This daily prompt is weird for me, hopefully I used it right!😆

The memory of you is Symbiosis , you drive me to psychosis, I’m under hypnosis. My mind you rule, I become your footstool, I’m surely a fool. Why can’t you go away, you insist you stay, you hunt me day by day. You’ve now become part of me, never will you flee, inside me you will be. I keep you in my mind, I can’t leave you behind, your love mine all mine. Without your love I will die, I look up into the sky, I wish I could fly. Now God’s angel you are, shine like a star, with me you left a scar. Please get out of my head, I wish I was dead, only if I left instead. You feed off my mind to live, and my life I will continue to give. We co-exist now as one, life for us has begun, this feeling I will no longer shun.


Betcha didn’t know!😉


Photo credit: pixabay com


Copyright©2017 Betcha didn’t know! All rights reserved.


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