Is the Grass Greener part 2

John dropped the book and the sound of it hitting the tile floor woke Rebecca up. John stood over her and said, ” Did you have a good sleep honey?”

” Oh, hi John, what are you doing home so early? What time is it?” Rebecca sat up and started feeling around for her book.

” It’s a little past eleven. I had to leave work early because of a bad stomach ache. I’m hoping It’s not food poisoning; I did eat off of a weird looking food truck yesterday. Perhaps it wasn’t real beef in those burritos after all.” As John talked, Rebecca sneakily rubbed her hand around the creases of the seat cushion.

“Is everything alright honey? Did you lose something?” Rebecca stopped and looked stunned.

“Umm…oh, yes! I think I dropped my keys in the cushion.” Rebecca got up and stooped down on the floor. When she finally noticed the book on the floor besides the recliner, she quickly grabbed it to slide it underneath. But it was already too late. Her husband stopped her in the tracks and said, ” Read any good books lately?” At that moment, all Rebecca could do was turn to John and look at him stunned.



“Haha! That’s a funny thing to ask John, why? ”

” Oh…..because I thought you might want to read this.” He picked up the book and handed it to her. ” Is that what you were looking for Rebecca?” John stood over her and gazed into her eyes. Rebecca just sat there quiet with her jaw hung low. At that point, all Rebecca could do was just sit there in utter embarrassment.

“Rebecca why did you keep this from me?”

” I just felt that it would ruin your ego if you found out. I mean, you know we don’t have much of a sex life.”

John bursted out laughing. “Did you just say my ego!? What are you insinuating!? I mean, should it ruin my ego? Let’s take a closer look here.” John opened up the book to start reading.

“John don’t! That’s not what I meant! Please!” Rebecca tried to grab the book, but he blocked her with with his arm and began to read. “Hmm….. let’s start here on page twenty where you bookmarked.” Rebecca fell back onto her recliner covering her face as he began to read.

” It says here that Lorenzo walked Julia into the beach house and offered her a seat on the couch. The passion between them grew more and more as they stared into each other’s eyes. Lorenzo sat by Julia on the couch and before they knew it they were kissing passionately. Julia pushed him away out of breath and…..”

Rebecca got up and snatched the book out of his hand before he could get out the next word. ” That’s enough already! Yes, okay! I read romance novels! Instead of cheating on you I read this. I get lonely and miserable. You never want to be romantic! Why can’t I at least fantasize!? ”

” You know what Rebecca, you’re right! Go ahead and fantasize! Fantasize about your dream guy Lorenzo!” John shoved her aside and rushed out the door.  Rebecca started to cry and threw the book in the trash.


All day she kept calling him but there was no answer. She didn’t see from her husband until late that night. He quietly walked in the door and walked pass her. ” John I’m getting ready to go to work, did you want to talk before I leave? ” He didn’t look at her and walked straight towards the kitchen. He ate his dinner in silence and then went straight to bed on the couch. Rebecca finally realized that John wanted nothing to do with her, so she kissed her son goodnight and headed to work. She cried throughout  the whole drive to work and walked into the nurses station with her head down.

” Hey Rebecca!” Yelled her friend Jane. So, what happen at the beach house with Lorenzo?”

“Don’t mention that book to me ever again, I threw it away. I could care less what happen at the beach house. Reading about the lust of Lorenzo destroyed my marriage!” Rebecca pounded her head on the table and started sobbing.


“Rebecca! Get yourself together!” Jane looked around in embarrassment. “Calm down and tell me what happened.”

” When I went home I fell asleep on the recliner with the book on my lap. John noticed it and got really mad and jealous. I told him it was just fantasy, but he wasn’t having it. He said go ahead and continue to “fantasize” about Lorenzo!” Rebecca put her hands over her face.

Jane reached over and hugged Rebecca. “That was a mouth full. I’m so sorry. See, yesterday I told you………”

Rebecca interrupted Jane in the middle of her sentence. “I definitely don’t want to hear your I told you so Jane!  Either way, what’s done is done! I’d rather just work tonight and then deal with it when I get home. ”

Rebecca got herself together and started making her rounds. As she made it to her last room before lunch she heard a soft sound of Frank Sinatra singing ” Fly me to the Moon”. There sat on the hospital bed a gentleman with salt and pepper hair and an innocent smile. He appeared to be in his early fifties. He had a very smooth and classical look to him. He sat there staring into space looking as if he was reminiscing about beautiful yesterdays.

” Hi Mr. Abate, I’m your nurse for the night shift. I’m Rebecca.” She gave him a big smile despite the fact that she felt like crap. “I’ll be checking your vitals and giving you your medication.”

“Oh, welcome nurse Rebecca. Nice to meet you. I’m Mr. Albate.” He gave her a little grin. “You look exausted. Maybe you should take my place and I take your vitals!” He gave out a loud chuckle.

“Haha! That was a good one Mr. Albate. But You’re probably right!” They both bursted out in laughter.

“Sorry to interrupt you, you are listening to some pretty good music right now!” Rebecca said.

“Don’t worry about it. I can’t sleep anyway. And seeing such a beautiful lady with a warm smile helps a lot. Do you like Frank Sinatra?”

Rebecca began to smile and blush. She began taking his vitals. He gazed into her face in silence with a slight grin. “Yes, I’ve listened to Frank Sinatra a few times,” said Rebecca.

“Hmmm…Yes, I’m the biggest Frank Sinatra fan you will ever meet he said. Listening to this takes me back to my youth. My dad would play Frank Sinatra everyday after work. He would light his pipe, sit back, and read a newspaper. He was a classy man. My dad isn’t alive now, but I carry on his tradition”.

“That is just lovely! Welp Mr. Albate, your vitals seem just fine. Besides your stomach flu, you’re okay.  And here is your pills. You should be feeling much better by tomorrow. ”

Mr. Albate just smiled and continued to gaze. “Is there anything else I can help you with, Rebecca asked. Do you need a refreshment? ”

“I’m sorry to just gaze at you, but you are so beautiful and kind. And such sorrow hidden behind that smile. I can tell you are a great person in need of a listening ear. I probably won’t be here tomorrow night. I know this is kind of inappropriate, but I would like to give you my number. Maybe I can take you out for dinner sometime.”

Rebecca looked at him stunned. ” Oh, Mr. Albate, I couldn’t, I’m married. Also, I don’t mix business with pleasure. I’m sure you’re a great guy to talk to, but I just can’t.  I’m sorry. ” Rebecca smiled at him in remorse.

” Don’t be sorry. You’re only trying to do the right thing. And I respect that you are a married woman. That’s why I am asking for a dinner date as a friend. You can have friends can’t you?”

Rebecca looked at him and said, well…….


To be continued

Rebecca just had a horrible fight with her husband. Now, she so happen to run into a charming patient who wants to take her out for dinner as “friends”! Will Rebecca accept Mr. Albate’s number? Read the continuation to find out! 

Read part 1 here:

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8 thoughts on “Is the Grass Greener part 2

  1. Now you did it. I’m a big gruff man, but I became so engrossed in your story, I didn’t want it to end. I guess I’ll have to come back for the next part. The story is very well written. Thanks for the excellent read.

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