Who is God?

Hi friends! I wanted to give you my personal perspective on who God is to me. I think God is so powerful that he is beyond our human brain. So beyond us that we lower God’s image so our human brain can comprehend him. We give God a persona because that’s the best way to comprehend and wrap our mind around his existence. But I personally feel that God is beyond the human form and experience. Even the bible talk about how Jesus came down as man and not God to get the human experience. To come to us in a form we can recognize and understand. I don’t think that God is a guy sitting in the sky. I think that God is pure existence, consciousness, and energy. God has no gender, color, or race. God is not good or evil. God is not love or hate. God has no specific location. God was never created or born. God can’t be destroyed. God is not happy, mad, or sad. God just is.  All of these things I mentioned are part of the human experience. Duality, polarity, emotions, personality, and being created is all part of human experience. God is beyond human experience! God has no label. God just is. Lol! 😄God just is!  And often we can’t comprehend that. Jesus is the best thing we can understand because God took on an identity. Or we just make statues and molded images to pray to.  So, yes, we often make God in our own image. Then you might wonder why does the bible say that we are made in God’s image? Because we are. Our soul is in God’s image. Our true self.  Our soul is eternal pure self-awareness and consciousness that was torn from God/ source. We don’t have a gender or personality/ ego until we are born into human flesh. Just like Jesus. Yes, God created the human image, but God doesn’t live in the human image. And yes, it’s possible for God to create an image that God doesn’t partake in! And no, God doesn’t have to create an image from something . God just created the human image from scratch. Stop chasing your tail trying to comprehend God and his creation! You don’t have to Meddle in it!


Who created God? Who created who created God, then who created who created them and so on? What color is God? There’s so many races to choose from! Stop it! You can’t catch up with the creator of your brain! 


Betcha didn’t know!😀

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Picture credit: pixabay.com/ giphy/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9mRJyHjqUw/ https://guidedchristianmeditation.com/181/meditation/be-still-and-know-that-i-am-god-the-meaning-of-be-still-will-surprise-you/

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