Is the Grass Greener? part 1

Hi friends! I’m writing another short story. Here on Betcha didn’t know I write a little of everything! And disclaimer: I’m not a professional writer, so yes, you might notice flaws. Anyway, some of you enjoyed the Story of kitten, so I hope you enjoy this as much.😀

In the small town of Red Bluff California lives a 40 year old nurse named Rebecca who is the wife of a 50 year old high school teacher named John. They have one son together named Jeff who is sixteen. They aren’t the happiest married couple alive, but they share enough love to have sustained a marriage for eighteen years. They met twenty years ago at a local bar in their small town. At the time Rebecca was a bartender there, and John was a heartbroken lad who entered the bar to drink his pain away. He had just been dumped by his girlfriend. Rebecca happen to be the bartender that night who was there to lend a listening ear to John. After that night meeting at the bar they were inseparable. But, that was twenty years ago. They aren’t nearly as close as they use to be. They both eventually got lost in their careers and parenthood. So, the spark in their marriage is pretty much obsolete as a result. But, that never stopped Rebecca from fantasizing about romance. She loved to read romance novels at break during her night shift as a nurse.

Jane her friend and co-worker found Rebecca indulged in her novel. “Rebecca are you reading one of those romance novels again?”

“Oh, hi Jane” Rebecca said as she gazed down at the page. “Don’t interrupt me now Jane, Lorenzo is about to take Julia to his beach house for a romantic dinner!”

” Haha! Rebecca does your husband know you spend your break at work drooling over romantic novels?”

” No, and I don’t plan on him finding out either! That would definitely destroy his Manly ego! It’s just that our love life sucks, so I have to get excitement from somewhere.”

” You and John should work on your love life; you guys are such a lovely couple. Besides, you can’t read novels forever; what kind of marriage is that?”

” I know Jane, it’s just that he’s always busy or tired. I try to flirt with John  sometimes, but he usually just brush it off.”

” Well, do something Rebecca. Eventually he will find out about you and those novels.”

” Yeah,” Rebecca said sadly. Rebecca closed the book and started gazing into space daydreaming about being Julia at the beach house having a romantic dinner with Lorenzo.”

“Breaks over! You better get back to work before you get caught not doing your rounds!” yelled Jane.

“Oh yeah, thanks Jane. I did lose track of time.” Rebecca quickly got up and got back to work. After Rebecca’s shift was over, she went straight home. She was eager to read what was going to happen at the beach house with Lorenzo. Rebecca get home in the morning after night shift. Her husband is usually at work, and her son Jeff at school. So it is the perfect time for her to continue her romance novel. So she took a seat in her favorite recliner, got a cup of coffee, and began to read her romance novel. But just after a paragraph her eyes got heavy. She didn’t take into account that she just worked for eleven hours. No matter how hard she fought to keep her eyes open, she couldn’t. Her eyes finally closed, her head fell back, and her book was left resting in her lap.


John her husband had a terrible stomach ache, so he left his class early and went home sick.  He expected his wife to be sleep when he got home from work, so he opened the door quietly. As soon as he walked into the living room he saw his wife sound asleep on the recliner. He smiled and walked over to her to give her a kiss on the forehead and cover her up with a blanket. As he leaned over he saw a shiny book. He noticed it had a romantic cover.


“What is this?” Jhon said.  John had a look of curiosity on his face. He picked up the book and read the title saying, “The Lust of Lorenzo”. He quietly opened the book and started scanning over sentences. The more he read, the wider his jaw dropped.


John dropped the book and the sound of it hitting the tile floor woke Rebecca up. John stood over her and said………….

To be continued! John has finally caught his wife with her romance novel. Is John going to take it lightly, or will it cause a problem between them and become Disastrous ? Read the continuation to find out!  

Betcha didn’t know!😉

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