Blog I Recommend: The Writers Desk! (The Italian Thing Blog)

Greetings! Today’s recommendation is  The Writers Desk! From:

I like her blog because she has multiple short stories that I enjoy! If you like suspension and mystery, you don’t want to miss out on these good reads. Her stories are the kind that inspire you to grab a beverage, and snuggle up and read!  She also has post about herself too, so you can learn more about her. But, wait, that’s not all! Her blog gets even better; she also does a lot of reblogs! She provides a directory of other blog posts you might enjoy! So hurry and stop on by, you have a lot of stories to catch up on! 😀

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love Part 1

Greetings! I have been doing post lately about giving love and appreciation to the creator, and Mother Earth. But now I want to get more into self-love. When you don’t love yourself, it’s very hard to give love to something, or someone else. Love starts from within, then outward. So I want to now help you strengthen your inner love with this guide.

Often when we are in a relationship with someone else, we automatically expect to receive love and respect. And we definitely don’t approve of being physically or verbally abused from them. But we don’t give these same high expectations and standards towards ourselves. We actually are often very abusive towards ourselves.


We a lot of times down ourselves more than others do to us! We’ll call ourselves dumb, lazy, ugly, fat, too skinny, stupid, idiot, not good enough and so on. If someone else talked to us like that, we may be ready to punch them in the face, or tell them to go away! But we are  very accepting of the abuse from ourselves. Did you know that downing yourself is also abuse? Yes, you can abuse yourself, and that’s just as unacceptable. Abusing yourself can cause depression, anxiety, and mental illness; and is extremely dangerous!  Abuse towards yourself will destroy your spirit and self-esteem.


But, it is possible to heal and better yourself. I recommend starting with this first step. When you wake up in the morning, try looking in the mirror.


Say nice things to yourself like:

  • I love you ( your name)
  • I’m beautiful/ handsome
  • I’m worthy of love
  • I’m smart
  • I’m great just being me
  • God loves me too

Say all the things you would enjoy hearing someone else say to you. And, do the same thing before you go to bed. Tell yourself that you’ve done a great job today, I love you, I’m proud of you, and God loves me. Say anything that lifts up your spirits. And no, this isn’t as weird as some of you may be thinking. You may be saying, ” I can’t talk to myself, that’s crazy” or, ” That’s too cheesy”. But that’s not true. We say mean things to ourselves in the mirror all the time, so it doesn’t hurt to exchange it with something positive!

If you’re used to abusing yourself, the positive words will feel very strange rolling off of your tongue at first. And, you may not emotionally feel what you are saying at first. But, give yourself time. With constant repetition of positive words towards yourself daily, you will start to feel more and more comfortable talking positive to yourself.  The benefit of this is that it will uplift your spirits instead of destroying it, and you will be in the beginning of the journey towards self-love.  I personally have struggled with self-love, and these techniques I am giving you have worked for me. So, please, give it a try!  I hope you found this information helpful😊.

Love and blessings to you!💗🙏

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Blog I Recommend: Fitnessgrad!

Greetings! My third blog recommendation is fitnessgrad. I have followed her for a while now, and her blog continues to be great! She gives great health advice, and work out recommendations. If you’re like me, and have a hard time being motivated to work out, don’t worry, she gives plenty of encouragement and motivation; especially through her own personal stories and struggles. I definitely recommend you check her out; you’ll be glad you did! She also has a YouTube channel for those of you who need a visual approach! Blog I like👇

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Love and blessings to you!💗🙏

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Need to Reduce Stress? Go Hug a Tree!

Greetings! I would like to introduce you to the idea of hugging trees! Trees are such a precious part of our planet. They give off oxygen, shade, food, wood, and pollution reduction! But did you know that trees are also beneficial to our health? According to a recently published book, Blinded By Science, Matthew Silverstone  , he has scientific data showing that trees improve many health issues! Such as the following:

  • Mental illness
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Reaction time and concentration levels

He also lists countless studies of children who showed significant psychological and physiological improvements in their health and well being when they interacted with plants and trees. Their cognitive and emotional abilities improved and they experienced more creative play in “green” areas. He also explains that the reason is that everything vibrates, and different vibrations affect biological behaviors.  When we touch  a tree its different vibrational pattern will affect the various biological behaviors within the human body bringing it into a healing alignment. Plants and trees facilitate the cleansing and revitalizing of all of the stored up negativity and stress humans experience and give it a place to be absorbed. Being in their presence  realigns our vibrations to be more in alignment with their healing and grounding vibrations.

God truly has provided us with beautiful gifts to sustain us. Trees are one of the many gems we take for granted! I love hugging trees. I feel very connected to God and nature. So I suggest you take some time to go and bond with one of God’s creations. Relax, give the tree a hug, and Give thanks to all that mother earth beholds! It’s good for your health, and your spirit!


Love and blessings to you all!

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Disclaimer: This was not intended for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms, please go seek professional medical advice.😀

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I was nominated for awards😀!

Greetings! I was nominated by

cookandenjoyrecipes for the following awards:

The Get To Know Me Tag
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Sunshine Blogger Award

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The Liebster Award


Thank you so much! You can check her out here. 👇

My questions are the following:

  1. Where do most visits to your blog come from? I get most visits from my fellow bloggers.
  2. Name a musical instrument/s you play/played. Sorry, I don’t know how to play any! I know, that stinks😒😆.
  3. What is your biggest wish you want fulfilled? For my children to grow up to be healthy happy adults.
  4. What is your favorite book? I’m very nostalgic, so I would say Goosebumps!
  5. Name a very special moment in your life. When I gave birth for the very first time. It truly was a gift from God and a miracle.
  6. What prompted you to start blogging?  I always loved to write, so I thought I would share my passion with others with the same interest.
  7. What are the principles that you live by? I live by Christian principles. To love, give, and bring light to the world. 
  8. Do you have any hobbies, other than Blogging? I love to bake! 
  9. Do you have any advice to new bloggers? Just be yourself, and write as if you’re talking to family and friends. 
  10. As a food blogger, I need to ask this:  Which do you like best: Cooking or Baking? Definitely baking! All day! 
  11. Share a link to your best post(s)

I never had the stomach to nominate. I always feel like I’m leaving too many people out! So I nominate everyone! 😀

Love and blessings to you all!

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Blog I Recommend:

Greetings! Here is my second recommendation. This isn’t just your average blog talking about world events! This blog takes you into what the mainstream media would consider “conspiracy theories”. says,  “Here, you shall find subjects that bridge the chasm of fantasy and reality. In the end, you shall have to decide; is it reality, conspiracy, or is it fiction?”

The information definitely encourages you to think outside the box! I enjoy reading this blog because it’s coming from a point of view that is unique, yet thoroughly thought out and researched. You can also get brief history lessons that you may not have even heard of. I recommend this blog to anyone who wants to get news stories from a non- mainstream media approach! Go check it out!

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American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part IV)

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Beneficial Meditation Tip: Use Earthing/ Grounding to Reduce Stress!

Greetings! I would like to give you another useful meditation tip! For those of you who have experience with childbirth, and newborns, you know that skin to skin contact is recommended immediately after childbirth and through infancy. It’s known to help babies adapt to being outside the womb, babies stress levels, health, and bonding. Well, this is what a practice called Grounding does. During Meditation, it’s very beneficial to meditate with your barefeet or body to the ground. It’s the same as having skin to skin contact with mother earth. It’s an amazing bonding experience, as well as good for your health.

We are a bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Our bodies operates electrically. All of our cells transmit multiple frequencies that run, for example, your heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. So we are very connected to the earth in that way.  Now that we are more industrialized, we don’t get the energy from the earth as we once did ( or are supposed to. ) We now wear rubber and plastic-soled shoes that is a barrier to the Earth’s energy and live in high rises. So, now, a lot of us are disconnected and ungrounded from mother earth. And believe it or not, it can cause stress and illness just like a baby disconnected from it’s mother. There are numerous benefits of earthing!

The Benefits of Earthing & Grounding

According to emerging research, earthing may be beneficial in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Increasing Energy
  • Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Normalizing blood pressure and blood flow
  • Relieving muscle tension and headache
  • Speeds healing- used in some places to prevent bed sores
  • Reducing jet lag
  • Shortening recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Reducing  snoring

So it’s important to get that skin to skin contact with mother earth. It’s very soothing, beneficial, and relaxing to do during meditation! Allow your skin to touch soil, sand, water, or any conductive surface that is in contact with the earth. Dig your barefeet in, or lie down.


Now of course you don’t have to be in mud! But you get the idea😆. But, I have to admit, the warm squishy feeling of mud is a guilty pleasure for me! I also love running my fingers and feet through the warm sand at the beach! So when meditating, Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and allow the energy from the earth to pulsate throughout your body. Let the Earth’s electrons from the ground into your body. Become one, bond, and enjoy the skin to skin contact with the earth. If you don’t like being barefoot, consider wearing leather soled shoes. You should definitely feel more relaxed afterwards! Also, you can even kick it up a notch by listening to your Schumann Resonance beats at the same time!

Love and blessings to you!

Betcha didn’t know!😀


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be professional medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms, always seek professional help from a licensed doctor.😀

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