How do you deal with life’s problems?

Hi friends! As I constantly say, we only can totally control our inner mind. The problem is we can’t control our outer happenings. So there is so many things that can happen in our day to make us angry. Just when we decided to be happy we lose our car keys and spill coffee on our shirt. Now we are feeling like we are definitely in for a bad day!


But, the Fortune of the news is that you can manipulate any situation you want. There’s always two sides to a coin. The good side and the bad. When you find yourself in a ” bad” situation, calm down and see if can find good in the situation. Yes, I can’t find my cars keys, but perhaps I’m being protected from a potential car accident or something else God doesn’t want me to run into. Also, it’s a good reminder to find a particular place to keep your keys for next time. Yes, you spilled coffee on your shirt, but you can use this as an opportunity to inspire you to keep spare shirts in your bag or car. Or maybe it was time to get a new shirt anyway. Now you find out that your girlfriend wants to breakup. It’s unfortunate, but were you really compatible? Doesn’t this make room for someone who will appreciate you? Or, a loved one finally passed away from sickness. Were they really suffering? Perhaps it’s better to finally give them peace and no pain. My examples can go on forever. Your reactions to life is your Territory . Are you going to let life’s situations rule you, or are you going to rule it? I suggest you grab life by the horns because life will always throw curve balls. Why? Well, not because your life is cruel and unfair itself. It’s because we live on a huge playground called planet earth and it’s full of other’s and their realities. We can’t always escape the influences of other’s or the problems they can inflict on us and our life, but we can definitely decide how we’re going to react and handle outside influences. If you don’t try and look at the up side of your problems, it will overtake you.

You can choose how you interpret any situation. You can choose to become angry or tolerant. 

blue-1998608_640Betcha didn’t know!😃

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This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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37 thoughts on “How do you deal with life’s problems?

  1. Except if you live that way, then you are suppressing emotions instead of actually treating the underlying reasons for your negative response. Also you are robbing yourself of healthy responses like grief (referring to the loved one passing scenario).

    Either way it was well written, and I always enjoy reading views opposed to mine.

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    1. Oh yeah, I wrote a prior post called “Are you afraid of your emotions?” This is merely saying to not just automatically look at every situation from one negative point of view. If you do, you’ll never get out of your slump. So yes, feel. Feel all you want. But, look at the situation from multiple views so you can overcome the situation. That way you don’t drown in it!😆. We actually do see it the same way😊.

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    1. Yeah, I know. But, realistically, when we are in the middle of the actual situation, it’s hard for most people not to define it into a category. So, for relating purposes I put good or bad. But you definitely made a wonderful point and addition! 😆💗

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  2. You have raised a valid point there..We can have no control over the circumstances we are thrown into, but we can definitely have control over our reactions to them. A good message indeed.
    By the way, absolutely loved the last pic!
    Happy Blogging!

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  3. Exactly… life is what you make it… choose to be the best you can be and make the most of every situation. If you search hard enough you can find the rainbow 🤗🤗🤗

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