A World With No Money?

Hi friends! I hear a lot of people these days say that the world would be a better place if money didn’t exist. That food, shelter, and everything should be free. Money is the root of all evil. I personally don’t think that money is evil, I think the person who uses the money with bad intent is evil. Money is merely a tool used for fair exchange. The problem in the world is that money is not being exchanged fairly. Prices for food is not matching it’s value and package size, minimum wage doesn’t match living cost, health care cost is ridiculous, and a college education is unbearable. The solution is to balance out income to cost of living. Not to get rid of money! If everything was free, life as we know it would collapse and a lot of people might not even get out Of bed. Enjoy going to Starbucks in the morning? Well, now Starbucks is closing down because not enough people have motivation to make coffee for 8 hours for free. Enjoy going out to eat? Well now a lot of restaurants are closing down because people are not willing to slave over a hot stove for 8 hours for free. Enjoy the convenience of the grocery store? The variety of foods at your finger tips? Well, that will eventually collapse too. It takes the hard labor of many people to get it to the market. I doubt people will do all that labor for free forever. People seem to forget that all the material things and places we love to go was made possible because of the labor of someone!


Why not just create more jobs, put the cost of things at proper value,  and disburse money fairly.  That’s a win win.  People can sustain their living cost, enjoy the fruit of their labor, and feel better about their jobs. That’s it and problem solved!


Betcha didn’t know! 😃



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