Never Buy Frozen burritos Again! Save Money Now! 💰

Hi friends! I want to give you a great money saving tip! If you’re like me, sometimes after a busy day you want the taste of a homemade meal without the big fuss. So we order out to get the closest thing to home cooked. But ordering out can be very expensive. So why not make your own frozen dinners! You get a home cooked meal, and it’s way better quality than the frozen dinners at the grocer. I used to fall victim to the packs of frozen burritos in the frozen food aisle. They were expensive and cheated me on the filling! I was chewing on tortillas and barely cheese and bean! So, I created the perfect solution! I simply made my own burritos and froze them. It’s very simple to do! Here is the recipe!

One pack of flour or wheat tortillas.
download (2)
One can of refried beans.
Shredded cheese of choice.

You can add any filling that you like, just make sure that it’s room temperature and it’s not dripping with moisture/ juice. If so, you will get soggy tortillas. For the bean burritos you can either heat up the refried beans in a saucepan and then let it cool to room temperature, or you can dump the beans out of the can into a bowl and stir it until it’s smooth. I usually loosen up my bean filling by heating and cooling  it to room temperature. Now that you have made the mixture pliable for spooning, lay out a single tortilla. Spoon your desired amount of filling onto the tortilla. Please don’t add too much filling or it will spill out when you fold up the tortilla! Then add your shredded cheese. Now it’s folding time!


You may not fold it properly the first couple of times. But don’t become discouraged. You’ll be just fine as long as you don’t add too much filling. Once you have all your burritos folded, wrap them individually in plastic wrap. Then put all the wrapped burritos in a large freezer bag. And now you have your own homemade frozen burritos!

Note: You can heat them up in the microwave, oven, or toaster oven.



Betcha didn’t know! 😛


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13 thoughts on “Never Buy Frozen burritos Again! Save Money Now! 💰

    1. Oh, thanks so much! I’m truly touched you thought of me after so long. I’m going to decline the award though. Sorry😳. I have such a horrible time trying to nominate other people; everyone on WordPress is so awesome! So instead of becoming an emotional wreck, I’ll just have to skip awards! 😆. But seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart💖. 😁 I accept the award despite the fact.

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  1. Awesome! If you make breakfast burritos, then you have a hand meal to take with you on the way out the door. A tip for new burrito rollers: You really roll the burrito rather than folding it, and it works best if you put the filling on the first third of the burrito then start your folding and rolling. Thinner tortillas are better and you want to start with at least burrito size so you have plenty of room. If you can get to a Mexican store, such as a carniceria, and get fresh home made tortillas, you’ll notice the difference! Love the article!

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