The Story of Kitten Part 11

Tom– “Cindy!!!”


Kitten– “What just happen? I came here to fight her, and now she’s dead? What’s going on here?! ”

Tom– “I have no idea! ”

Police– “Sir, do you know the victim? ”

Tom– “Umm…yes. I was her ex- boyfriend. ”

Police– “Do you know who could have done this? Did she have any enemies? ”

Tom-” Umm….no…..I mean we have been seperated for only a few days now. I don’t remember her having any enemies. ”

Police-” Do you think you could come into the station for some questioning? ”

Tom-” Look, I don’t have anything to do with this.”

Police– “I’m sure you don’t. But we really need to get to the bottom of this. And who is she with you? ”

Tom– “My girlfriend. She’s innocent too. ”

Police– “We’re only going to ask a few questions. We’ll need to have you both come in. We really appreciate your cooperation. ”

Kitten– “This is just great! ”


( kitten and Tom was taken in for questioning. As they walked in the station, they noticed Cindy’s parents crying. Tom and kitten was taken to separate rooms for questioning.)

Detective Ross- “Hi, I’m detective Ross. I wanted to ask you to give us any information you have on Cindy’s murder. ”


Kitten– “I don’t know anything! ”

Detective Ross-” let’s start with this question. Why were you and Tom at the park? Did you know she was going to be there? ”

Kitten– “Look, I knew she was going to be there. Cindy and I fought over Tom on the phone. Eventually it turned into us agreeing to meet up to fight. That’s it! ”

Detective Ross– “So you did have hostility towards Cindy.”

Kitten– “Yes. But if you look through her call record, you’ll see that she died shortly after we got off the phone. ”

Detective Ross– “We’ll definitely check into that. Do you suspect Tom did it?”

Kitten– “No, he was with me the whole night. We showed up together. ”

Detective Ross– “It doesn’t help Tom that she accused him of abuse not long before she died. ”

Kitten– “Despite the fact, he wasn’t there and you can’t change that.”

Detective Ross- “Perhaps you guys had someone else do the dirty work.”

Kitten– “Good luck with that. You’re not going to find anybody that we hired. Either way, you might as well let us go. You won’t find Tom and I DNA or fingerprints on the crime scene. ”

Detective Ross– “Welp, thanks for answering our questions. You can go now. But just know this, if you guys did it, we will find out!

(Kitten walked out the door with a look of frustration on her face. Detective Ross walked out the door and headed for Tom’s room.)

Detective Ross– “Hi Tom, I’m detective Ross. ”

Tom– “Look! It wasn’t me okay. I was with Kitten all night! The girls got into an argument over me on the phone, and then I simply was giving Kitten a ride so they could sort things out in person. I have nothing to hide! ”


Detective Ross- “Why were they arguing over you? ”

Tom– “Because I left Cindy for Kitten. ”

Detective Ross– “Hmmm…….”

(They were interrupted by a knock on the door. )

Tom’s lawyer– “Excuse me, I’m Mr. Cook Tom’s lawyer. I would like to be present for questioning. Tom you didn’t say too much already did you?”

Tom– “No, I just told the truth.”

Detective Ross-” Tom you can go, I’ve heard enough. We’ll do an autopsy and DNA testing on Cindy and get back to you.”

( Tom got up and busted through the door with anger. Kitten was sitting down crying with her mom and Tom’s dad . )

Tom-” Kitten! Are you okay? ”

Kitten– “No! I’m not! ”

(kitten got up and busted out the door of the station.)

Tom– “You’re not claiming that I have something to do with this are you? ”

Kitten– “I don’t know! All of this is starting to get too crazy even for me now! Maybe we should take a break.”

Tom-” Are you kidding me! I need you more than ever now! ”

Kitten-“Whoever this mystery killer is could come after me. I feel like you’re hiding something from me! ”

Tom– “I’m just as confused as you are! You have to believe me!”

Kitten– Goodnight Tom.

Tom– Kitten!!!!!

( Kitten walked off with her mom and got in the car, and then drove off.)

Tom’s Dad- “Tom let her go, she just need time. All of this is a lot to soak in for us all. But if you’re hiding something, it’s best to reveal it now; murder is serious. ”

Tom-“There’s nothing! ”

( Tom started walking down the street.)

Tom’s Dad– “Where are you going! Get in the car!”

Tom-“I’ll walk home! ”

( After a two hour walk, Tom made it home. He went inside his apartment and flopped on the bed. Then there was a knock on the door.)



Tom– Go away dad!



Tom– Come on!

( Tom finally got up.) 

Tom– Fine!!!!

( Tom opened the door.)


Things haven’t gotten any better. Could things be getting worse? Is kitten done with him? And most of all, who is this woman at Tom’s door! Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😆


Read part 10 here👇



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