We have no soul/ spirit?

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about how a lot of people debate on whether we have a soul or not. I’m assuming that atheist are the ones who believe that once we “die” that’s it. Materialist believe that conciousness/mind and self-awareness resides directly in the brain. In other words, they believe that we are flesh robots! It’s the neurons sparking that create our minds.


Most scientist and medical researchers take that stance on conciousness. I’m no professional, but I want to give my personal opinion. I don’t even have to use spirituality or philosophy to prove my point that we have a soul. Our conciousness is not the brain! Our soul uses our brain! So I’m going to use a common sense approach. The first step is to know what the human brain looks like.


Yes, this is the human brain. The human brain is made of gray matter. This is made up of about 100 billion neurons that gather and transmit signals while the white matter is made of dendrites and axons that the neurons use to transmit signals. The brain is composted of about 75% water and is the fattiest organ in the body, consisting of a minimum of 60% fat.(The Human Brain – Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago). So, as you can see, it doesn’t contain thoughts or self-awareness inside of it on it’s own. There’s no projector or computer chip hidden inside the brain. It’s just an organ made of flesh. It also doesn’t hold electrical sparks inside of it without a force behind it. The force is you by the way. Without you it’s a lump of matter! Now, what can we compare the function of the brain to? How about a television!


As you can see, the television is made of matter too. It’s Just a different texture and not made of cells. Now, look at the brain and television. Both are dead without a force to operate it and bring it to life. Both is just a clump of matter. The television is powered by energy in the wall. Hey! Guess what! We are also powered by energy. Did you know that we are made of energy!? Yes! That’s why the brain and heart has electrical impulses when you the force is behind it! Also, that is why we need food and the sun to maintain our energy! We are energetic beings. But, since we are souls, we don’t need to plug in the wall! We are the energy! Now we all know that the television needs signal to show a picture.


Now, for you materialists, are you assuming that our brain made of matter is receiving signal from some artificial satellite giving us humans self-awareness and mind? Well, that could work if we all thought exactly the same like robots! But we don’t! That’s why we are debating on whether we have a soul or not. No two people think exactly alike! Have you noticed that televisions have the same channels! People from all over can view the same program on the same channels. That’s because it’s using an artificial satellite/ signal. And no matter how “smart” your television is, it’ll never be self-aware or conscious like you. It can only receive energy from the wall, satellite signals, and preprogrammed features. Now you on the other hand, where do you think your brain get it’s signal from? No, not just the neurons. Neurons are just:

plural noun: neurons
  1. a specialized cell transmitting nerve impulses; a nerve cell.
 As you can see, the definition says nothing about you being a neuron. The neuron and cells is not conscious . It’s just a nerve! So, again, where is the signal itself coming from? Hmmm…sound spooky…..lol🎃😄! The signal is coming from your soul/ spirit silly! You incorporate your conciousness into your brain. You create the mind of the brain. Mind is not tangible. When you tell the brain to move your leg, then it moves. Your brain doesn’t tell you to move your leg then you move it. Your brain doesn’t control you, you control it! When you dream, there is no projector to create images in your brain. That is you your soul in dream land. And yes, if the brain becomes damaged, your soul won’t be able to use certain functions of the tool you use to interact with this plane of existence. The same way if you smash the television screen, you won’t be able to see the picture anymore. But that doesn’t mean the source the picture came from is destroyed. Why? Because the signal is not tangible, just the television! If you unplug the television, the tv is dead. But, the source of energy/ electricity is not! It just went back to it’s source. Just like the tv signal went back to it’s source because it can no longer use that set to shine through!
Sound familiar huh? When our soul can no longer use the body and brain to interact with this plane of existence, our energy and conciousness simply go back to it’s source. Energy can’t be created nor destroyed. Conciousness, mind and self-awareness is not tangible. So it can’t be destroyed! That’s how God was able to give us eternal life. He made the real us intangible!

So, after clearly explaining how we have a soul, does anybody still think we have no soul!? 

Betcha didn’t know!😉
Picture credit: pixabay.com
Info: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.rehabchicago.org/the-human-brain/&ved=0ahUKEwjzj-m5kI3VAhUT0GMKHYhaACcQFggfMAE&usg=AFQjCNHTKFq0GTfwfVTqyJm6NTmMSHfE_w
Google definition of neuron
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13 thoughts on “We have no soul/ spirit?

  1. That is all true if you forget about genetics and different programming (aka upbringing, education, friends etc), suppose we have freewill (which could simply be us thinking we have freewill because we were programmed to), and if you suppose robots can’t gain a soul at some point.

    I agree that souls do exist, but I disagree with the assertion it can be proven.

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  2. Just as the wind. You know it’s there. You feel it, you see it affect things but you can’t touch it. The soul for me does not have a brain connection. It is a mind connection. You can destroy the brain through environmental impact. Whether you or man made entities destroy it. Good read.

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      1. To further this discussion. I just finished a book written by my nutritionist who passed away in June. If you get a chance go to amazon look for My Journey With The Purple Dragon. And I am now reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. They talk about the soul. During my reading my mind came back to your post. My nutritionist found solace I believe within her soul to stay alive as long as she could. And she did until June. In her book she mentions Paulo Coelho and the Alchemist. I thought whoa. I bought this book 3 or 4 months ago. Again another soul journey. Everything has a soul. Where I am going with this, I’m not sure but it’s connected. Will let you know when I finish the Alchemist. Lol. ♡

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      2. Wow, I looked up the book My Journey With The Purple Dragon. She was one brave lady! Also very inspiring. You are reading great books. And yes, we are indeed souls on a journey. And yeah, let me know how the Alchemist go! I read the summary of that too and it sounds great!😊


    1. That’s the thing, you can’t touch the mind. Just like you can’t touch the actual signal to the tv. The mind is abstract. You can’t touch your thoughts. You can’t touch or destroy something that is intangible and abstract. Just like how you can only experience your cable tv through signal. If you bust the tv you destroy it. But the tv signal traveling through the air is always there. Same for the brain. You can destroy the brain, but you can’t destroy the mind. The mind is the signal that can’t be touched😃.

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