Women who dress too revealing

Hey everyone, I hope you guys been enjoying the holiday season. A man just walked passed my window singing a holiday song. He had such a classic voice! Anyway, I wrote this post yesterday, and when I tried to edit it, it became erased. There was no way I was going to write it again yesterday; so I’m doing it today. I’m going to talk about women who dress revealing. I already hear some of you saying that you’ll dress the way you want to. And I agree. But, us women usually don’t like the consequences that come with the decision we make. What made me think of this subject is when I saw a lady outside at the market wearing small shorts. She was shivering and cold. I laughed and asked myself why on earth would a grown woman wear that knowing it’s cold outside😆! Is she that desperate for attention that she’s willing to sacrifice warmth and comfort? Why do us women think that we have to dress in revealing clothes period. Some of you might say it’s for fashion, male attention, or for the summer heat. But, none of those are a good exuse to me. A lot of us will get mad or insulted if a guy hoot and holler at us. Or even go as far to try and touch us. That’s when we say, “I’m not a piece of meat!” But you’re putting yourself out there as a piece of meat. There is nothing fashionable about looking like a street walker/ prostitute. When you dress that way, you’re attracting the same type of crowd a street walker would. That crowd is lustful men, mentally diseased men, and men looking for a good time. The man looking for a good time is the one who is only checking you out because they are lusting at your cleavage or behind. He doesn’t even notice you have a face or brain😆! The man who is mentally diseased is going to actually touch you or rape you. Why? Because he lacks good judgement and self control. To him, you are saying that you are easy, you are trying to entice him, and you caused him to loose control (rape or touch). People with that type of  mental illness don’t always like to take full responsibility for their actions. So, yes, you can dress that way all you want; especially in the summer heat! But don’t get insulted or surprised when you attract the crowd of a street walker. No one deserves to be sexually assaulted or raped, so stop taking unnecessary risk. The only time you should dress revealing is when you’re out with your significant other. Why? Because at least mentally diseased people will see that you are taken and have a protector. You can dress sexy and elegant at the same time.

This is sexy, but a guy will talk to you and look at your face. You want to have sex appeal and class. You’ll never totally get rid of sick men, but you drastically reduce their attention.
Now I admit, this is actually cute to me, and if my husband liked it, maybe I would wear it out. No, I wouldn’t !😆 I hate to be gawked at by random men despite him being there. But, this is too much skin. Men easily get turned on by the stomach and upper thighs. Then you mix that with leather and tight fit, you are not going to get a clean man looking at you.
Need I say more?
Much better! Still fit snug, but still gives the message that you have class. I personally would wear a full snug shirt underneath, but, she can still get away with it in hot summer heat.

Ladies, women are beautiful. No matter what your size. You don’t need to reveal everything for men to take notice of your beauty. A woman with class, elegance, and self-esteem screams I am a beautiful queen; treat me accordingly!

I am queen who deserves a king! Ladies grab your crown😊.

Discover the true beauty of a woman.


Betcha didn’t know!😄


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Changes to WP Reader~


I had to search to find this. Are you aware of the changes to the WP Reader? They are compressing and chopping posts in the Reader to accomplish what they call “streamlining” so the viewer can scan more posts more quickly while seeing less of your content in their reader. What WP is doing is giving your post much less than half the room it used to have in the reader, sometimes only two lines of text if you don’t have photos.

They are also now inserting blogs they promote in your Reader. So they are taking up the room they are saving by compressing your posts in the Reader with blogs you are not following and they are promoting.

This seems manipulative and non-transparent on WordPress’s part and not in the best interest of bloggers.

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