The story of Kitten part 12 (Ending ! )


Tom – “Fine!!!!”

( Tom opened the door.)


Gloria- “Hello Tom.”

Tom- “Gloria! What are you doing here! You’re not following the restraining order!”

Gloria- “Why should I follow the rules when you don’t! You go around town finding hearts to break. You replaced me with Cindy, then you replaced her with that redhead! You’re hilarious! ”

Tom- “What! It’s none of your business who I date! Besides, we didn’t work out, so yes, I moved on! Besides, how did you find me? Are you still stalking me!? ”

Gloria-” I dedicated 4 years of my life to you. Then you just up and left me for Cindy! So yes, I’ve been following you. And I saw the trouble Cindy was causing you; so I killed her for you. You’re not moving on this time. I killed Cindy and now I’m going after your little redhead! She’s not getting in the way of us getting back together either! ”

Tom- “You what!”

Gloria- “Yeah, I walked up behind Cindy and strangled her. Then I put pills in her mouth and hand to make it appear as though she committed suicide. Clever, right? ”

Tom- “Well, they didn’t fall for your suicide plot because they are blaming Kitten and I for it!”

Gloria- “Ha! Oh well, they’re not after me either way! So that gives me time to get your precious little kitten next!”

Tom- “Stay away from her! If you touch her…..”

Gloria- “What!”

(Gloria pulled out a Gun and pointed it at Tom. )


Tom-” Put that away! That’s not going to solve anything. ”

Gloria- “Oh yes it is. It’ll force you to take me to Kitten’s house, so let’s go!”

( Gloria shoved the gun on Tom’s rib.)

Tom- “You’re going to regret this! ”

Gloria- “yeah, Yeah, let’s go! ”

( Tom was lead to his car by gunpoint. She continuously pointed the gun at Tom as he drove.)

Gloria- “Don’t make any slick moves or you’ll be joing Cindy! ”

Tom- “I can’t believe you would go this far to get me back! I’m not going to let you hurt Kitten!”

Gloria-” We’ll see about that! ”

( Tom drove up to Kitten’s house. Gloria lead him out the car at gunpoint. Tom knocked on Kitten’s door while still having a gun shoved to his back. Kitten opened the door looking confused. )



Kitten-” Tom why are you here? And who is she behind you? ”

Tom- “Ummm…….”

Kitten- “Tom! Say something! ”

(Gloria pointed the gun at kitten.)


Kitten- “Oh my God! ”

Gloria- “Soooo you’re the one Tom left Cindy for. Did you know that Tom left me for Cindy? ”

Kitten- “No. But I think I can tell why.”

( Gloria pistol whipped Kitten. Kitten fell down onto the couch on the porch.)


Tom- “Kitten! Look Gloria! This is between us; leave her alone.”

Gloria-“There is no us as long as she exist.”

Kitten- “Look, I don’t want him! Take him. He’s not worth my life!”

Gloria- “I wish it was that easy. Cindy said the same thing before I killed her.”

Kitten- “You killed …….”

Gloria- “Yes! Look, you seem like a nice girl; don’t be fooled. Just like he left me for Cindy, he’ll leave you. I really wish I didn’t have to kill you, it’s just that I need everyone out the way so Tom and I can start over. It’s nothing personal. ”

Tom-” You’ll never have me!”

( kitten quickly jumped up and kicked the gun out of Gloria’s hand when she was looking back at Tom.)



( Tom quickly grabbed Gloria from behind as Kitten picked up the Gun and pointed it at her. Gloria had a look of panic.)


Tom- “Kitten call the cops! ”

( Gloria started crying as Kitten Grabbed her cell.)

Gloria-” Tom don’t do this! I love you…..I just want things to go back to the way it used to. When you loved me. I Never meant to hurt you. ”

Tom-“Do you think that I could possibly forgive you after this! You’re crazy! Look, what we had was in the past. you’ve always had a bad temper and obviously things with you hasn’t changed.”

Gloria-  “please! ”

( Gloria then quickly head butted Tom from behind and ran towards Kitten. Just when Gloria got close, kitten pistol whipped Gloria and she fell to the ground unconscious.)


Tom- “kitten! ”

( Kitten stood over Gloria body)

Kitten- “One turn deserves another! ”

( The police drove up and ran up to the porch.)


Tom- “Thank God you guys are here! She tried to kill us! She’s the one who killed Cindy! ”

Officer-” I’ll have to take you all in! Put your hands up! ”

( Gloria woke up and sat up.)

Gloria- “I’m going to kill you!!!!!!”

( Just when Gloria was going to get up, the cops knocked her back down.)

Officers- “Get down! You’re under arrest! ”

Kitten- “See, we told you. She’s the one hostile! ”

Officer- “Fine. You’re lucky. ”

( The paramedics drove up and ran up to the porch.)


Paramedics- “Are you guys okay? ”

Kitten- “I was pistol whipped. But I guess okay other than that. ”

( As the Paramedics treated kitten, you could hear Gloria screaming in the background as the cops were taking her away.)

Gloria- “You’re going to pay for this Tom!!! Both of you! I promise! ”

Tom- “haha! Her big mouth has always gotten her in trouble! ”

Kitten- “Why are you always dating crazy women? And now I’m questioning myself!? Haha! ”

( Tom leaned over to give her a kiss.)

Kitten- “Not so fast! I’m not happy with you! This girl came out of the blue. You have a lot of explaining to do! How do I know there’s not someone else hiding? ”

Tom- “I promise it’s not! ”

(Tom’s dad and Kitten’s Mom walked up.)


Tom’s Dad- “What on God’s green earth is going on here!? ”

Mom- ” Yeah, there’s Police, ambulance, and blood! Kitten what happen to you?! ”

Kitten- “let’s go inside, Tom has a lot to explain! Right Tom!?”

Tom- “Ummm, right! Haha! ”


3 years later


Tom- “See, I told you there was no one else. This is 0ur 3 year aniversary and we’re only growing stronger.”

Kitten-“Yeah, I was really seriously deciding to call it quits after Cindy’s death. Then when Gloria showed up, I just couldn’t take it! ”

Tom- “Yeah, but DNA test showed Gloria killed Cindy. My hands were clean. She was sent to prison and everything has been peaceful ever since. There were no more women! ”

Kitten-” Well, true. But it’s still taken me time not to be skeptical of you and your past. But you have proved to be worthy over the years. Haha! I can’t believe our parents got married too.


But, luckily now my mom has someone besides me to count on! Now I can move on with my life! ”

Tom-” You mean our life right?! ”

Kitten-” Right! ”



Tom and kitten were meant to be after all! Things were a rollercoaster in the beginning with Cindy’s jealousy, her death, and Gloria’s mysterious appearance. But all worked out in the end, and now it’s smooth sailing ! Especially with Tom and Kitten’s bundle of joy on the way! And they lived happily ever after!!!😊

Thanks for reading my story guys! That was my first time writing a story for others to read.  I had fun writing it. It was flawed considering my amateur writing, but you guys hung in there and enjoyed it just the same. Thank you😉. 

Betcha didn’t know! 😊

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The Story of Kitten Part 11

Tom– “Cindy!!!”


Kitten– “What just happen? I came here to fight her, and now she’s dead? What’s going on here?! ”

Tom– “I have no idea! ”

Police– “Sir, do you know the victim? ”

Tom– “Umm…yes. I was her ex- boyfriend. ”

Police– “Do you know who could have done this? Did she have any enemies? ”

Tom-” Umm….no…..I mean we have been seperated for only a few days now. I don’t remember her having any enemies. ”

Police-” Do you think you could come into the station for some questioning? ”

Tom-” Look, I don’t have anything to do with this.”

Police– “I’m sure you don’t. But we really need to get to the bottom of this. And who is she with you? ”

Tom– “My girlfriend. She’s innocent too. ”

Police– “We’re only going to ask a few questions. We’ll need to have you both come in. We really appreciate your cooperation. ”

Kitten– “This is just great! ”


( kitten and Tom was taken in for questioning. As they walked in the station, they noticed Cindy’s parents crying. Tom and kitten was taken to separate rooms for questioning.)

Detective Ross- “Hi, I’m detective Ross. I wanted to ask you to give us any information you have on Cindy’s murder. ”


Kitten– “I don’t know anything! ”

Detective Ross-” let’s start with this question. Why were you and Tom at the park? Did you know she was going to be there? ”

Kitten– “Look, I knew she was going to be there. Cindy and I fought over Tom on the phone. Eventually it turned into us agreeing to meet up to fight. That’s it! ”

Detective Ross– “So you did have hostility towards Cindy.”

Kitten– “Yes. But if you look through her call record, you’ll see that she died shortly after we got off the phone. ”

Detective Ross– “We’ll definitely check into that. Do you suspect Tom did it?”

Kitten– “No, he was with me the whole night. We showed up together. ”

Detective Ross– “It doesn’t help Tom that she accused him of abuse not long before she died. ”

Kitten– “Despite the fact, he wasn’t there and you can’t change that.”

Detective Ross- “Perhaps you guys had someone else do the dirty work.”

Kitten– “Good luck with that. You’re not going to find anybody that we hired. Either way, you might as well let us go. You won’t find Tom and I DNA or fingerprints on the crime scene. ”

Detective Ross– “Welp, thanks for answering our questions. You can go now. But just know this, if you guys did it, we will find out!

(Kitten walked out the door with a look of frustration on her face. Detective Ross walked out the door and headed for Tom’s room.)

Detective Ross– “Hi Tom, I’m detective Ross. ”

Tom– “Look! It wasn’t me okay. I was with Kitten all night! The girls got into an argument over me on the phone, and then I simply was giving Kitten a ride so they could sort things out in person. I have nothing to hide! ”


Detective Ross- “Why were they arguing over you? ”

Tom– “Because I left Cindy for Kitten. ”

Detective Ross– “Hmmm…….”

(They were interrupted by a knock on the door. )

Tom’s lawyer– “Excuse me, I’m Mr. Cook Tom’s lawyer. I would like to be present for questioning. Tom you didn’t say too much already did you?”

Tom– “No, I just told the truth.”

Detective Ross-” Tom you can go, I’ve heard enough. We’ll do an autopsy and DNA testing on Cindy and get back to you.”

( Tom got up and busted through the door with anger. Kitten was sitting down crying with her mom and Tom’s dad . )

Tom-” Kitten! Are you okay? ”

Kitten– “No! I’m not! ”

(kitten got up and busted out the door of the station.)

Tom– “You’re not claiming that I have something to do with this are you? ”

Kitten– “I don’t know! All of this is starting to get too crazy even for me now! Maybe we should take a break.”

Tom-” Are you kidding me! I need you more than ever now! ”

Kitten-“Whoever this mystery killer is could come after me. I feel like you’re hiding something from me! ”

Tom– “I’m just as confused as you are! You have to believe me!”

Kitten– Goodnight Tom.

Tom– Kitten!!!!!

( Kitten walked off with her mom and got in the car, and then drove off.)

Tom’s Dad- “Tom let her go, she just need time. All of this is a lot to soak in for us all. But if you’re hiding something, it’s best to reveal it now; murder is serious. ”

Tom-“There’s nothing! ”

( Tom started walking down the street.)

Tom’s Dad– “Where are you going! Get in the car!”

Tom-“I’ll walk home! ”

( After a two hour walk, Tom made it home. He went inside his apartment and flopped on the bed. Then there was a knock on the door.)



Tom– Go away dad!



Tom– Come on!

( Tom finally got up.) 

Tom– Fine!!!!

( Tom opened the door.)


Things haven’t gotten any better. Could things be getting worse? Is kitten done with him? And most of all, who is this woman at Tom’s door! Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😆


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The Story of Kitten part 10


Kitten-” Mom, calm down! Why are you screaming!?”

Mom– “Get over here now!!!”

Kitten– “Okay, okay! ”

Tom– “Something wrong?”

Kitten– “Yeah, but I don’t know what. I need to get home right away.”

Tom’s Dad– “I’ll give you kids a ride. Put your bike in the back of the truck.”

Kitten-” Okay, thanks. My mom was screaming so let’s hurry! ”

( They all jumped in the pickup truck and rushed off to Kitten’s house. When they finally arrived, Kitten’s mom was crying on her knees outside. Kitten, Tom, and his dad jumped out the truck.)


Mom– “No!!!!!! No!!!!!!”


Mom– “Someone killed my cat! Someone killed my baby! They left me this sick note too!”

( Kitten’s mom kneeled down over the cat’s dead body.)


Kitten– “Mom, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe this is happening. What did the note say? ”

Mom– “Your little Kitten is next! ”

Tom– “Can I please see the note? ”

Mom– “And you! You! You stay away from me and my daughter! ”

Tom’s Dad– “Hey! That’s my son you’re talking to like that. He didn’t do anything! And I don’t appreciate you getting my son in trouble!”

Mom- “Your son deserved what he got!”

Kitten– “Mom!”

Tom- “Okay, okay! Look, I didn’t hurt your daughter. Kitten told you that herself! Give me the note so I can see if it’s Cindy’s handwriting. ”

(Kitten’s mom threw the note to Tom.)

Tom– “Oh yeah! This is Cindy’s handwriting. I’m so sorry, I feel completely responsible for this. If there’s anything I can do……”

Mom-“The only thing I want you to do is get out of our lives! ”

Kitten– “Mom, you’re mad at that wrong person. You should be mad at Cindy. Snap out of it! She just killed your cat, not Tom.”

Tom’s Dad– “Look, I understand all of this is hard to swallow. And you have my condolences concerning your cat, but you have to remove the wool from your eyes. I’m upset too. My innocent son was placed in jail. I could be mad at your daughter and say it’s her fault what happened to him, but I’m not. Tom and kitten being together is not a crime; what Cindy is doing is the crime. Don’t you see Cindy is out for revenge?!”

(Cindy’s mom looked down in embarrassment.)

Mom– “You’re right. I’m sorry Kitten and Tom. I guess deep down I am jealous of the relationship. It’s just that Kitten is all I have and I don’t want anyone to take her away. I guess I was hanging on to any excuse to be mad at Tom.”

Kitten– “Mom, I love you. I’ll always be here for you regardless of who I’m with.”

(Kitten hugged her mom.)

Tom- “You have nothing to be sorry about. You love your daughter. The most important thing right now is to protect Kitten. After the things Cindy has done, I don’t know what more she will do.”

Tom’s dad– “I agree with Tom. Tom and kitten both need to be careful. How about I take you out for a cup of coffee to get your mind off of things. Tom can stay here with Kitten and watch over her.”

Mom– “I’m too exhausted to go anywhere. And it’s way pass my bedtime. But I don’t mind if you join me for a cup of coffee inside the house  before I go to bed. ”

Tom’s Dad– “Sounds good.”

( Kitten and Tom smirked at each other. They all headed inside the house.)

Kitten– “I’m exhausted too. I need to go to bed.”

Tom– “Can I stay here overnight?  I really don’t feel comfortable leaving Kitten alone.”

Mom-“Yes, but you’re sleeping on the couch buddy! I run a Christian household here! ”

Tom– “Oh, of course!”

Tom’s dad– ” Don’t worry, I’ve raised a complete gentleman. I’ll be heading home after my coffee.”

Kitten-“Haha! Goodnight Tom. ”

Tom– “Goodnight Angel face.”

(Tom made himself comfortable on the couch and Kitten went off to bed.)

Mom– “How do you like your coffee Mr. Cooper?”

Tom’s Dad– “Black with a dash of sugar and cream.”

Mom– “Here’s you coffee Mr. Cooper.”

Tom’s Dad-” Why thank you. ………”

Mom– “Linda.”

Tom’s Dad– “Yes, it’s nice to meet you Linda.”

( Mr. Cooper and Linda ended up talking about their lives and children for hours. The conversation lasted until sunrise.) 

Mom – “Wow, I can’t believe we talked all night! I guess I really needed to vent. I really had a great time. ”

Tom’s Dad-“Talking to you has truly been a pleasure. I have to admit that I had a lot to vent too.But I really must be going.”

Mom– “Oh, of course.”

Tom’s Dad– “I better wake Tom up. Get up sleepy head!”

Tom-“Huh?! Oh, dad, what are you doing here? ”

Mom– “Your dad and I got caught up talking.”

Tom’s Dad– “Haha! Yeah!”

Tom– “Oh…….”

( Tom’s cell phone ringed)

Tom– “It’s Cindy! Should I answer? ”

(Kitten sleepily walked out the room.)

Kitten– “Yes, Answer! In matter of fact, I’ll answer!”

(Kitten snatched the phone out of Tom’s hand.)

Kitten– “Hello!”

Cindy– “Who is this? ”


Kitten– “I think you know who this is you trouble making tramp! ”

Cindy-” I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

Kitten– “There’s nothing to talk about! Stay away from Tom, my family, and me! If not, or else!”

Cindy– “Or else what?! I have no problem making your life worse; so try me! Do you think I was going to let you take Tom from me and you get away with it that easy! ”

Kitten-” I’m not taking this anymore. You already threatened my life, so let’s see if you have the balls to do it! ”

Mom-“Kitten! ”

Cindy– “Ha! Meet me at Maricle Park In an hour! Let’s see if you actually show up. You’ve already seen how cruel I can be by what you saw I did to your mom’s cat! You ruined my life, so I’m going to ruin yours!”

( Cindy hung up.)

Kitten– “Ughhhhh!!!!!”

Tom– “Kitten calm down. Please don’t do this!”

Tom’s dad- “Let’s just call the cops. ”

Mom-” I agree with him! You can’t just go over there trying to fight her, she’s dangerous. Let the police sort this out.”

Tom– Your mom is right.

Kitten– “Everyone just stop it! She crossed the line threatening my family. As long as we show fear, she won’t let up. Besides, I can’t let her get away with killing your cat mom.”

(Kitten rushed out the door.)

Mom– Kitten! Kitten!!!

Tom– Don’t worry, I’ll go with her and stop her!

Tom’s dad– Call the police!

( kitten jumped on her bike.) 

Tom– No! I’m going with you. Jump in the truck.

( Kitten and Tom speeded off to Maricle Park in Tom’s dad truck.)

Tom– “You know you don’t have to do this. I really wish you wouldn’t! ”

Kitten-“She’s not pushing us around anymore!”

( Tom and Kitten didn’t speak during the trip.Tom drove into the park and parked the truck. Kitten jumped out and Tom followed behind her.) 


Kitten– Oh my God !


Tom– Cindy!!!


Things just took a total left turn! Tom and Kitten found Cindy dead! Did she kill herself, or is there someone else in the picture? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😆

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The Story of Kitten part 9

Mom-“Kitten we have to talk! ”


Kitten– “Why are you yelling? What’s wrong.”

Mom– “I don’t want you seeing Tom anymore! His ex-girlfriend told me everything! Why were you trying to hide all of this from me!?”

Kitten– “What do you mean everything?! She came by here? ”

Mom– “Yes! Tom busted her lip and bruised her face when he told her he was leaving her for you. So she came here to warn us that Tom is abusive and to stay away from him.”

Kitten– “Don’t believe what she tells you, she’s crazy. She was parked in front of the house earlier trying to intimidate Tom and I. As soon as we noticed her, she drove off. I can’t believe she came back when we left! ”

Mom-“Look, I know you love Tom, and I know you don’t want to believe it, but Cindy had the bruises to prove it.”

Kitten– “She didn’t have those bruises when I saw her in the car. She obviously did it to herself!”

Mom-“Ha! Let’s get real Kitten, there’s no reason for her to go that far. Why don’t you get the Glitter out of your eyes. She didn’t even want to press charges. I had to convince her to because she didn’t want to see him get in trouble!”

Kitten– “Wait a minute, you did what!? You can’t get him arrested, he didn’t do anything!”

Mom– “What is wrong with you and Cindy?! Both of you want to protect him. What spell has he got on you both?! ”

Kitten– “I’m not protecting him! I saw her face with my own eyes! She wasn’t bruised earlier. Are you really going to believe a stranger over your own daughter!?”

Mom-“Yes, because I saw her bruised face with my very own eyes. And I know you love him so much that you were willing to steal him away from her. But, despite the fact, I can’t let you continue to see him! ”

Kitten– “I can’t believe this. I bet you didn’t like him from the start! You’re only using this as an excuse! God forbid Tom takes me away from you and I live my own life for once!”

Mom– “Oh come on! Don’t be ridiculous! ”

Kitten-“I’m a grown woman and you can’t tell me who to see! I’m out of here, I need to see about Tom!”

Mom– “Hey, don’t talk to me like that! Kitten! Kitten!!!!”

( Kitten ran and slammed the door in her mother’s face. She got on her bike and peddled as fast as she could. She stopped a couple of blocks away to call Tom.)


Kitten– “Oh no! There’s no answer, just his machine. Let me calm down and call him again. Still no answer! I’m going to go ahead and go to the police station.”

( As soon as Kitten rode up to the parking lot, she saw Tom and his dad walking out together at the police station. Tom looked sad and exhausted.)


Kitten– “Tom! ”

Tom-” Kitten! ”

( She jumped off her bike and into his arms.)


Kitten– “Oh my God, I’m so sorry about this! My mom convinced Cindy to press charges on you! ”

Tom-“What! ”

Dad– “Did I hear you right young lady? ”


Kitten– “Oh, hi Mr. Cooper, I’m kitten, Tom’s girlfriend. And yes, you heard right. Cindy came over my house earlier while Tom and I was out to dinner, and convinced my mom that Tom did it.”

Tom– “She what! This is outrageous! She actually decided to go that far! When I made it home, the cops showed up fiften minutes later. They started banging on my door yelling open up! As soon as I opened the door, they started handcuffing me saying I was under arrest for domestic violence charges. I tried to tell them they were making a big mistake, but they wouldn’t listen!


When we made it outside my apartment, Cindy was screaming outside, ” That’s him, he did this to me! He tried to kill me!” At that moment I became so angry her face became a blur.


I continued begging them to hear me out, but they just shoved me in the cop car and brought me here to the police station. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of my dad to bail me out.”

Dad– “I think I’ll need to have a talk with your mother.”

Kitten– “It’s no use, she’ll just insist that you’re only taking up for Tom.”

Dad– “That’s my boy. All of this need to be worked out. I’m talking to your mom.”

Tom-“Dad, it’s okay, really. I’ll sort this out. I don’t want anymore trouble!”

Kitten-” Tom, maybe we should let him. Maybe he can talk some sense into my mom.”

Tom– “Okay, fine.”

Kitten– “The problem is how do we get Cindy to back off.”

Dad– “My lawyers are already working on that. Everything is going to be just fine. It’s nothing that conversation and a cup of coffee can’t fix where your mom is concerned.”

Kitten– “I hope so!”

(kitten cell phone ringed)

Kitten– “Hello……”


Mom-“Haaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa! Get over here! ”

Kitten-” Mom, calm down! Why are you screaming!?”




To be continued………..

Kitten’s mom just called screaming. Is she still just scolding kitten, or could Kitten’s mom be in some sort of trouble? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

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The story of Kitten Part 8

Tom-” Oh no……look!”

Kitten-” Why is she here!?”


( As soon as Tom and Kitten noticed, Cindy speeded off. )

Tom– “I don’t know. She obviously followed us over here. Don’t worry about her, she’s just trying to intimidate us.”

Kitten– “I don’t like this!”

Tom– “Look, how about I take you out to a quiet dinner; just the two of us. That should get her off your mind. ”

Kitten-“Well, okay.”

(Tom kissed Kitten softly on her cheek. Kitten jumped on the back of Tom’s motorcycle and they were off to dinner. As Tom and Kitten drove off, Cindy drove back up. Cindy got out the car and knocked on Kitten’s door. Kitten’s mom opened the door with a look of shock.)

Mom– “Oh my God! Young lady are you okay? You have a busted lip and a bruised face. Should I call 911?! ”

Cindy-“Please don’t! You’ll get Tom in trouble!”

Mom– “Excuse me?! ”

Cindy– “Can I please come in? I’m Tom’s ex-girlfriend. I wanted to talk to you about something important.”

Mom-“Yes, of course. Come in and take a seat. Does this have anything to do with Tom’s face being bruised? ”

( Cindy started to cry.)

Cindy– “Yes. I wanted to warn you about Tom for your daughter’s safety.”

Mom– “There, there. Just calm down. Oh boy, I think I’ll need a cigarette and beer for this. Would you like a beer too?”

Cindy– “Yes, thanks. ”


Mom-“Okay, spit it out!”

Cindy-” Long story short, Tom confronted me this morning and told me that he was leaving me for Kitten. As soon as he told me that my heart sunk. I started to grab at his shirt and begged him for that to not be So. He yelled for me to let go of him, but I refused. That’s when he punched me on my lip and I fell to the floor.”



Mom– “That jerk! ”

Cindy– “But that didn’t stop me. I still didn’t want to see him go. I grabbed onto the bottom of his leg and that’s when he kicked my face. I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, so I got up from the
Squat and fought back! ”


Mom– “Good for you!”

Cindy– “When he saw that I wasn’t going to back down, he finally stopped hitting me.  He slowly stepped back and told me to stay away from Him and kitten. Then he slammed the door and left.”


Mom– ” You poor girl. I’m so sorry that you went through that. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that! You must call the police! ”

Cindy– “No, I don’t want to see him get in trouble! I Don’t want him to go to jail, I still love him. I just wanted to warn you and your daughter that Tom can be abusive.”

Mom– “You have to be kidding me! You can’t let that bastard get away with hurting you! If you care anything about your or my daughter safety, you will press charges! ”

( Cindy smiled sneakily)

Cindy– “You’re right. I’ll never forgive myself if something was to happen to Kitten. I’ll call the police! ”

Mom-” That a girl. Thank you so much for coming here and your bravery.”

(  Kitten’s Mom reached over and hugged Cindy. And in the meanwhile, Kitten and Tom was enjoying a quiet dinner.)


Kitten-” I’m really enjoying this time together. ”

Tom– “Me too. I’m really sorry about Cindy. She’s taken the news about us a lot worse than I thought she would. But don’t worry, I’m not going to allow her to destroy this relationship.”

Kitten-” I guess I can’t blame her. I did steal you away from her. I’m starting to wish none of this ever happened. ”

Tom-“Don’t say that!  You’re the best thing that ever happen to me. We hit it off so quickly because we’re obviously ment to be. Besides, we were going to break up eventually anyway. We were always arguing. You’ve made me so happy. ”

Kitten– “Yeah, I feel the same way.”

( Kitten grabbed  Tom’s hands and smiled.)

Kitten– ” I really should be getting home. I have to wake up early for work. Going back to work will hopefully make life feel somewhat normal. ”

Tom-” Haha! Of course.”

Kitten– ” I’ll pay the…………”

Tom-” Don’t even say it! You’ll never dig in your pocket around me!”

( Tom and Kitten got up and headed back to Kitten’s house. When they made it back to Kitten’s house, they noticed Kitten’s mom looking out the window.)

Tom– “I think your mom is waiting for you. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble! Haha! ”

Kitten– “Very funny. It’s my mom being weird as usual. Goodnight Tom.”

Tom– “Goodnight Angel face. ”

( Tom kissed Kitten and drove off. Kitten went inside.)

Kitten- “Mom! What are you doing? Why are you looking out the window?”

Mom-“Kitten we have to talk! ”


To be continued……..

Kitten obviously have a lot of explaining to do. Will the conversation between Kitten and her mother go good or bad. Read the continuation to find out!

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The Story of Kitten part 6


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy!

(kitten walks 4 miles until she finally makes it home.) 


(Kitten is greeted by her mom outside.)


Kitten- “What are you doing out here mom? ”

Mom- “You didn’t come home last night, so I got worried. Is everything ok?”

Kitten- “Yes, I slept over a friends house.”

Mom- “Oh! That’s great! What’s her name?”

Kitten-  “You mean his and I don’t want to talk about it.”

( kitten rushed pass her mom, into the house, to her room. She left her mother standing outside looking confused. Kitten changed her clothes and then dropped down and cried.) 


How could I be so vulnerable. I guess I was so caught up in my imagination, that I let him take advantage of me. He doesn’t even realize that he took my virginity. I’m going back to the coffee shop and confronting him! He’s not going to live happily ever after with Cindy; especially after sleeping with me!

(Just when she was getting up the phone ringed.)

Kitten- “Hello!”

Tom- “kitten……… ”

Kitten- “What do you want!? ”

Tom- “ I……I need to see you. ”

Kitten- “ Look! I don’t want to see you right now! ”

Tom- “This is very important, trust me. Please meet me at the coffee shop now! ”

Kitten-“ Okay! Fine. I’ll be there in an hour. ”

Tom- “Hurry! ”

( Tom hung up the phone. Kitten threw on her shoes and started heading for the coffee shop. She ran pass her mom.) 

Mom- “Are you eating lunch?! ”

Kitten-” No! ”

Mom- “When are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?! ”

Kitten-” Bye mom! ”

( kitten left her mom standing in the kitchen looking confused again.)


I can’t even imagine what he has to say. I guess what most guys say in this situation. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, we can’t be together! I really hope I see Cindy there. I can’t wait to reveal what he did.



( kitten walked in and saw Tom sitting in a corner holding his face. When he looked up at her, he was dripping blood from his nose and lip.) 


Kitten- “Tom! What happened!”

Tom- “Shhh! Sit down, please don’t make a scene.”

Kitten- “What do you mean don’t make a scene! You’re over here all beat up. Who did this to you!? ”

Tom-” Look, I told Cindy about us like I said I would. If I only wanted you for your body, we wouldn’t have held each other and talked after sex. It’s just that me and Cindy was in a commitment. A commitment that she thought was leading to marriage. But when I met you things changed quickly! I felt this immediate connection to you.Cindy and I have had a lot of bad times, and plenty of times of our relationship being on the rocks. So my heart was never there completely. But things had improved a little, So she was full of enthusiasm that we were going to work out. So out of respect for her, I didn’t want her to find out by seeing you there. I knew it would break her heart more seeing you. I wanted to speak to her alone and let her down easy. Anyway,Last night when we were together, I texted her not to come by because I was having a guy’s night out. She fell for the story until she dropped by the apartment this morning and one of the neighbors she conversate with asked her who the red head was I brought home yesterday. I knew things weren’t good when she was loudly banging on my door. Things definitely didn’t go as planned. Soon as I opened the door, she started punching me and she started screaming you brought her home! I played dum and asked her who. She yelled, ” The girl from the coffee shop!” I at that moment I had no choice but to tell her the truth. I told her everything. By the end of the conversation, I made it clear it was you I chose as a Replacement. At the moment I told her that, she totally lost it! She started throwing things and beating me up. She reached for a knife and came at me!


I luckily grabbed a hold of her and stopped her. She finally dropped the knife and said……..”to be continued.


What did Cindy say? Did she finally back off? Or does Tom have two angry women on his hands? Read the continuation to find out!

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The story of Kitten part 5

Kitten- “Well……….”


I’ve always dreamed of being alone with him. So many times in the coffee shop I fantasized about this moment. I mean, I want to respect his girlfriend, but she doesn’t want him like I do. And she doesn’t deserve him. I’d do practically anything for him. I have to stop fighting this! I’m going to set myself free and allow myself to love. We’re obviously meant to be or I wouldn’t have made it this far with him. If I say no, I might not ever get a chance again, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life!

( kitten grabs him and kisses Tom passionately.)

Tom- ” Are you sure about this?”

Kitten- ” Yes.”

valentine-1651355_640 ( Tom swoops Kitten up into his arms and carry her into his bedroom. He gently lay her on his bed.)

Kitten- “Please Tom, don’t do this unless you’re going to continue with me after this.”

Tom-” Of course.”


I can’t believe I’m doing this! I finally get to feel his body against mine. His soft gentle touch against my skin. I feel like I’m dreaming. Tonight he’s all mine. Not Cindy’s, but mine. It’s going to be me sitting in the coffee shop with him. I want him to have me. Every ounce of me.


( After a passionate night with Tom, Kitten wakes up by his side early in the morning.)

Kitten- ” Wake up sleepy head! ”

( Tom jumps up with a confused look on his face.)

Tom- “kitten! ”

Kitten-” Yes, Kitten! ”

( kitten laughs) 

Tom-“You have to hurry up and leave!”

Kitten- “Why? ”

Tom- “Cindy could be stopping by any minute now!”

Kitten- ” So what! I thought you said we had a connection?! ”

Tom- “Yeah, we do. It’s just now isn’t a good time for her to find out about us. Look, I promise I’ll let her know, but it shouldn’t be like this. ”

( Tom throws kitten her clothes and shoes.)

Kitten-” I can’t believe your doing me like this after our night together!”

Tom-” Please! There’s not much time. Just go! I’ll call you; I promise!  ”

(Kitten puts on her clothes and head towards the door.)

Tom- ” I’ll pay for you a taxi. That’s the least I can do.”

Kitten-” I don’t want anything from you! I’ll see myself out!”

Tom- “Kitten! Please don’t be mad! ”

( kitten slams the door in his face. Tom lays his head on the door in disappointment. Kitten runs down the stairs in Devastation and continues outside for her long walk home.)


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy……..To be continued. 

What could kitten mean by he’s not getting away from me that easy? Read the continuation to find out!


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