Make your own sports drink! Save money now!

Hi friends! I wanted to give out a money saving tip. Lately I have been seeing the price of Gatorade go up. One bottle cost around $1.60 cents. During the winter it only cost like $0.80 cents per bottle.


So it’s fair to say that stores are taking advantage of Arizona 120 degree weather. But I refuse to pay that amount for Gatorade. Especially since it’s not known to be very healthy. Did you know that you can make your own supply of Gatorade for much cheaper?! This is what you will need:

  • Bottle water. Note: You can also use coconut water for added electrolytes!
  • Oranges, grapefruits, tangerine, lemons or limes. Any citric fruit.
  • Honey or sugar for sweeteners.
  •  Salt ( preferably sea salt or Himalaya pink salt.)

Now this is very simple. I don’t give measurements because you season to your taste. And you make as much or little as desired. Take your cup or gallon of water and squeeze in your citrus fruit. You want citric fruit because it contain electrolytes. Add as much squeezed fruit as you like. Then stir in your sugar or honey to your liking for sweetness. Lastly throw in and stir your pinch of salt. Add salt to your taste. Himalayan pink salt is great for added minerals.  Now drink up!



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You are God?

Hi friends! There is a theory that I have been exposed to recently that say we are God. That God is broken into pieces and he is exploring himself simultaneously. This theory is very different then what I’m used to in the Christian faith. So I wanted to give my perspective on this topic. In the bible it does say that God is within us.


Now, since I have mostly studied from the bible, that is the only document I have to back up my personal belief. I wasn’t around when the bible was created, so I can only have faith that what it say is true. But, just in case the bible isn’t completely true, and the work has been tampered with over the hundreds of years, I also use my own inner voice and judgement. I listen to my heart. And I do believe God lives inside of me. I believe we are all torn off of his eternal garment. We are an extension of the source. A good example would be an melting ice cube. God is the ice cube, and we are the water droplets that drip from it.


We are an extension from the source. I believe we were torn off of God to become our own person/ eternal soul. But, if you refreeze the ice, we become one again and there no separation. I don’t believe we are literally looking out of God’s eyes and we are God. But, let’s just say that the theory that we are God is true, we obviously wanted to have the illusion of separation. I don’t think we would create the illusion of separation to walk around claiming to be something we wanted to forget we were. It’s like how our children is an extension of us. Sometimes our child even look like our identical twin. But what if in reality our children is us in a separate form. And we have children so we can get away from just our self. We want that illusion of separation. We want someone to exchange I love you with, to befriend us, and to be grateful for the love and gifts we give and receive. But, our kids kept reminding us that they are us. They never admired or appreciated us because they always  telling us we are one in the same. So now the illusion served no purpose. How can you really enjoy life if you think you are God. How can you truly enjoy the creation of the universe if you think you did it? Despite the fact your human brain can’t even conceive how to make a sun, stars, moon, and so forth! Thinking you’re God only serve the purpose of ego. It only give you an illusion of feeling in control and having power over your life. But when tragedy and crisis hit, the illusion of power is crushed quick! Then that’s when you get off your ego trip and reach for someone or something outside yourself. The universe is an awesome creation, mankind is an awesome creation, The animal kingdom is an awesome creation.


Why not be Relieved of ego and allow yourself to reach outside of yourself and say thank you for creating all of this! Thank you for giving life. 

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Have you enjoyed God’s creation lately?

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You can’t receive if you can’t conceive!

Hi friends! Most of us have things that our heart desires. Wether it be good health, more money, or a better home. The problem is that a lot of the things we really want always feel out of our reach. We look at others who have what we want and envy them. We often just give up on our dreams feeling like we just don’t have the tools or know how we need to accomplish our goals. But, despite the fact, we still do one thing hoping it works; and that’s prayer. When we pray, we often beg God, but don’t really have a lot of faith that it will be done. Deep in our hearts we feel undeserving and that it’s out of our range. So, we just hope that God will be merciful and maybe just maybe help us despite the fact. Here’s what the bible say about that:


When you pray, you have to be able to conceive your vision for God to be able to answer that prayer. If it’s God’s will, he will bring opportunities your way to answer that prayer. But if you can’t even conceive such a prayer is truly possible, you won’t even be aware of the opportunities brought your way. So If you feel a prayer hasn’t been answered, perhaps it’s because you’re blocking God’s way from not being able to conceive it to receive it. You have to get out of your low mindset. God truly wants what is best for you. I’ll give you a personal testimony. I have lived in Apartments all my life. I have always dreamed of owning a home. But because of my history, I just never bothered to conceive it. But, it never stopped me from throwing it in my prayers despite the fact. But one day I decided to question myself why I didn’t believe it was really possible. God is beyond my history and maybe just maybe if I get out this low mindset, I can start taking steps to reach my goal. If it’s meant to be, God will meet me half way. So I just started saying, ” I’m going to get this item to put in my new house”, and “when I get my new house.” I talked as if my prayer was already answered. That was my way of rising my faith. But I have to admit, those words rolling out of my mouth sounded so foreign. ” My new house”. 😄 But I said it anyway. But when I said it, my spirit rejoiced and I felt Relieved. And it just felt good to claim it. I started looking for homes and everything. Of course there was a small voice asking me where would I even get the finances from! But I told myself that it wasn’t my part to worry about and God would take care of what I couldn’t. Anyway, a year later, my husband bumped into someone who will help us reach our goal. I am so excited and grateful to God. But, I know none of this would have been possible if I didn’t finally have the bravery to own it and conceive it before hand.

So, what vision are you going to conceive? 


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Happy Father’s Day!

I want to say Happy Father’s day today to all the great fathers out there! Fathers don’t get enough appreciation and recognition. We hear a lot about deadbeat dads, but not enough about the ones who hold their families together. The ones who sacrifice and love their children. The ones who are also stepdads. So many men who are adopting children and taking responsibility for a child who was abandoned by their original father. I never had the love of my father, but I get to see the love of a father shine through from my husband to our children, and it’s a beautiful thing! Have a glorious father’s day gentlemen!  😌


Happy Father’s Day!

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A Life Without Obstacles?

Hi friends! Lately I have been thinking about how much I appreciate my life. Every good thing in my life I bask in it. I feel so greatful to God for my blessings as well as how God was there for me in the storm. And oh yes, I’ve been in the storm. But God was an umbrella over me in the storm. God didn’t escape me from the problem, but we had Collaboration in the storm. I still got wet, but God hovered over me to make sure I didn’t drown. I often think about if I would be this happy and greatful without the “bad” times. Haha😄, most likely not. I feel like I truly don’t take my children for granted because I know what miscarriage feel like. I truly appreciate my home because I know what homelessness feel like. I appreciate a warm meal because I know what starvation feel like. I’m blessed to know what it feels like to not have a mother’s love, because now I give my children the very best of me. I look back at the tough times in my life and thank God for them. My enjoyment and appreciation for things in life only amplified. How would we even know what joy felt like if there was no such thing as pain? Perfect example of this is having a spoiled child. Perhaps we had it tough as a kid, so we want to give our kids the easiest life possible. But, lot’s of times that backfires. Why? Because sometimes they turn into a spoiled brat. They complain about not getting the newest phone. They cry like their life is about to end! They never really enjoy much of anything because they just keep chasing for more and more! They have no idea what lack feel like so what is there to appreciate?


And you as the parent have flashbacks thinking about how just one toy on Christmas made your day as a kid! So, you eventually give them tough love and force them to get a job. You stop giving them money and you give them a job mowing lawns in the summer heat. They absolutely hate working, but they actually found much greater appreciation for things. They also learned money doesn’t grow on trees. And, they get to take notice of other’s who have to work to just to eat. So, yes, my hard times has taught me not to be a spoiled brat! I take nothing for granted. And in the past when I did, God took certain things away. And yes, I snapped out of it quick!

Job 1:21: “Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away; Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

Are there hard times that made you more greatful and a better person? 


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How do you deal with life’s problems?

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Happy Mother’s Day ladies! 💗

Being a mother has been such a joy for me. Some days I’m pulling my hair out in exhaustion, and other days I’m rolling in laughter. Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions. But, I’m so proud that God entrusted me with five of his angels. I vowed to God that I would do my best to love, protect, and set them on a proper path. The privilege of motherhood didn’t come easy, I had two miscarriages before I finally conceived, and it was a painful experience. But, I didn’t want to give up! Yes, my pregnancy after two miscarriages was terrifying, but I put my trust in God. And my son Talon made it through for the entire 9 months! Luckily, I haven’t had a miscarriage since then. To God be the glory! Well, enough of my chattering😄. Have a glorious mother’s day ladies💗.


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