Did You know That You Are A Magician? Start Manifesting Now!

Did You know your mind is a very powerful tool. So powerful that our whole existence is locked into our brain. Not someone else’s, but ours. We can’t jump from brain to brain in other people. Our brain is our consciousness/ world. We so often try to exist outside of our own brain/ consciousness. But guess what! We can’t control other people or all of the circumstances that happen outside of ourselves. And we drive ourselves crazy trying! You can’t, so just control your own brain/ reality, okay? Don’t believe your whole existence is in your head? Okay, Cover your ears, close your eyes, and imagine your touch, taste, and smell is gone. Also, imagine that you’re paralyzed too! Now what do you have left?  You might as well be a rock. But, one of the only things left working is the part of your brain that’s in control of your consciousness, right? So despite being in this paralyzed state with no outer senses, you still have this inner world going on in your brain/ head.  And right now you’re imagining yourself smelling flowers and you can even imagine the odor.


Despite not being able to interact with the outside world, you’re still living and controlling things in your head. So my point is, don’t stop controlling your existence just because you can see and sense your surroundings. You are not your surroundings. When you observe the outside world, you are merely appreciating and observing other peoples appearance, creation, and ideas/ imagination. Everything you see is someone else’s idea and creation. The table, chair, television, shoes, Shirt, your house, car and so on and so on! Even your job is the result of someone’s else’s imagination. If you work at McDonald’s, you’re living someone else’s idea that they manifested into their outer reality. McDonald’s merely started out as something in someone’s mind. We all have the power to manifest ideas into reality. That’s a God given gift. Most of the time we don’t take advantage of that power because we are impatient, lack faith,  and we think that only outside influences control us. We want to be like the magicians we see on tv and tap our magic wand and BOOM! There it goes! There’s our new house! No, sorry, that’s only on tv! In this reality, our brain is our magic wand. Notice MAGI in imagination. MAGI comes from magic. Our brains encompass the magic. Once we imagine what we want, all we have to do is take the steps to manifest it into reality. How long the manifestation take to manifest depends on how many steps has to be taken to accomplish your goal, your patience, faith, and determination. McDonald’s wasn’t an overnight success. It took time. First the owner had to create the vision of McDonald’s in his head, then he proceeded by  investing money to get it built, hiring people, deciding the menu and much more. Creating a business takes time and work. But, after years and years of dedication, McDonald’s is one of the biggest franchises in the world. Disneyland too. Disneyland was merely just a thought ( imagination. ) So, using those examples should remind you just how powerful our mind/ imagination is. Write down all your thoughts and make a  Record of all the things you want to manifest. Once you have written down everything, pick out one you want to work on first. Doing one at a time will allow you to put all your thought, time ,and resources into it allowing for better results. And everytime you accomplish one, check it off. Start off small first. The first goal I recommend is learning to be positive.Because if you are under depression or anxiety, you can’t manifest anything. You have to be positive and believe anything is possible!  Do this and you’ll start to see just how in control you’re of your personal world!

Are you going to waste your God given gift? What are you going to manifest? 


Betcha didn’t know!😆

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