Are You Possessed By The Green Eyed Monster?

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about jealousy/ envy. This is a strong emotion that God gifted us with that we often misuse. Yes, you read right! This strong emotion is a gift. It wasn’t an emotion that was supposed to torment us, give us low self-esteem, and make us feel unworthy. It’s an emotion that was meant to pull out the best in us. It’s an alarm in us that reveals our deepest insecurities and desires of our hearts. You can learn a lot about yourself by examining those you are jealous of. Let me give you some examples. Perhaps you and your friend is overweight. You both get along perfectly as friends  because you both share the same insecurities of your bodies. But your friend decided to start eating more healthy and started exercising and lost a tremendous amount of weight.


So now you are feeling insecure and jealous of your friend. Misery loves company, and now you have no one to be miserable with. So now you lost a good friend because your envy caused you to lash out at her. You say things like ” You think you are better than me now” and ” You look like a skeleton” ; despite the fact you think she looks great. Instead, the right thing to do would be to notice how her new body makes you feel. Your jealousy really is your heart calling out for you to better yourself also. You’re miserable in your body and it’s time for YOU to make a change! Who else better to help you make that change than your friend! Let her be your help and inspiration! Get tips on how she was able to accomplish her goal so you can too! Before you know it, you both will be sharing in the victory!


Let me give one more example. Perhaps she is now in a new loving romantic relationship. Now you feel jealous and lonely.


Perhaps you never really thought about being in a relationship until you saw the happiness it brought your friend. Instead of trying to sabotage the relationship she’s in, notice how her relationship makes you feel. Perhaps it’s time to open up your heart and get in the dating scene. Maybe the ” I don’t need a man” club is not working for you anymore! If your friend found a healthy relationship, use her relationship as inspiration to move forward in your own love life. She might even know someone she could introduce you to!

This advice goes for anything you are jealous of. Whatever you are jealous of, put it as one of your goals to accomplish! It’s your heart telling you what paths in life it desires. Use the person you envy as inspiration! Watch them and get as many tips and advice from them as possible!


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Get Rid Of The “Bad” Apples?

Hi friends! A lot of us feel that the world would be a better place if we could just get rid of all the “bad” people in the world. If this or that person was more like us, we would have a heaven on earth! Right? I guess that would work if we all could Commit and come to an agreement on what’s defined as perfect behavior. But, we can’t because there is no such thing. The idea of perfection is instilled in each individuals mind. It’s an illusion. Most of the time we don’t even live up to our own standard of perfection. So I have to say it’s very hypocritical to judge others so harshly! And Of course there is taboos that I feel no one should do! And a majority of us would agree that certain things are just unacceptable. But just getting rid of those small groups who perform taboos won’t save the world. We all have taken on the role of judge, and we feel like it’s time to clean house to rid the world of “evil”!


Oh wait! We can’t! Now we are arguing amongst each other. Since the creator of our brain gave us the ability to have free will, and our own unique perspectives, we can’t come to an agreement on good or bad? How? I mean everyone has the bible and ten commandments, right? No, and it’s not that easy. Take a look at the following example conversations:

These people say: “People who spank their children are abusive and evil.”

These people say: “Because no one spanks their children is why people  have become evil. People who don’t discipline is bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “People who eat meat are savages. It’s a life for God sake!”

These people say: “People who don’t eat meat are pushy and don’t want our bodies to be healthy. They are picking animals over human health! They are bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “God only love people of the Christian faith! The rest is bad people going to Hell!”

These people say: “God is love. My Religion/ faith doesn’t teach death or Hell. People like you are bad!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say:” “The death sentence is barbaric! No one should kill anyone! People who believe in that are savages!”

These people say: “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. This person who killed someone deserve to die. People who don’t believe in the death sentence are bad! They have no regard for victims and care more about the bad guy!”

Who is right and who is wrong? 

These people say: “Same sex couples are wrong. God made man and woman. They are going against nature and God does not Love them. They are bad and going to Hell!”

These people say: “People who say God doesn’t love them have no soul. Same sex couples know no gender and you can’t help who you love. People are people. You people who hate them are savages!”

Who is right and who is wrong?

I could go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of examples, but I’m sure you guys get it by now. Some of you couldn’t stomach some deeper examples! But, I suggest you do this exercise with yourself, because you’ll get better at seeing things from other’s point of view. Anyway, who is right? Who is the bad apples that we can get rid of to make a better world? A heaven on earth? The best we can do is feed our ego, put our judge gown on, and live in the illusion of superiority swearing that we are the only ones with the right answer. Or, we can shove each other’s religious answers down each other’s throat. Either way we are still bumping heads and still don’t know who should stay or go because we all are claiming to be right!

2 Corinthians 12:9

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness ” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Are you the ultimate judge of right or wrong? 


Betcha didn’t know! 😆

How do you deal with life’s problems?

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Why I don’t judge other religions

Hi friends! I want to talk about why I personally don’t judge other religions. As humans, we have this little voice inside of us that believe that there has to be something or someone bigger than all of this. There has to be a purpose to this life and our life. And we yearn for love, safety, and to depend on someone bigger and more powerful than us. Our soul has this natural urge to be at one with the source of our breath. Billions of souls all around the world is looking, searching, and yearning for God.


None of us has seen God with our bare eyes. So you, me, and the whole world is going off of faith, traditions, and our heart. God can’t be seen, but can be felt so subtly in our soul and heart. We all swear that our religion is the right one! Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jehovah witness, Mormon, and so on. All of them is different in belief or practice. But the one thing we forget  that we all have in common is that we all are merely trying to connect with our source. Longing for that love, acceptance, and help from our source. The one that we all share just in different ways. And yes, Christians I know the bible say I am a jealous God and their should be no carved images before me. But, it’s not your place to judge them. It’s God’s! All you are doing is placing hate in your heart! And God doesn’t condone hate. It’s a Loop of hate. How do I know? Because hate creates an uneasy feeling inside you. It torments your soul. It causes one to act mean and angry. And anger causes strife on others. At the end of the day, we all are walking by faith. We all are going by word of mouth. Taking a big leap of faith that our religious book and practices is real. That’s all we can do. Christians! Please stop sending other religions to Hell for their personal belief! It’s not your place. A lot of us is merely in a particular religion because we were raised in it. We were taught that particular religion from youth. Do you really think God would destroy someone from lack of knowing? None of us really “know”. We all walk by faith. To think you are only right is only feeding your ego and making yourself feel superior. None of us is superior! We are all down here having a human experience. All having faith that someone or something have our back that’s beyond it all!


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This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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Make your own sports drink! Save money now!

Hi friends! I wanted to give out a money saving tip. Lately I have been seeing the price of Gatorade go up. One bottle cost around $1.60 cents. During the winter it only cost like $0.80 cents per bottle.


So it’s fair to say that stores are taking advantage of Arizona 120 degree weather. But I refuse to pay that amount for Gatorade. Especially since it’s not known to be very healthy. Did you know that you can make your own supply of Gatorade for much cheaper?! This is what you will need:

  • Bottle water. Note: You can also use coconut water for added electrolytes!
  • Oranges, grapefruits, tangerine, lemons or limes. Any citric fruit.
  • Honey or sugar for sweeteners.
  •  Salt ( preferably sea salt or Himalaya pink salt.)

Now this is very simple. I don’t give measurements because you season to your taste. And you make as much or little as desired. Take your cup or gallon of water and squeeze in your citrus fruit. You want citric fruit because it contain electrolytes. Add as much squeezed fruit as you like. Then stir in your sugar or honey to your liking for sweetness. Lastly throw in and stir your pinch of salt. Add salt to your taste. Himalayan pink salt is great for added minerals.  Now drink up!



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You can’t receive if you can’t conceive!

Hi friends! Most of us have things that our heart desires. Wether it be good health, more money, or a better home. The problem is that a lot of the things we really want always feel out of our reach. We look at others who have what we want and envy them. We often just give up on our dreams feeling like we just don’t have the tools or know how we need to accomplish our goals. But, despite the fact, we still do one thing hoping it works; and that’s prayer. When we pray, we often beg God, but don’t really have a lot of faith that it will be done. Deep in our hearts we feel undeserving and that it’s out of our range. So, we just hope that God will be merciful and maybe just maybe help us despite the fact. Here’s what the bible say about that:


When you pray, you have to be able to conceive your vision for God to be able to answer that prayer. If it’s God’s will, he will bring opportunities your way to answer that prayer. But if you can’t even conceive such a prayer is truly possible, you won’t even be aware of the opportunities brought your way. So If you feel a prayer hasn’t been answered, perhaps it’s because you’re blocking God’s way from not being able to conceive it to receive it. You have to get out of your low mindset. God truly wants what is best for you. I’ll give you a personal testimony. I have lived in Apartments all my life. I have always dreamed of owning a home. But because of my history, I just never bothered to conceive it. But, it never stopped me from throwing it in my prayers despite the fact. But one day I decided to question myself why I didn’t believe it was really possible. God is beyond my history and maybe just maybe if I get out this low mindset, I can start taking steps to reach my goal. If it’s meant to be, God will meet me half way. So I just started saying, ” I’m going to get this item to put in my new house”, and “when I get my new house.” I talked as if my prayer was already answered. That was my way of rising my faith. But I have to admit, those words rolling out of my mouth sounded so foreign. ” My new house”. 😄 But I said it anyway. But when I said it, my spirit rejoiced and I felt Relieved. And it just felt good to claim it. I started looking for homes and everything. Of course there was a small voice asking me where would I even get the finances from! But I told myself that it wasn’t my part to worry about and God would take care of what I couldn’t. Anyway, a year later, my husband bumped into someone who will help us reach our goal. I am so excited and grateful to God. But, I know none of this would have been possible if I didn’t finally have the bravery to own it and conceive it before hand.

So, what vision are you going to conceive? 


Betcha didn’t know! 😄

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