Is the Grass Greener? part 3

” Don’t be sorry. You’re only trying to do the right thing. And I respect that you are a married woman. That’s why I am asking for a dinner date as a friend. You can have friends can’t you?”

Rebecca looked at him and said, “well…….no, I can’t. I really don’t think it would be appropriate to date one of my patients. I’m really sorry.”

Mr. Albate gave out a loud chuckle. “Okay,  well, I guess it was worth the try!” Rebecca tapped Mr. Albate on the hand and gave him a warm smile.

” Get well soon Mr. Albate!” Rebecca left the room and headed back to the nurses station for lunch.

“Are you okay Rebecca?” Jane said.

” No, I have to face my husband when I get home. I don’t even know if saying sorry will make things better.”

“I’m sure John will be a lot better when you go home. Your husband probably just needed time to cool off, ” said Jane.

” Yeah, let’s hope so.” One of Rebecca’s co-workers handed her a folded up piece of paper. “What’s this?” Rebecca asked.

“I don’t know. A guy from room 304 asked me to give it to you.” Rebecca hesitantly took the piece of paper.  Rebecca opened it and on it was Mr. Albate’s phone number. Rebecca started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Jane said with a puzzled look.

“One of my patients asked me for a date, but I told him no. This paper has his phone number on it!”

“Are you going to keep it?” asked Jane. All the nurses at the desk waited for Rebecca’s answer in anticipation.

“Of course not! I’m married. John would lose his mind.” Rebecca said. All the nurses shook their heads in agreement.

“Good answer,” Jane said.

Rebecca walked to the trash can to throw it away. Just when she put her hand over the basket, visions of Mr. Albate’s face flashed in her mind.


At that moment she admitted to herself that she did enjoy their conversation, and he did make her feel beautiful. So Rebecca looked around her to see if anybody was looking, and quickly stuffed the number in her pocket. All night during work she felt a little guilty for not throwing his number away. She felt like she was cheating on John. But, she couldn’t get herself to throw it away. She wanted to keep it just in case she changed her mind.

When Rebecca got home that morning, she spent time sitting in her recliner trying to figure out a way to apologize to John. Rebecca really regretted hurting him. She thought to herself that maybe she could cook his favorite meal and have a candlelight dinner. She could wear his favorite dress and have a long conversation in front of the fireplace. Rebecca thought Maybe a romantic evening  is just what they needed.  After having the whole evening thought out, she finally felt peaceful enough to go to bed.

As Rebecca was waking up, she heard noices of moaning. She thought She was hearing things and started digging out her ears. After she sat up and cleaned the sleep out of her eyes, Rebecca heart stopped at what she saw.


“John! What is that you’re watching!” Rebecca yelled.

” What do you think it is? I’m only doing the same thing you do. I’m fantasizing!” John said.

” John are you really going to compare watching adult movies to reading romance novels!? Is this is your revenge on me!? I get this for reading a simple book!? Have you always watched these!?” Rebecca asked.

“No, but I’m going to start. I think we both have the right to fantasize about other people, ” Jhon said.

Rebecca started to cry. “You’re disgusting! I never said I fantasized about anybody. I was only fantasizing about having a love life. You ruined the whole evening! I wanted to have a romantic dinner and talk things out! But, that’s okay! I see you already started without me! ” Rebecca ran out the bedroom.

“Mom! Where are you going”? Her son Jeff yelled.

“I’ll be back sweetie, I’m going for a drive to cool off, ” Rebecca said. She rushed out the door and jumped in her car and drove off.

“Dad, what’s going on? Why is mom so angry?” Jeff asked.

“Don’t worry about it son. Just know that your dad went too far, and now I have to fix things, ” John said.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was driving thinking about what to do.


Her husband went way further than she thought he would. He knew that she never liked him watching adult films. Even though she knew he did it to make her jealous, she couldn’t stand the fact that he wanted to get revenge on her over something as ridiculous as a romance novel. Rebecca felt frustrated and just wanted to escape the situation.  As Rebecca drove she started to think about Mr. Albate. She really felt like she could use the good company. She took the number out of her pocket and started to think about if she should call Mr. Albate. After hard thinking and consideration she decided……….

To be continued!

Rebecca turned down Mr. Albate’s date offer, but decided to take Mr. Albate’s number for a ” just in case”. But now that John has went too far, Rebecca is now considering taking up that dinner date. Will she decide to call him? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know! 😄

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6 thoughts on “Is the Grass Greener? part 3

  1. Love the story, but one thing grates. In your teaser for next time you say ‘now that John has went…’ It should be ‘ has gone…’ Sorry to be pedantic, but these things are important if you wish to sound authentic and keep ypur readers. No one loses readers by being correct, but maybe by being incorrect.

    I admit not everyone is as critical of grammar as I am. Apologies if I upset you. That’s not my aim. I truly wish to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I appreciate constructive criticism. I am a work in progress when it comes to my writing skills. I’m not a professional, but an amateur writer. 😃 Your comment is greatly appreciated because there has been times that I made horrendous spelling and grammar mistakes that I caught myself later, and I wished someone had pointed it out to me! 😂


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