The Ultimate Guide to Self-love part 5/ Having Support

Greetings!  In this post, I really want to stress how important it is to have support. Once you’ve officially decided to begin the journey of healing, there will be obstacles. But you will overcome those obstacles if you’re aware of them! One of the obstacles is a chance of some people trying to stand in your way of healing. All the things I suggested in the previous sections won’t help much if you don’t surround yourself with love and support. If you’re struggling with Self-love, it’s definitely not going to help being around people who will put you down.


You not only need Self-love, but you need love from others too. Self-love is a journey, and it takes time and effort. You don’t want anyone making it harder than it already is. People who are just as hurt as you, sometimes won’t be very good at supporting you. Misery loves company, and they will sometimes try to get in the way of your healing. If you’re around someone who kicks you when you’re down, it’s best to stay away from that person while you’re healing( for good if possible). It’s not good, or okay, to let someone call you fat, ugly, stupid, dumb, loser, or anything else derogatory. Accepting that abuse will only cause you to doubt yourself, and stifle your progress.


Make sure to be around family and friends who will cheer you on, and support you on this rewarding journey! Let them be the ones who will give you that pep talk when you start to doubt yourself! They should be there to remind you not to talk down on yourself, and to set yourself free! Allow yourself to love, be loved, and to love yourself!


Healing is a difficult process, and it shouldn’t be done alone. If you are around abuse and/or discouragement, consider going to local support groups and/or professional therapy. People who are discouraging will often times even try to prevent you from seeking help, or moving forward. People who are miserable don’t like to be miserable alone. So they might convince you that it’s not your desire to heal, and you’re wasting your time. But it’s not a waste of time. Self-love will allow you to thrive in other areas of your life too! You will start to feel more confidence to set new goals, reach higher, and start new projects. You will never see your potential if you don’t believe in it! That’s it for now😊. It’s late, and I’m starting to fall asleep😂.

Love and blessings to you all!💗🙏

Betcha didn’t know!😊

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love part 4/ Treat Yourself

Greetings! I want to now talk about treating yourself. By instinct we crave human connection, and we get lost in the idea that we can only enjoy love from someone else. But, that’s not true. Like I said previously, love starts from within, then outward. You’ll notice that people who don’t take care of themselves well, don’t take care of others well either. For example, a mom who is an alcoholic, or have a drug addiction, most times they aren’t in the mental state to properly take care of themselves-let alone their children. They often will abuse, or neglect their children, just as much as themselves; if not more. Or, another example is someone who was abused as a child, and never received proper counseling and healing. They are more likely to abuse and neglect someone else, because they themselves are emotionally destroyed. So, you can’t give out something you don’t have.


That’s why it’s important to build yourself up first, and then give out love. Did you know that you can’t even properly receive love, if you can’t love yourself first? Yes! Why? Because when you hate yourself, you feel undeserving of love! So you will often push others away.  But when you are ready to give out love to those deserving of it, you’ll get it back. You’ll be swimming in love. But, if you’re in a situation where you don’t receive love, you must give it to yourself; that is your original source of love anyway. We were never meant to put countless expectations on someone else, just to accommodate our own inner lack of love. People are only human, and if you put too many expectations on someone else, you surely will be disappointed. The solution is to love and do all the things you would like from someone else to yourself! Like the following:

Take yourself out to a nice dinner, or fix yourself a good meal! Make sure to nourish yourself with a healthy diet! 😊
Beautiful illustration with message
Pamper yourself! We all can use some TLC( tender, love, and care) .
Take yourself to the movies! Invite yourself to a night on the town!
Why not buy yourself something special? You deserve it!
Take a peaceful walk and self-reflect. Listen to your thoughts and be the listening ear to yourself. Also, this time can be used for prayer.
Motivate yourself! You should be one of your best cheerleaders!

If you feel like nobody else does these things for you, do it for yourself! I’m sure you can think of many more things you can do! Who knows what you need or like better than yourself. When you take time out of your day for self-love, you will feel revived, and you will start to feel like you have more than enough love to go around. And you will also be ready to receive it, with no unrealistic expectations in return. Why? Because  When you feel like you lack love from others, you’ll just take a sip from your own cup! Let your own cup run over in love. And never forget God’s love! His love is there when you feel like you just don’t have the strength!


Love and blessings to you all💗🙏

Betcha didn’t know!😊


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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love part 3/ Nurturing Your Inner Child

Greetings! Welcome to part 3. I want to now introduce you to the idea of viewing yourself as a child. Now, I know, some of you may be saying, “Isn’t that kind of lowering myself? Isn’t that lowering how I view myself, or my intelligence? I’m 50 now; it’s a little too late for that!” 

No it’s not. It’s actually a very healthy thing to do! When children make mistakes, we give them plenty of breathing room. We usually will brush off thire mistakes, acknowledge that they are young, still learning, and that all kids make mistakes. So, the most we expect is, “I’m sorry”.  So, when looking back on our childhood mistakes, we say, ” I was ONLY a kid”. But, once puberty hit, and we grow taller, and our voice changes, we give NO MERCY!

When we are adults, society tells us that when we are “adults”, we are supposed to not only grow facial hair and breast, but our brains are supposed to instantly know everything! We as “adults” should always know better! But, if you step out of the Illusion, you’ll notice that you only grew taller; the encyclopedia of life wasn’t shoved into your brain too! There’s no switch that we clicked to activate our ” grown up” brain after puberty.

Only if it was that easy!!!😂

But In reality, we only continue to learn and learn, and learn! That’s why when someone is “old” we look at them as someone who holds wisdom, because we assume that they gathered up life lessons, and knowledge over the years. But, of course, it doesn’t matter how old you get, life is a continuous learning process.

So, the point of saying all that is, don’t be so hard on yourself! Stop expecting the world of yourself. Of course always reach for high standards and goals, but don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, or don’t accomplish something right away. The trick is to view yourself as you were as a child. Deep inside, we are still that child. The child in you never go away; and that’s why as adults, we often refer back to childhood when trying to compensate for things in adulthood. You’re still them. You’re still the one who enjoy goodnight kisses, snuggles, I love you, and encouragement!


So, please, be gentle with yourself. Don’t call yourself lazy, stupid, fat, ugly, failure, loser, or anything negative. If you wouldn’t want someone to treat the child you like that, then don’t do it to yourself.


Allow yourself to make mistskes or be wrong. Just apologize, and encourage yourself to do better next time.  As long as you wake up the next morning, you get that next time! Aknowledge that you’re not petfect, and you make mistakes( just like a child).  You’re still learning and you’re just a student of life. I hope this information helped!

Matthew 18 says: 

1At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

2He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.4Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Love and blessings to you all! 💗🙏

Betcha didn’t know!😀

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love Part 2 / Stepping out of the illusion

Greetings! I want to now talk to You about stepping outside of the illusion. Yes, it’s true. We are surrounded by illusion. When we watch television, read magazines, and follow celebrities, we are constantly reminded of our imperfections. We are constantly told that we aren’t pretty, handsome, loved, skinny, or rich enough. The mainstream media was designed to arouse emotions and cause conflict within yourself. Why? Because if they arouse your insecurities, they will be able to sell you products way easier! So, they have to dig out your insecurities, or create new ones for you to fall victim to. They will drag you into thire world of Illusion where they tell you that you  have to “fit in”! If you don’t, you’ll be the reject of society. They’ll say, ” Haven’t you heard? Everyone that is successful and loved is skinny, perfectly curvy, and have perfect hair, skin and teeth! Then you are left sitting there feeling like crap!


But don’t worry, they have your perfect solution! They have tons and tons of ads and commercials offering you anything you desire.


They will tell you, if you buy all thire products, you will fit society’s standards, and look like this!



I mean, you just have too! Nobody will love you, and you’ll be a nobody, right? Look at just how much the media just crushed your self-esteem and spirit; all for thire financial gain! You’re not off the hook men! They play on your emotions too! They tell you that if you dress a certain way,  have money, and a nice car, you can be the ” ladies man” or get your dream woman!  .

So you picture this👇



So now, they have the solution! They try and sell you a hot ride with the dream girl attached! Oh, yeah, ladies! You have to look like her to get the dream guy who rides the bike! 😆


But you can’t afford it can you? So now you look like this!


The media just crushed your spirits like an ant too didn’t they😯.

That’s why I tried to teach you guys that you have to separate your higher self, from your lower self. Which is your animal brain, from your soul/spirit. Your animal brain/ lower self has a natural instinct for reproduction and continuation of the human species. You do this by mating, and we often will alter ourselves for a mate, to satisfy the instinct of reproducing.

Our spirit/ higher self desires love, and companionship. Our souls are loving beings by nature! So, the media plays on both human instincts. They use professional psychologist in thire sells team.

So, the solution to the problem is to step out the illusion they have created for us. The world where everyone is rich and look like Barbie and Ken. That’s not real, or necessary. In real life, we gain weight, lose hair, get stretch marks after childbirth, get blemishes, have bad hair days, and even lose teeth! It’s the creators natural order. He never made us to be so called ” flawless”. We are people, not dolls! Yes, stop looking at celebrities who have millions of dollars to chop and snip. The tool used to drag you into the illusion. Did you know that when they are not working, they don’t even look like a doll?

Sharon Stone looks very normal like us! Instagram/ getty images😊


Despite the fact that Tyra Banks is a model; she looks a lot like me in the morning! But I think she’s exaggerating her face a bit! 😊  Instagram/ gettyimages

So stop staring into the screen and step outside and you’ll notice everyone look just like you!


You don’t see too many people looking or walking like they are on the model runway! Most of us regular people are busy scampering and rushing off too work, or have a ketchup stain on our shirt from making lunch for the kids. No, I’m not in LaLa land with the celebrities. And that’s fine! I’ve seen the horrific results of being there. You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. You lived up to the creator’s standard of perfection. That’s way better than living up to the standards of money grabbing humans; who only use your emotions as a paycheck!  That’s it for now😊. I hope this information helps!

Blessings and love to you all! 💗🙏

Betcha didn’t know!😊

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love Part 1

Greetings! I have been doing post lately about giving love and appreciation to the creator, and Mother Earth. But now I want to get more into self-love. When you don’t love yourself, it’s very hard to give love to something, or someone else. Love starts from within, then outward. So I want to now help you strengthen your inner love with this guide.

Often when we are in a relationship with someone else, we automatically expect to receive love and respect. And we definitely don’t approve of being physically or verbally abused from them. But we don’t give these same high expectations and standards towards ourselves. We actually are often very abusive towards ourselves.


We a lot of times down ourselves more than others do to us! We’ll call ourselves dumb, lazy, ugly, fat, too skinny, stupid, idiot, not good enough and so on. If someone else talked to us like that, we may be ready to punch them in the face, or tell them to go away! But we are  very accepting of the abuse from ourselves. Did you know that downing yourself is also abuse? Yes, you can abuse yourself, and that’s just as unacceptable. Abusing yourself can cause depression, anxiety, and mental illness; and is extremely dangerous!  Abuse towards yourself will destroy your spirit and self-esteem.


But, it is possible to heal and better yourself. I recommend starting with this first step. When you wake up in the morning, try looking in the mirror.


Say nice things to yourself like:

  • I love you ( your name)
  • I’m beautiful/ handsome
  • I’m worthy of love
  • I’m smart
  • I’m great just being me
  • God loves me too

Say all the things you would enjoy hearing someone else say to you. And, do the same thing before you go to bed. Tell yourself that you’ve done a great job today, I love you, I’m proud of you, and God loves me. Say anything that lifts up your spirits. And no, this isn’t as weird as some of you may be thinking. You may be saying, ” I can’t talk to myself, that’s crazy” or, ” That’s too cheesy”. But that’s not true. We say mean things to ourselves in the mirror all the time, so it doesn’t hurt to exchange it with something positive!

If you’re used to abusing yourself, the positive words will feel very strange rolling off of your tongue at first. And, you may not emotionally feel what you are saying at first. But, give yourself time. With constant repetition of positive words towards yourself daily, you will start to feel more and more comfortable talking positive to yourself.  The benefit of this is that it will uplift your spirits instead of destroying it, and you will be in the beginning of the journey towards self-love.  I personally have struggled with self-love, and these techniques I am giving you have worked for me. So, please, give it a try!  I hope you found this information helpful😊.

Love and blessings to you!💗🙏

Betcha didn’t know!😊


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Need to Reduce Stress? Go Hug a Tree!

Greetings! I would like to introduce you to the idea of hugging trees! Trees are such a precious part of our planet. They give off oxygen, shade, food, wood, and pollution reduction! But did you know that trees are also beneficial to our health? According to a recently published book, Blinded By Science, Matthew Silverstone  , he has scientific data showing that trees improve many health issues! Such as the following:

  • Mental illness
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Reaction time and concentration levels

He also lists countless studies of children who showed significant psychological and physiological improvements in their health and well being when they interacted with plants and trees. Their cognitive and emotional abilities improved and they experienced more creative play in “green” areas. He also explains that the reason is that everything vibrates, and different vibrations affect biological behaviors.  When we touch  a tree its different vibrational pattern will affect the various biological behaviors within the human body bringing it into a healing alignment. Plants and trees facilitate the cleansing and revitalizing of all of the stored up negativity and stress humans experience and give it a place to be absorbed. Being in their presence  realigns our vibrations to be more in alignment with their healing and grounding vibrations.

God truly has provided us with beautiful gifts to sustain us. Trees are one of the many gems we take for granted! I love hugging trees. I feel very connected to God and nature. So I suggest you take some time to go and bond with one of God’s creations. Relax, give the tree a hug, and Give thanks to all that mother earth beholds! It’s good for your health, and your spirit!


Love and blessings to you all!

Betcha didn’t know!🌳


Disclaimer: This was not intended for professional medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms, please go seek professional medical advice.😀

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Beneficial Meditation Tip: Use Earthing/ Grounding to Reduce Stress!

Greetings! I would like to give you another useful meditation tip! For those of you who have experience with childbirth, and newborns, you know that skin to skin contact is recommended immediately after childbirth and through infancy. It’s known to help babies adapt to being outside the womb, babies stress levels, health, and bonding. Well, this is what a practice called Grounding does. During Meditation, it’s very beneficial to meditate with your barefeet or body to the ground. It’s the same as having skin to skin contact with mother earth. It’s an amazing bonding experience, as well as good for your health.

We are a bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Our bodies operates electrically. All of our cells transmit multiple frequencies that run, for example, your heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. So we are very connected to the earth in that way.  Now that we are more industrialized, we don’t get the energy from the earth as we once did ( or are supposed to. ) We now wear rubber and plastic-soled shoes that is a barrier to the Earth’s energy and live in high rises. So, now, a lot of us are disconnected and ungrounded from mother earth. And believe it or not, it can cause stress and illness just like a baby disconnected from it’s mother. There are numerous benefits of earthing!

The Benefits of Earthing & Grounding

According to emerging research, earthing may be beneficial in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Increasing Energy
  • Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
  • Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
  • Normalizing blood pressure and blood flow
  • Relieving muscle tension and headache
  • Speeds healing- used in some places to prevent bed sores
  • Reducing jet lag
  • Shortening recovery time from injury or athletic activity
  • Reducing  snoring

So it’s important to get that skin to skin contact with mother earth. It’s very soothing, beneficial, and relaxing to do during meditation! Allow your skin to touch soil, sand, water, or any conductive surface that is in contact with the earth. Dig your barefeet in, or lie down.


Now of course you don’t have to be in mud! But you get the idea😆. But, I have to admit, the warm squishy feeling of mud is a guilty pleasure for me! I also love running my fingers and feet through the warm sand at the beach! So when meditating, Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and allow the energy from the earth to pulsate throughout your body. Let the Earth’s electrons from the ground into your body. Become one, bond, and enjoy the skin to skin contact with the earth. If you don’t like being barefoot, consider wearing leather soled shoes. You should definitely feel more relaxed afterwards! Also, you can even kick it up a notch by listening to your Schumann Resonance beats at the same time!

Love and blessings to you!

Betcha didn’t know!😀


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be professional medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms, always seek professional help from a licensed doctor.😀

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