Are you a friendly blogger? Here’s a tip if you’re not!

Greetings! I want to give you new bloggers a tip. I’m sure you older bloggers already know this information. I’ve been blogging for a year now, so I’ve learned a lot. The purpose for me putting the discover me post out is so everyone could mingle and discover other blogs. Why? Because I often go through my reader noticing bloggers that have wonderful post that just don’t get the likes and recognition it deserves. I being a blogger myself know how writing one post can be time consuming. I have five little ones, so it’s hard for me to take time out to write; especially read other’s blogs! So, I empathize with blogs that don’t get proper recognition. Only one person wanted to leave a link, and I found that weird😆. I got likes though! Honestly I started to get creeped out. I started to wonder if everyone is just a robot/bot and WordPress is fooling me with fake readers! 😆And, it’s okay. It’s fine. Obviously no one felt like they needed it.

But, let me say this. If you don’t want to participate in meet and greets, that’s fine. But at least go visit other people blogs! Don’t be stingy with your visits and likes. Show the appreciation that you want for yours. Reach out to other blogs, and other’s will be inspired to check you out and return the favor. I know reading is time consuming; especially when you’re a writer yourself. But you can’t expect anybody to give you the time of day if you never give back! The truth is, we live in a YouTube age. Nobody really feel like reading blogs. So don’t wait for random readers from the web to find you. They’re on YouTube! Reading is very vintage; people just don’t read like they used to. It’s way easier to watch a video than read!

So, us WordPress writers are mostly all we have. So, we can only assume that if you write, you like to read. So don’t be afraid to read, like, and support other bloggers. You as a blogger will never move forward if you view everyone else as competition. Your competition is your reader’s! So, reach out and be friendly.😆

Betcha didn’t know!😬😆

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