You can’t receive if you can’t conceive!

Hi friends! Most of us have things that our heart desires. Wether it be good health, more money, or a better home. The problem is that a lot of the things we really want always feel out of our reach. We look at others who have what we want and envy them. We often just give up on our dreams feeling like we just don’t have the tools or know how we need to accomplish our goals. But, despite the fact, we still do one thing hoping it works; and that’s prayer. When we pray, we often beg God, but don’t really have a lot of faith that it will be done. Deep in our hearts we feel undeserving and that it’s out of our range. So, we just hope that God will be merciful and maybe just maybe help us despite the fact. Here’s what the bible say about that:


When you pray, you have to be able to conceive your vision for God to be able to answer that prayer. If it’s God’s will, he will bring opportunities your way to answer that prayer. But if you can’t even conceive such a prayer is truly possible, you won’t even be aware of the opportunities brought your way. So If you feel a prayer hasn’t been answered, perhaps it’s because you’re blocking God’s way from not being able to conceive it to receive it. You have to get out of your low mindset. God truly wants what is best for you. I’ll give you a personal testimony. I have lived in Apartments all my life. I have always dreamed of owning a home. But because of my history, I just never bothered to conceive it. But, it never stopped me from throwing it in my prayers despite the fact. But one day I decided to question myself why I didn’t believe it was really possible. God is beyond my history and maybe just maybe if I get out this low mindset, I can start taking steps to reach my goal. If it’s meant to be, God will meet me half way. So I just started saying, ” I’m going to get this item to put in my new house”, and “when I get my new house.” I talked as if my prayer was already answered. That was my way of rising my faith. But I have to admit, those words rolling out of my mouth sounded so foreign. ” My new house”. 😄 But I said it anyway. But when I said it, my spirit rejoiced and I felt Relieved. And it just felt good to claim it. I started looking for homes and everything. Of course there was a small voice asking me where would I even get the finances from! But I told myself that it wasn’t my part to worry about and God would take care of what I couldn’t. Anyway, a year later, my husband bumped into someone who will help us reach our goal. I am so excited and grateful to God. But, I know none of this would have been possible if I didn’t finally have the bravery to own it and conceive it before hand.

So, what vision are you going to conceive? 


Betcha didn’t know! 😄

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12 thoughts on “You can’t receive if you can’t conceive!

  1. For me it’s a matter of attraction. If you stay asking for (God or whatever you believe in) then you stay in the state of not having, confirming that you don’t have and if you do that you attract what you send out- not having. To get what you want you have to feel that you have it already

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