Why does life feel so Meaningless , living life so defenseless, life is so senseless. I’m living an endless dream, I search for someone supreme, I look unto the sun that gleam. Does my life have a purpose, it feels like a circus, I continuously run a circuit. God please tell me where you are, maybe you hide in the stars, you can’t be that far! I guess I live to die, angel wings to you I will fly, to this life I say goodbye. I hope you exist, this meaningless life I won’t miss, heaven has to be bliss. To be covered in love, from angels above, this is what I behove.

Betcha didn’t know!😊


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4 thoughts on “Meaningless

  1. “I hope you (God) exist, this meaningless life I won’t miss…” I remember these words (although not exactly the same) uttered by King Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes. That even though he amassed to himself everything this physical world has to offer, he still considers everything utterly meaningless in the absence of God in his life.
    I strongly believe that our life only finds its purpose and meaning in God.
    Well-meaning and lovely post you got here. Two thumbs up!

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