How To PursueYour Life’s Purpose

Hi friends! I wanted to talk about living your life’s purpose. If you are stuck doing things in your life that you’re not happy with, you’ll naturally be miserable. Your life should fit together like a perfect puzzle. If you try to fit pieces of yourself into areas that don’t belong, you will have constant struggle. I believe we all come to this earth with specific tasks we are supposed to complete and gifts and talents to share. Have you ever thought about death and then said to yourself that you can’t die yet; You still have so much more you need/ want to do? It’s like subconsciously we know God assigned us things to do and we won’t be at rest until it’s complete. I’ve noticed some people that are like 90 and up that seem to be more content with dying. They don’t seem to be so anxious about their life’s purpose like us younger people do. They seem to just want to retire, relax, and live out their last days in peace. It’s like they know a lot has been accomplished already. So now you’re probably asking yourself what is your life’s purpose.


This is quite easy to answer. What is your favorite hobby? If you only had one day left on earth to enjoy any hobby of your choice, what would it be? Is there a hobby you love so much that you would do it without pay? Art, golf, singing, writing, basketball, gaming, reading? The list can go on and on! We often overlook our life purpose because we let our desire for financial stability to take front seat. When we are growing up, we are often given a list of jobs to choose from based on income potential. Like doctor, lawyer, athlete, banker and etc.


And when we don’t personally feel fulfilled after picking out one of those preselected jobs, we feel confused because our life’s purpose is to get a job/ career that makes a lot of money right?


Or, perhaps you didn’t have the time or resources to get a high paying job, so now you’re stuck working at McDonald’s asking yourself how did you get stuck there! How? Because you were so stuck in survival mode, you didn’t think much about what you really wanted to do. Because hey, we have bills to pay, who has the time to make money off a hobby, right? Well….. Actually yes, you’re right. Some hobbies don’t make as much as others. But, if you are strategic, you can have your dream job.

Say for example you work at McDonald’s, and after work you love to make dolls.


You have a whole collection of dolls you have made in your spare time. It’s just your hobby so you’ve never considered making money off of it; despite the fact you are quite talented at it. And if I suggested you make money off of it, you would laugh it off and say that you couldn’t possibly sell enough dolls to cover your bills. It’s better left off as a hobby. Well, yes that’s true for now. Just picking up and leaving your day job to sell dolls would definitely be a bad idea. Because you’re right, it won’t cover your bills. But….that doesn’t mean that it won’t cover your bills eventually. Our problem is that it’s hard to picture ourselves not getting instant gratification and income. It’s hard to picture ourselves giving out free time or charging little as an amateur. But, like with anything else in life, things take time. Overnight success is very rare. The best thing to do would be to sell your dolls to neighbors, rent a booth over the weekend, or sell it on ebay while working at McDonald’s. Yes, sells might be slow at first, but over time, sells will eventually increase more and more. When you use your God given talent, God provides opportunities in due time. But, you have to be willing to take the first steps. You have to be willing to make sacrifices here and there. You have to believe God will properly reimburse your work eventually. You have to give some to get some. Perhaps you will have to sell your dolls below market value at first just to wet consumers appetite and get your name around. Eventually God will provide you with the income you deserve and then some if you’re patient. And this same logic/ strategy goes for any other hobby. Persistence, faith, patience, sacrifice!

Don’t let your Dream job be an
AbstractΒ thought, make it reality!


Betcha didn’t know!πŸ˜†

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16 thoughts on “How To PursueYour Life’s Purpose

  1. Great post !
    I like the analogy you have used: making dolls for a living πŸ™‚
    I think everybody has special talent or Super-power. it’s just a case of finding out what it is πŸ™‚

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  2. It is far more important to have a job you have a passion for than one that pays top dollar … in an ideal world you find one that provides both!

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  3. My passion is justice. If I’m not playing sports while pursuing my passion, I’m not happy. If I’m not pursuing my passion while playing sports, I’m still not happy. If I’m not doing either, I’m miserable. But this choice is my own, not anyone else’s to choose for me. I hate it when people think they know what’s best for my life.

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