The story of Kitten part 12 (Ending ! )


Tom – “Fine!!!!”

( Tom opened the door.)


Gloria- “Hello Tom.”

Tom- “Gloria! What are you doing here! You’re not following the restraining order!”

Gloria- “Why should I follow the rules when you don’t! You go around town finding hearts to break. You replaced me with Cindy, then you replaced her with that redhead! You’re hilarious! ”

Tom- “What! It’s none of your business who I date! Besides, we didn’t work out, so yes, I moved on! Besides, how did you find me? Are you still stalking me!? ”

Gloria-” I dedicated 4 years of my life to you. Then you just up and left me for Cindy! So yes, I’ve been following you. And I saw the trouble Cindy was causing you; so I killed her for you. You’re not moving on this time. I killed Cindy and now I’m going after your little redhead! She’s not getting in the way of us getting back together either! ”

Tom- “You what!”

Gloria- “Yeah, I walked up behind Cindy and strangled her. Then I put pills in her mouth and hand to make it appear as though she committed suicide. Clever, right? ”

Tom- “Well, they didn’t fall for your suicide plot because they are blaming Kitten and I for it!”

Gloria- “Ha! Oh well, they’re not after me either way! So that gives me time to get your precious little kitten next!”

Tom- “Stay away from her! If you touch her…..”

Gloria- “What!”

(Gloria pulled out a Gun and pointed it at Tom. )


Tom-” Put that away! That’s not going to solve anything. ”

Gloria- “Oh yes it is. It’ll force you to take me to Kitten’s house, so let’s go!”

( Gloria shoved the gun on Tom’s rib.)

Tom- “You’re going to regret this! ”

Gloria- “yeah, Yeah, let’s go! ”

( Tom was lead to his car by gunpoint. She continuously pointed the gun at Tom as he drove.)

Gloria- “Don’t make any slick moves or you’ll be joing Cindy! ”

Tom- “I can’t believe you would go this far to get me back! I’m not going to let you hurt Kitten!”

Gloria-” We’ll see about that! ”

( Tom drove up to Kitten’s house. Gloria lead him out the car at gunpoint. Tom knocked on Kitten’s door while still having a gun shoved to his back. Kitten opened the door looking confused. )



Kitten-” Tom why are you here? And who is she behind you? ”

Tom- “Ummm…….”

Kitten- “Tom! Say something! ”

(Gloria pointed the gun at kitten.)


Kitten- “Oh my God! ”

Gloria- “Soooo you’re the one Tom left Cindy for. Did you know that Tom left me for Cindy? ”

Kitten- “No. But I think I can tell why.”

( Gloria pistol whipped Kitten. Kitten fell down onto the couch on the porch.)


Tom- “Kitten! Look Gloria! This is between us; leave her alone.”

Gloria-“There is no us as long as she exist.”

Kitten- “Look, I don’t want him! Take him. He’s not worth my life!”

Gloria- “I wish it was that easy. Cindy said the same thing before I killed her.”

Kitten- “You killed …….”

Gloria- “Yes! Look, you seem like a nice girl; don’t be fooled. Just like he left me for Cindy, he’ll leave you. I really wish I didn’t have to kill you, it’s just that I need everyone out the way so Tom and I can start over. It’s nothing personal. ”

Tom-” You’ll never have me!”

( kitten quickly jumped up and kicked the gun out of Gloria’s hand when she was looking back at Tom.)



( Tom quickly grabbed Gloria from behind as Kitten picked up the Gun and pointed it at her. Gloria had a look of panic.)


Tom- “Kitten call the cops! ”

( Gloria started crying as Kitten Grabbed her cell.)

Gloria-” Tom don’t do this! I love you…..I just want things to go back to the way it used to. When you loved me. I Never meant to hurt you. ”

Tom-“Do you think that I could possibly forgive you after this! You’re crazy! Look, what we had was in the past. you’ve always had a bad temper and obviously things with you hasn’t changed.”

Gloria-  “please! ”

( Gloria then quickly head butted Tom from behind and ran towards Kitten. Just when Gloria got close, kitten pistol whipped Gloria and she fell to the ground unconscious.)


Tom- “kitten! ”

( Kitten stood over Gloria body)

Kitten- “One turn deserves another! ”

( The police drove up and ran up to the porch.)


Tom- “Thank God you guys are here! She tried to kill us! She’s the one who killed Cindy! ”

Officer-” I’ll have to take you all in! Put your hands up! ”

( Gloria woke up and sat up.)

Gloria- “I’m going to kill you!!!!!!”

( Just when Gloria was going to get up, the cops knocked her back down.)

Officers- “Get down! You’re under arrest! ”

Kitten- “See, we told you. She’s the one hostile! ”

Officer- “Fine. You’re lucky. ”

( The paramedics drove up and ran up to the porch.)


Paramedics- “Are you guys okay? ”

Kitten- “I was pistol whipped. But I guess okay other than that. ”

( As the Paramedics treated kitten, you could hear Gloria screaming in the background as the cops were taking her away.)

Gloria- “You’re going to pay for this Tom!!! Both of you! I promise! ”

Tom- “haha! Her big mouth has always gotten her in trouble! ”

Kitten- “Why are you always dating crazy women? And now I’m questioning myself!? Haha! ”

( Tom leaned over to give her a kiss.)

Kitten- “Not so fast! I’m not happy with you! This girl came out of the blue. You have a lot of explaining to do! How do I know there’s not someone else hiding? ”

Tom- “I promise it’s not! ”

(Tom’s dad and Kitten’s Mom walked up.)


Tom’s Dad- “What on God’s green earth is going on here!? ”

Mom- ” Yeah, there’s Police, ambulance, and blood! Kitten what happen to you?! ”

Kitten- “let’s go inside, Tom has a lot to explain! Right Tom!?”

Tom- “Ummm, right! Haha! ”


3 years later


Tom- “See, I told you there was no one else. This is 0ur 3 year aniversary and we’re only growing stronger.”

Kitten-“Yeah, I was really seriously deciding to call it quits after Cindy’s death. Then when Gloria showed up, I just couldn’t take it! ”

Tom- “Yeah, but DNA test showed Gloria killed Cindy. My hands were clean. She was sent to prison and everything has been peaceful ever since. There were no more women! ”

Kitten-” Well, true. But it’s still taken me time not to be skeptical of you and your past. But you have proved to be worthy over the years. Haha! I can’t believe our parents got married too.


But, luckily now my mom has someone besides me to count on! Now I can move on with my life! ”

Tom-” You mean our life right?! ”

Kitten-” Right! ”



Tom and kitten were meant to be after all! Things were a rollercoaster in the beginning with Cindy’s jealousy, her death, and Gloria’s mysterious appearance. But all worked out in the end, and now it’s smooth sailing ! Especially with Tom and Kitten’s bundle of joy on the way! And they lived happily ever after!!!😊

Thanks for reading my story guys! That was my first time writing a story for others to read.  I had fun writing it. It was flawed considering my amateur writing, but you guys hung in there and enjoyed it just the same. Thank you😉. 

Betcha didn’t know! 😊

Read part 11 here👇

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22 thoughts on “The story of Kitten part 12 (Ending ! )

  1. Here are a couple of helpful websites. I’m on iPad at the moment, so can!t give you full URLs, but if you google these you should find them.
    Nicholas C Rossis
    Chris, the Story Reading Ape
    Sahara Foley has some useful sites on her website too.

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  2. Well done. A very good first story. Keep it up. Every one will get better than the last. Read blogs by other authors for suggestions about the practicalities of writing, and you will get better and better. Then think about a novel.

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