Are you going to let negative energy and thoughts bully you?

Hi friends! I wanted to do this article because I felt the desire to share this enlightened moment with you guys. For those of you who suffer from anxiety and depression, I hope that you find this useful. During most of my life, I would consume myself with bad thoughts; mostly because of bad past experiences. So because of those memories, I became/ become my own worst enemy. People around me like family and friends also would confirm/ feed me my own fears along with new ones. Everyone along with myself was so sure that these fears would come true. I mean deep inside my soul I was convinced that I lacked things such as love and safety. Perhaps we can use superstitions as examples. I was told don’t you ever open an umbrella inside the house or it’ll bring bad luck.


Did you know that I became terrified to open an umbrella inside the house. Lol! I believed it. Then, as soon as something ” bad” happened in the same day, I swore it was the umbrella!πŸ˜‚ Everything that happened that day I didn’t like was the umbrella’s fault; despite the fact that all the things in my day I claimed to be “bad” would have happened anyway, and perhaps I created extra problems also because of my bad attitude. Think about how we manifest a bad day for ourselves. Why? Because we strongly believe in the bad. So much that it creates anxiety and depression. We allow this negative energy to consume us.


Hi, I’m the little voice that want to dominate your thoughts. I want to tell you that nobody loves you, you deserve to be sick, and you will lose your job! Hahaha! I feed off of you!


What a jerk right! Seeing that negative energy in the physical Β I bet makes you want to punch it right in the face, right? I mean, who do they think they are talking to you like that!? You say how dare you, right? Well, guess what! You let them talk crap to you and bully you everyday! So How do you get your power back? By telling them to shut up, your speaking now! What if we found the courage to take our happiness back? What if we told this negative energy it’s not going to dominate our thoughts anymore!Β  You’re going to use that same powerful energy for good! That same strong energy that gave you anxiety and depression will be used to manifest joy and laughter and good things into your life!


If you can strongly believe that you are going to lose a job, why can’t you strongly believe you’re going to keep your job and be prosperous. Why? Because you are a great worker and you know your worth. But Betcha! What if I think positive and I lose the job anyway? Well, Because you knew your worth, perhaps it’s time for that job to move out the way to make room for a better job that Makes more money or help you find your passion! Betcha! I found a new job, but it’s not better! Perhaps you should be patient. You might be bumping into someone at that job who will introduce you to the better job! Betcha! You were right! I met a really good friend there. Turns out, their uncle was looking for a wedding planner, but didn’t have the proper funds for one. So, I charged a small fee as an amateur. I always had a desire to plan weddings, but was never given an opportunity. Long story short, that one opportunity inspired me to move forward on my dream of becoming a self -employed wedding planner! Did you see how continuing to expect positive brought positive? Not giving up on the journey because you believed it was going to manifest good eventually. But, had you believed that you was going to lose your job, and you did, the old you would have gone into a funk. Perhaps you would have ended up at the same job, but you were so depressed about losing your old job, that you weren’t very positive to be around at your new job. The boss sensed your negative energy, so you lost that job too. Did you know because of that, you missed meeting that new friend that gave you that life changing opportunity!


Hi! I’m your positive energy! I believe that you are going to manifest good things into your life! You are loved, beautiful, and adored.Β 

Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to let manifest things in your life? Who is your friend? Will you let it manifestΒ Desire or Doubt?

Betcha didn’t know!😍


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27 thoughts on “Are you going to let negative energy and thoughts bully you?

  1. Greatly written and talking about negative thoughts, one can busy himself/herself so that the person does not even get time to think negatively and try to see the positive in everyone and everything πŸ™‚ I am right, right?

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  2. Fantastic blog post !
    People are too quick to give in to negativity. The brain is built for survival and likes to revert back to a fear based mentality. It’s also important to realise the ‘fear’ also has positive intentions. It wants to keep you safe and uses fear to do this.
    It is great that you have trained your brain towards a positive, abundant mindset that works for you.
    Dave πŸ™‚

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  3. Your not the only one that beats or use to beat themselves up. it’s always easier to be negative! BUT now that I am a couple of eons older – POSITIVE thinking is the way to go. Keep that positive energy moving around you. People think I’m nuts. I tell them I am BONKERS! Then they have to worry about what BONKERS means! Keep smiling and the world will wonder what you are up to!!!! β˜ΊπŸ˜‰β˜ΊπŸ˜Š

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