Forgive yourself already!

Hi friends! I hope you have been trying to put those bags down already. But, I know that’s it’s easier said than done. Believe me I know. Getting your life back on track is a journey. A beautiful journey! So I want to help you kick those bags to the curve!


Let’s start out with forgiveness. That’s a word that was a huge pill for me to swallow. I couldn’t forgive myself, or others. And believe it or not, God made our natural nature to be loving and content; that’s why when we hold a grudge against ourselves or other’s, it’s a painful burden on our spirit. It makes us feel guilt for feeling the emotion of  unforgiveness, but yet we feel so justified for having it. If someone hurt you, you have every right to feel dissapointed and angry. The problem is that we carry that emotion of that time with us forever! Or, you may have done something you feel guilty about; and It’s alright to feel guilt at that moment of time because that is our concious ( a natural instinct) that tells us that we are doing wrong and we need to correct our actions. But guilt wasn’t ment to be carried with you throughout life. That’s why I’m sorry and forgiveness was created! Now, let’s do an exercise. I want you to Ruminate on this.

Picture a tunnel.


There is this bright light that shine so bright that it hurts your eyes. As you shield your eyes you hear this soft loving voice say come. The closer you walk, the more you feel this intense radiation of love. So much so, that you start to smile despite feeling afraid of not knowing whose there. When you make it out the tunnel, picture yourself in a place of beauty and comfort.


This place could be out in the country, beach, mountains, open field, or even a loved ones house. As you arrive into the environment, you feel overtaken by love. You feel this feeling of joy rush over you! You know, the kind of joy you would feel if you won the lottery!😆 Then this soft loving voice from your creator/ whoever you believe is your higher power say,  welcome back home. I’ve been watching you in your life. As you’ve grown, learned, and explored, you have been really hard on yourself. I know you have at times felt alone, but I was there right with you all along. When I sent you into the world, you knew nothing. You were just a clean sheet of paper to be written on.


And so many people have left a mark on your life. Your parents, family, friends, and strangers. Marks that you didn’t write down on yourself. And in response to those marks that people have left, you did and said things that you regret, resent, and punish yourself for. But I didn’t send you out into the world a  clean slate to persecute you; I gave you freewill to live, learn, make choices, and make mistakes. Mistakes to help you grow, learn from, and become the man or woman you aspire to be. You’re a product of all those who left a mark on your life. But it doesn’t define who you are as my child/ human being.Some good and some bad marks have been left on your mind and heart. But don’t blame yourself for anything. You’re merely a student in this life. I view you as an innocent child that is learning. If you don’t like the choices you made for that day, I blessed you with another day to start over and make another choice. I wanted you to experiment with choices until you found the desired one. Did you know I wasn’t mad at you when you felt you made the wrong choices; despite you being mad at yourself. Did you know I was cheering you on, viewing you like a baby learning to walk through life?


Everytime you fell/ made “bad choices”, I put out my hand to pick you up and said let’s try again. Let’s keep going! And I asked you what did you learn from that choice. You’re my child and I love you. I don’t punish you for your “mistakes” so neither should you. Now say it with me. It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, it never will be my fault. I’m only a student of life. I will no longer be hard on myself or others when mistakes are made. I will only soak in God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion. I will also share this same love, forgiveness, and compassion to myself and others. Feel loving arms being wrapped around you. Now before you leave, put the bags down and hand them over to me.


All of your mistakes are in this bag.  I’m going to burn them and they will no longer exist!


These mistakes/ “sins” are gone! Now open your eyes and treat today like the glorious day it is! You have more exploring and choices to make!

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7 thoughts on “Forgive yourself already!

  1. Wow this is what my pastor spoke on Sunday we are born with nothing and leave with nothing and how he’s done several funerals including many from our church and staying with the funeral staff after family has been dismissed and watch them take off the deceased rings earrings bracelets watches necklaces and glasses put them in their pockets to give back to the families later. We leave with nothing!!!!

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