Accepting the Death of a Loved One

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been so busy with my family. Also, I haven’t really been moved to write a post. But, this subject has been lingering in my spirit for a while, so I’m going to go ahead and write about it. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we go through on this journey called life. I have lost my mother and grandmother. I loved both dearly. I sometime ask myself why can’t we just live forever? Why is this life only Temporary ? But, I have to admit, that would throw off natures/ God’s natural life cycle.


Planet earth is only so big, so I can only guess that the planet would get pretty crowded. Every time someone dies someone is also born. Which makes total sense. But, who really wants to hear that logic when someone you love has just died. The thought of death still bothers me sometime, but I try to look at it from a positive perspective. We all are unique individuals on a unique journey. God put us all here to complete our own life missions, lessons, and experiences. Some of us complete it quicker than others. When it’s complete, we don’t “die” we just move on to the next phase of life, whatever your personal beliefs lead you to believe. Whether it be heaven, judgement, reincarnation and so on. Either way, our soul must continue on. The best way to accept a loved one moving on is to accept the fact that that loved one doesn’t belong to us. We tend to say “MY” child, parent, spouse, sibling, and relative. And yes, they are part of your family tree in an earthly way. But spiritually, their soul is not yours. When you have a child, you as a mother is merely just a vehicle to get a soul here. A soul can’t enter here any other way, right?


Yes,  some babies and children die, or more properly said, finish this journey quickly. Why? It’s not for us to always know, it’s between God/creator and the soul to know. We as parents are just the vehicles and guardians. We love and protect God’s souls while they are here until it’s time for them to go. Yes, we would love to go before our children, but God still has things for us to accomplish. When I lost my mom as a child, I wondered why God took her and not us both. We were in the car crash together. As a adult, I realize I still had more to do. I was destined to meet awesome people and be the vehicle for 5 beautiful souls. My mother obviously finished her journey and was ready to move on to the next phase of her life. It’s all about trusting God and realizing nobody really ” belong” to us. Yes, we love and enjoy each other company while we are here, and learn from each other, but we must also realize we are each on our own journey and will continue as such for eternity. So if you lose a loved one, say it was nice meeting you, and perhaps we’ll meet again for the next phase. Trust and hope in God for a reunion of your souls!😇


From God we come and  to God we shall return. We are not just our flesh, but souls on a journey! 

Betcha didn’t know! 😇

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30 thoughts on “Accepting the Death of a Loved One

  1. Beautifully put. We best honor our beloved departed by our actions and thoughts. Our parents and relatives contributed to who we are. In memory of that I like to make donations to charities and put the donation in their names. When we live in the hope of our future reunions life does become a journey and we know there is a destination. Faith in God keeps us on course. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

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      1. Thank you. Or perhaps setting aside a day of the week where in your prayers you let God know that anything worthy accomplished on that day is in memory of one who is now departed but not forgotten.

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  2. A beautiful post, I believe totally in all what you have written, I have no fear of death because death is a release. The pain of losing a loved one really hurts because they leave an imprint on our spirits but I don’t doubt at all that we will meet them again someday someday. God Bless you Betcha and welcome back 🌹

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  3. My condolences. It is always painful no matter how much we try to comfort ourselves. When my father passed away someone told me that they all are in a better place than where we are. Since then, I have been telling this to myself. Your post extends this — we will meet again. In another sense, they are still among us because they are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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