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The memory of you is Symbiosis , you drive me to psychosis, I’m under hypnosis. My mind you rule, I become your footstool, I’m surely a fool. Why can’t you go away, you insist you stay, you hunt me day by day. You’ve now become part of me, never will you flee, inside me you will be. I keep you in my mind, I can’t leave you behind, your love mine all mine. Without your love I will die, I look up into the sky, I wish I could fly. Now God’s angel you are, shine like a star, with me you left a scar. Please get out of my head, I wish I was dead, only if I left instead. You feed off my mind to live, and my life I will continue to give. We co-exist now as one, life for us has begun, this feeling I will no longer shun.


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Why does life feel so Meaningless , living life so defenseless, life is so senseless. I’m living an endless dream, I search for someone supreme, I look unto the sun that gleam. Does my life have a purpose, it feels like a circus, I continuously run a circuit. God please tell me where you are, maybe you hide in the stars, you can’t be that far! I guess I live to die, angel wings to you I will fly, to this life I say goodbye. I hope you exist, this meaningless life I won’t miss, heaven has to be bliss. To be covered in love, from angels above, this is what I behove.

Betcha didn’t know!😊


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Come, You Will Be Admired

I just had to share this! This poem is awesome. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me😊

Midnight Diary

Come, let me take a good look at you
Take off your skin, tear off your mask
Look, your colors are more vibrant with your own shades of black

So come, show me your madness, your flaws
Show me something you are ashamed of
Show me the things you have been hiding
Rip yourself open, so raw, so honest

Come, unclench your fists
Dance, sing your heart out
Scream, shout your foulest words
Break down, cry, be happy
Be weak, be mean, be strong
Be angry, be soft

Break free, lose yourself
Find yourself, be yourself
Show me yourself

Show me,
The person you wish you are
The person underneath
The person you wish you’re not

Show me,
Who are you at this very moment?
Come, flaunt your imperfections
You will be admired

Because how I wish,
How I wish
How I wish
How I really wish
I have the…

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Hello everyone. Today wasn’t quite stressful for me😀 but it’s time to introduce another guest to you; my wonder readers. But before I do that, I’ll tell you guys how I got to inte…


I’m so excited to share this post! This post is so relevant to the post I published this morning! She gives an awesome example of what I was talking about when it comes to readers enjoying  cliffhangers! Thanks Okoto! This was such an awesome coincidence😂!