You are God?

Hi friends! There is a theory that I have been exposed to recently that say we are God. That God is broken into pieces and he is exploring himself simultaneously. This theory is very different then what I’m used to in the Christian faith. So I wanted to give my perspective on this topic. In the bible it does say that God is within us.


Now, since I have mostly studied from the bible, that is the only document I have to back up my personal belief. I wasn’t around when the bible was created, so I can only have faith that what it say is true. But, just in case the bible isn’t completely true, and the work has been tampered with over the hundreds of years, I also use my own inner voice and judgement. I listen to my heart. And I do believe God lives inside of me. I believe we are all torn off of his eternal garment. We are an extension of the source. A good example would be an melting ice cube. God is the ice cube, and we are the water droplets that drip from it.


We are an extension from the source. I believe we were torn off of God to become our own person/ eternal soul. But, if you refreeze the ice, we become one again and there no separation. I don’t believe we are literally looking out of God’s eyes and we are God. But, let’s just say that the theory that we are God is true, we obviously wanted to have the illusion of separation. I don’t think we would create the illusion of separation to walk around claiming to be something we wanted to forget we were. It’s like how our children is an extension of us. Sometimes our child even look like our identical twin. But what if in reality our children is us in a separate form. And we have children so we can get away from just our self. We want that illusion of separation. We want someone to exchange I love you with, to befriend us, and to be grateful for the love and gifts we give and receive. But, our kids kept reminding us that they are us. They never admired or appreciated us because they always  telling us we are one in the same. So now the illusion served no purpose. How can you really enjoy life if you think you are God. How can you truly enjoy the creation of the universe if you think you did it? Despite the fact your human brain can’t even conceive how to make a sun, stars, moon, and so forth! Thinking you’re God only serve the purpose of ego. It only give you an illusion of feeling in control and having power over your life. But when tragedy and crisis hit, the illusion of power is crushed quick! Then that’s when you get off your ego trip and reach for someone or something outside yourself. The universe is an awesome creation, mankind is an awesome creation, The animal kingdom is an awesome creation.


Why not be Relieved of ego and allow yourself to reach outside of yourself and say thank you for creating all of this! Thank you for giving life. 

Betcha didn’t know!😄

Have you enjoyed God’s creation lately?

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4 thoughts on “You are God?

  1. Children carry their parent’s legacy into the future. That’s something I’ve heard a lot as I delve into Ancestry and my Family Tree. You’re on to something. Sometimes our descendants are very much like our ancestors. If we knew more about them we’d see how certain traits perpetuate. The challenge is to see the nature of God within and beyond the human individual. This is why Christians always reference Christ as their example. Other faiths have their examples, too.

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