You want a better world? Be the change you want to see!

There is hope in the world inside of us. Reflect love and not hate and judgement. The world is a reflection of ourselves. Here is an act of love!


He Pulled a Trapped Driver to Safety

As night fell on July 30, an afternoon rainstorm in Ellicott City, MD, turned into a torrential downpour. When Jason Barnes, 36, the owner of All Time Toys on Main Street, looked out the front door of his story, he saw a small car float into view. “The headlights were on,” he says. “I could tell someone was inside.” He trudged out into the deluge, determined to help the stranded driver. Two fellow shop owners joined him, and the three men grasped forearms to form a human chain from the sidewalk to the car. Jason convinced the driver to climb out of the car window. “I told her she was about 50 feet from being washed down the river,” says Jason. He lifted the woman over the worst of the raging water until she was able to grab the hand of one of the men. Jason insists he helped the way anyone would. “I was just the first link in a very strong chain,” he says.

Betcha didn’t know! 😆
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4 thoughts on “You want a better world? Be the change you want to see!

  1. There are far more stories like this than the ones you see on the news or social media, unfortunately the negative ones get all the press! Keep on posting these wonderful, positive stories!! 🙂

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  2. Amazing! It’s definitely reassuring to see acts of courage and caring towards others in this day and age..most of the time the world seems to be heading to hell in a hand-basket lol. Small world…Ellicott City is like 2 hours from me☺️

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