Is the Grass Greener? Part 4

As Rebecca drove she started to think about Mr. Albate. She really felt like she could use the good company. She took the number out of her pocket and started to think about if she should call him. After hard thinking and consideration, she decided to give Mr. Albate a call. She pulled over into a parking lot and made the call. Rebecca hand started to shake. Calling him made her more nervous than she thought. He answered the phone.

” Hello!” he said.

” Hi, this is Rebecca. I was your nurse last night.”

” Hello Rebecca! I’m so glad to hear from you. I didn’t expect you to keep the number!”

” Well, I wasn’t, but you seemed like such a nice guy, so I thought maybe a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt.”

” That sound great! Are you free tonight? I’m out the hospital now, and I  sure could use the good company and meal after eating that hospital food. I would love you to join me for dinner.”

Rebecca heart started to beat faster. Her husband John came to her mind. But she gave herself a quick pep talk convincing herself that it’s only a friendly dinner date.

” Okay, sure!  But not tonight, it’s so last minute. I’m not even dressed for the occasion,” she said.

” No worries! he said. Casual dress is fine. Do you like pizza? I know a nice little pizza joint that make the best pizza in town! So how about it? ”

Rebecca smiled. “Okay! You won me over. I love pizza. Where can I meet you? I’m on the road now!” Rebecca couldn’t believe she just blurted out yes.

“Meet me at Leonardo’s Pizza. Do you need the address?”

” I’ve drove by it before. I’ll be fine. I should be there in about thirty minutes. Is that fine?” Rebecca asked.

” That’s perfect! See you in a few!” he said.

Rebecca hung up the phone. She blushed at how she could hear the excitement in his voice. She started reminiscing about how John used to sound that way. Rebecca started looking in the mirror and fixing her hair and makeup. She looked at the time and saw it was six o’clock in the evening. She again started to second think about if she was making the right choice. She started to wonder how John would react if she told him she went to dinner with a guy. She started to consider backing out of the date. But then she had a sudden flash back of John watching adult movies. The thought of it made her furious all over again. The memory gave her the confidence to start her car, and make her way to the restaurant. She didn’t want her son to worry, so she called her son Jeff and let him know she was going out to dinner. When Rebecca made it to the parking lot of the restaurant, she began to get butterflies. She got out the car and walked in the resturant. Mr. Albate saw her and waved. He got up to greet her with a big smile and hug.

“Hello there! You look lovely this evening, ” he said. He kissed her on the cheek. Rebecca couldn’t help but to notice how handsome he looked dressed in his pollo shirt and khakis.

” Thank you! I don’t feel lovely wearing jeans and a t-shirt,” Rebecca said.

” Don’t be silly. You could wear a paper bag to dinner and look just as lovely. I’m so glad you took me up on my offer. You seem like such a nice lady. I’d love to learn more about you. Oh yeah, and call me Marco, ” he said.

Rebecca started to blush. ” You seem like a very nice guy too Marco, I’d love to learn more about you also.” Rebecca noticed him scanning his eyes all over her body.  She liked how he actually showed interest in her unlike her husband.

“Shall we order? ” he asked.

“Yes, what do you recommend?” Rebecca asked.

“How about we share a vegetarian pizza?  I’m trying to watch my waist line! Haha!”

“Sounds great, me too!” She said. Rebecca started thinking about how she admired his sense of humor. John never was much of the type to tell jokes.

Marco called over the waiter. As he was ordering, she couldn’t help but to think about her husband. She started feeling guilty again about being out with another man. This was supposed to be only a “friendly” dinner, but she found herself feeling like a teenage girl on her very first date. His presence gave her butterflies. She started staring at him and found herself really attracted to his smooth classic appearance. The smell of his cologne made her swoon. The more she felt those emotions, the more guilty she began to feel.

After he finished ordering, he said, ” So, Rebecca, tell me more about your family.”

“Well, I’ve been married for 18 years to my husband John. He’s a high school teacher. We have one son together named Jeff who is now sixteen,” Rebecca said.

“Wow! You’ve been married that long and only had one kid?” Marco asked.

” Yes, Our careers didn’t allow much time to expand our family. Being a nurse takes up a lot of your time,” Rebecca said.

” How did you guys meet?” Marco asked.

We met twenty years ago at a local bar in town. At the time I was a bartender there, and John came in crying because his girlfriend had just dumped him. I was there to talk him through it. We were inseparable after that.”

“Wow, great way to meet,” he said.

The waiter came and sat the pizza down.


“Wow, this look delicious, Rebecca said. I’ll dig in while you tell me more about yourself!”

Marco sat back and took a deep breath. ” Well, I’ve been married three times. I haven’t had much luck in love. I was married under five years to all three. I have two kids with my first wife, one with my second wife, and none with my third. I’ve learned my lesson! No more wives or children! ”

“Haha! I’m sure”, Rebecca laughed. Despite her laughter, she actually found what he said quite alarming. She started thinking maybe he’s not that charming after all. She could see the embarrassment in his face as he continued.

“Yeah, I’ve been single for five years now.  I’m just fine with focusing on my career, and taking care of my children,” Marco said.

“Oh, what do you do for a living? That’s if you don’t mind me asking,” Rebecca said.

“Oh, no, not at all, I’m an architecture, ” he said.

“Great career”, she said. She started thinking about how she couldn’t believe all those crazy things were coming out of the mouth of an handsome architecture. She was afraid to ask  about his children. He already had enough working against him.

Rebecca phone started to ring. ” I’m sorry, let me take this call. ”

” Of course,” he said.


” When are you coming home?” asked John.

“I’ll be home in an hour or so. But either way, don’t wait up for me,” Rebecca replied.

” Look, I’m willing to talk things out if you are,” John said.

Marco watched Rebecca with a look of concern as she talked on the phone. Rebecca looked at John back in embarrassment.

” Look, we’ll discuss this later, I have to go!” Rebecca said. She hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

Marco noticed her look of discomfort. ” Is everything okay?” He asked.

“Oh, yes, I’m fine!”

“You can’t fool me! Ha! I’ve been in three marriages; I know the look and feel of there being trouble in paradise. I don’t want to get in your business, but I’m here if you need my advice. I’ve experienced a little bit of everything!” Marco said laughing.

Rebecca smiled and replied, ” I’m fine, really. The pizza was delicious, thank you so much for the lovely evening, but I really should get going now.” After hearing about all his marriages, Rebecca didn’t feel comfortable confiding in him. He actually made her feel awkward and turned off.

“Of course! He said. I really enjoyed your company. Thanks for joining me. Is it possible to see you again? Perhaps for that cup of coffee?” He gazed at her with a look of desperation and uncertainty. He could tell she was turned off after hearing about his ex-wives.

” Ummm……..that really don’t seem like a good idea. I’m sorry. This dinner itself might have been a bad idea. I did break my rule of not mixing business with pleasure. I had a wonderful time, honestly. But I just can’t. Goodbye Marco. Rebecca patted him on the back and then turned to leave. That’s when he grabbed her by the hand and stared her in the eyes and said, ” please……”



Rebecca looked at him astonished. She resented Marco putting her on the spot. She already regretted going out to dinner with another man behind her husband back. And he also didn’t seem so much like the charming guy she imagined him to be. Rebecca couldn’t help but to wonder if he was the cause of all his divorces. What caused all those women to divorce a well spoken, handsome, architecture? But on the flip side, he was supposed to be just a friend and nothing more. And his company did help her forget about what John did. She stared back into his eyes and said……..


To be continued!

Rebecca finally made the call to Mr. Albate. She had a lovely dinner with him at the pizza joint that she ended up regretting. Now Mr. Albate wants another date! Should she?! Will she say yes? Read the continuation to find out! 

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