A Life Without Obstacles?

Hi friends! Lately I have been thinking about how much I appreciate my life. Every good thing in my life I bask in it. I feel so greatful to God for my blessings as well as how God was there for me in the storm. And oh yes, I’ve been in the storm. But God was an umbrella over me in the storm. God didn’t escape me from the problem, but we had Collaboration in the storm. I still got wet, but God hovered over me to make sure I didn’t drown. I often think about if I would be this happy and greatful without the “bad” times. Haha😄, most likely not. I feel like I truly don’t take my children for granted because I know what miscarriage feel like. I truly appreciate my home because I know what homelessness feel like. I appreciate a warm meal because I know what starvation feel like. I’m blessed to know what it feels like to not have a mother’s love, because now I give my children the very best of me. I look back at the tough times in my life and thank God for them. My enjoyment and appreciation for things in life only amplified. How would we even know what joy felt like if there was no such thing as pain? Perfect example of this is having a spoiled child. Perhaps we had it tough as a kid, so we want to give our kids the easiest life possible. But, lot’s of times that backfires. Why? Because sometimes they turn into a spoiled brat. They complain about not getting the newest phone. They cry like their life is about to end! They never really enjoy much of anything because they just keep chasing for more and more! They have no idea what lack feel like so what is there to appreciate?


And you as the parent have flashbacks thinking about how just one toy on Christmas made your day as a kid! So, you eventually give them tough love and force them to get a job. You stop giving them money and you give them a job mowing lawns in the summer heat. They absolutely hate working, but they actually found much greater appreciation for things. They also learned money doesn’t grow on trees. And, they get to take notice of other’s who have to work to just to eat. So, yes, my hard times has taught me not to be a spoiled brat! I take nothing for granted. And in the past when I did, God took certain things away. And yes, I snapped out of it quick!

Job 1:21: “Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away; Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

Are there hard times that made you more greatful and a better person? 


Betcha didn’t know! 😄

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How do you deal with life’s problems?


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7 thoughts on “A Life Without Obstacles?

  1. Such good words a. Almost exactly how My whole life,, with one exception that I would add. In the last decade after that point as it came to me occurred to me that it wasn’t even about me only learning how to appreciate but me having to go through things so that those who I could minister to would listen to me because nobody wants to hear what you have to say unless you’ve been there

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