Do I think all illegal immigrants should be sent back?

Hi friends. Hope your weekend went well. I want discuss if I think all immigrants should be sent back home. The answer for me is no. I think the whole situation is sad and unfortunate. The U.S. allowed immigrants to have a free for all with the border. They were given refuge, safety, and resources when they made it over illegally. They were given the dreamers program and were offered illegal jobs from employers. There were no consequences for their actions. Many of them have been here for years. They have set up shop, bought homes, and started families. The damage is done. Yes, there is plenty of undocumented people and families, but it’s inhumane and ridiculous to just start shipping people off who already were ALLOWED to come and set up shop. Immigrants have done nothing wrong! Lol😆! If you are given a free opportunity, wouldn’t you take it? It being illegal was an illusion. That’s why they were often bold enough to march and fight for certain rights. I compare it to being a marching thief. If you knew that being a  robber was illegal, would you get mad and start fighting for your right to steal. Perhaps you wanted to march for store owners not to be able to put security cameras in their stores because you feel like it infringes on your privacy to steal. If you are that bold, stealing being illegal is an illusion. So, no, they should not be shipped back. What they did was legal. But, what I do think should be done is anyone who is “illegal” have two years to get all proper identification. All identification fees will be waived or free; which means no more free rides. If you want to go to school you must have proper paperwork and pay tuition. If you get pulled over you must show identification. You must also have identification for employment. You must pay taxes and have all proper business licences. No public assistance without all documents. Those who don’t have proper paperwork will be denied jobs, education, and services. Why? Because that’s what’s fair. Us Local Americans are demanded to have those things. If you don’t have those things and you are caught in suspicious activity or caught in a crime by law enforcement, you will be investigated and sent back if found guilty. If you are not found guilty, but illegal,  you will be fined a fee for lack of effort to become documented within the two year period. Then you will have a court order to get documented. If you don’t comply, you will be sent back. That’s what I find fair. This is my opinion.

Immigrants need to become fully integrated with society! 


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