and with pride. Contributing to this country legally and fairly. Everyone is so afraid to think logical because you don’t want to sound racist! Or you want to have a heart. Lol😄. The economy is bad and they have taken so many resources from the government. Resources that legal residents have a hard time getting. Long rant short.

Give illegal immigrants some self-respect and stop babying them. We need equal lawful freedom for all!


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A World With No Money?

Hi friends! I hear a lot of people these days say that the world would be a better place if money didn’t exist. That food, shelter, and everything should be free. Money is the root of all evil. I personally don’t think that money is evil, I think the person who uses the money with bad intent is evil. Money is merely a tool used for fair exchange. The problem in the world is that money is not being exchanged fairly. Prices for food is not matching it’s value and package size, minimum wage doesn’t match living cost, health care cost is ridiculous, and a college education is unbearable. The solution is to balance out income to cost of living. Not to get rid of money! If everything was free, life as we know it would collapse and a lot of people might not even get out Of bed. Enjoy going to Starbucks in the morning? Well, now Starbucks is closing down because not enough people have motivation to make coffee for 8 hours for free. Enjoy going out to eat? Well now a lot of restaurants are closing down because people are not willing to slave over a hot stove for 8 hours for free. Enjoy the convenience of the grocery store? The variety of foods at your finger tips? Well, that will eventually collapse too. It takes the hard labor of many people to get it to the market. I doubt people will do all that labor for free forever. People seem to forget that all the material things and places we love to go was made possible because of the labor of someone!


Why not just create more jobs, put the cost of things at proper value,  and disburse money fairly.  That’s a win win.  People can sustain their living cost, enjoy the fruit of their labor, and feel better about their jobs. That’s it and problem solved!


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