What Does your Inner World/ Mind Consist Of ?

Hi friends! I wanted to give you a basic understanding of our minds and the path to happiness. I see our minds as billions of individual unique universes coming together to co-create on this outer reality called earth. Like I said in a previous post, this outer reality mostly consist of things that other people thought about and manifested into our outer reality. Our life experience comes from within. We have never experienced life from outside of our own body. We only see life from the window of our own eyes. That’s why we have our own perspectives, beliefs, and points of view. A perfect example of unique perspectives is looking at a picture of clouds.


From my point of view I can see a fluffy dog in the clouds. But if you look at the same picture, you’ll probably say where the heck did you see that at?! It’s just
Ordinary clouds. But, that’s my unique perspective. Or perhaps what you see is a face, and I’m left saying, where? This analogy goes with the fact that everything within us is about our personal perspective and experience. No two minds is exactly alike. We all consist of our own personal reality. My question to you is, how do you perceive things in your inner reality? Are you constantly perceiving things in an negative light? Do you never try to perceive things in a good way? Have you created your own inner hell? If so, you have to stop looking outside of yourself for your problems. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. No matter how many people that love and care about us, we have to answer to ourselves first.We only have the medicine for our Symptom . That’s why it doesn’t matter how many people say you should be happy, your inner voice has the last say. When you wake up in the morning, and go to sleep at night, your voice (thoughts) is the first and last one to speak to you. And you’re either allowing it to say positive or negative things to you. If someone was able to crawl inside of your head, what would your inner world consist of? Who would be the greeter at the door?


Is that who would be the greeter? A monster who is ready to devour anyone who is willing to come in?


Is there a whole half a universe in your head that consist of hell? Is there a gate that consist of a heaven, but you won’t allow yourself to enter? Do you often visit your inner hell at night through dreams/ nightmares? If someone was to walk in ,would there be loud voices saying the following:

  • You’re ugly!
  • You’re fat!
  • Nobody loves you!
  • You’re disgusting!
  • Nobody should love you!
  • You’re dum and stupid!
  • You never get anything right!
  • You’ll always be poor!
  • You’ll never get well!
  • You deserve to be sick!
  • You did something to deserve this!

But, there’s this gentle quiet voice coming from that far away gate saying you’re loved , that’s not true, don’t say that, and you’re beautiful? Whoever enters your head would probably be overwhelmed and frightened of the dark side of you and run to the beautiful gate for refuge! Did you know that none of this negative stuff is true? This is only your own twisted perception of your life.  This perception can’t be changed by anybody but you. Understand that there isn’t a line of people in your outer reality that is sharing your sad perception. The only people who share in your perception is those who are also tormented, or those that you convinced  that it’s true.

Are you going to finally run home to the light, or will you allow the monsters/ yourself to keep you chained in the dark? 


Betcha didn’t know!💜

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Photo credit. Pixabay.com

I do not own photos, but I do own articles.

Photo credit.


I do not own photos, but I do own articles.

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