The Story of Kitten part 10


Kitten-” Mom, calm down! Why are you screaming!?”

Mom– “Get over here now!!!”

Kitten– “Okay, okay! ”

Tom– “Something wrong?”

Kitten– “Yeah, but I don’t know what. I need to get home right away.”

Tom’s Dad– “I’ll give you kids a ride. Put your bike in the back of the truck.”

Kitten-” Okay, thanks. My mom was screaming so let’s hurry! ”

( They all jumped in the pickup truck and rushed off to Kitten’s house. When they finally arrived, Kitten’s mom was crying on her knees outside. Kitten, Tom, and his dad jumped out the truck.)


Mom– “No!!!!!! No!!!!!!”


Mom– “Someone killed my cat! Someone killed my baby! They left me this sick note too!”

( Kitten’s mom kneeled down over the cat’s dead body.)


Kitten– “Mom, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe this is happening. What did the note say? ”

Mom– “Your little Kitten is next! ”

Tom– “Can I please see the note? ”

Mom– “And you! You! You stay away from me and my daughter! ”

Tom’s Dad– “Hey! That’s my son you’re talking to like that. He didn’t do anything! And I don’t appreciate you getting my son in trouble!”

Mom- “Your son deserved what he got!”

Kitten– “Mom!”

Tom- “Okay, okay! Look, I didn’t hurt your daughter. Kitten told you that herself! Give me the note so I can see if it’s Cindy’s handwriting. ”

(Kitten’s mom threw the note to Tom.)

Tom– “Oh yeah! This is Cindy’s handwriting. I’m so sorry, I feel completely responsible for this. If there’s anything I can do……”

Mom-“The only thing I want you to do is get out of our lives! ”

Kitten– “Mom, you’re mad at that wrong person. You should be mad at Cindy. Snap out of it! She just killed your cat, not Tom.”

Tom’s Dad– “Look, I understand all of this is hard to swallow. And you have my condolences concerning your cat, but you have to remove the wool from your eyes. I’m upset too. My innocent son was placed in jail. I could be mad at your daughter and say it’s her fault what happened to him, but I’m not. Tom and kitten being together is not a crime; what Cindy is doing is the crime. Don’t you see Cindy is out for revenge?!”

(Cindy’s mom looked down in embarrassment.)

Mom– “You’re right. I’m sorry Kitten and Tom. I guess deep down I am jealous of the relationship. It’s just that Kitten is all I have and I don’t want anyone to take her away. I guess I was hanging on to any excuse to be mad at Tom.”

Kitten– “Mom, I love you. I’ll always be here for you regardless of who I’m with.”

(Kitten hugged her mom.)

Tom- “You have nothing to be sorry about. You love your daughter. The most important thing right now is to protect Kitten. After the things Cindy has done, I don’t know what more she will do.”

Tom’s dad– “I agree with Tom. Tom and kitten both need to be careful. How about I take you out for a cup of coffee to get your mind off of things. Tom can stay here with Kitten and watch over her.”

Mom– “I’m too exhausted to go anywhere. And it’s way pass my bedtime. But I don’t mind if you join me for a cup of coffee inside the house  before I go to bed. ”

Tom’s Dad– “Sounds good.”

( Kitten and Tom smirked at each other. They all headed inside the house.)

Kitten– “I’m exhausted too. I need to go to bed.”

Tom– “Can I stay here overnight?  I really don’t feel comfortable leaving Kitten alone.”

Mom-“Yes, but you’re sleeping on the couch buddy! I run a Christian household here! ”

Tom– “Oh, of course!”

Tom’s dad– ” Don’t worry, I’ve raised a complete gentleman. I’ll be heading home after my coffee.”

Kitten-“Haha! Goodnight Tom. ”

Tom– “Goodnight Angel face.”

(Tom made himself comfortable on the couch and Kitten went off to bed.)

Mom– “How do you like your coffee Mr. Cooper?”

Tom’s Dad– “Black with a dash of sugar and cream.”

Mom– “Here’s you coffee Mr. Cooper.”

Tom’s Dad-” Why thank you. ………”

Mom– “Linda.”

Tom’s Dad– “Yes, it’s nice to meet you Linda.”

( Mr. Cooper and Linda ended up talking about their lives and children for hours. The conversation lasted until sunrise.) 

Mom – “Wow, I can’t believe we talked all night! I guess I really needed to vent. I really had a great time. ”

Tom’s Dad-“Talking to you has truly been a pleasure. I have to admit that I had a lot to vent too.But I really must be going.”

Mom– “Oh, of course.”

Tom’s Dad– “I better wake Tom up. Get up sleepy head!”

Tom-“Huh?! Oh, dad, what are you doing here? ”

Mom– “Your dad and I got caught up talking.”

Tom’s Dad– “Haha! Yeah!”

Tom– “Oh…….”

( Tom’s cell phone ringed)

Tom– “It’s Cindy! Should I answer? ”

(Kitten sleepily walked out the room.)

Kitten– “Yes, Answer! In matter of fact, I’ll answer!”

(Kitten snatched the phone out of Tom’s hand.)

Kitten– “Hello!”

Cindy– “Who is this? ”


Kitten– “I think you know who this is you trouble making tramp! ”

Cindy-” I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”

Kitten– “There’s nothing to talk about! Stay away from Tom, my family, and me! If not, or else!”

Cindy– “Or else what?! I have no problem making your life worse; so try me! Do you think I was going to let you take Tom from me and you get away with it that easy! ”

Kitten-” I’m not taking this anymore. You already threatened my life, so let’s see if you have the balls to do it! ”

Mom-“Kitten! ”

Cindy– “Ha! Meet me at Maricle Park In an hour! Let’s see if you actually show up. You’ve already seen how cruel I can be by what you saw I did to your mom’s cat! You ruined my life, so I’m going to ruin yours!”

( Cindy hung up.)

Kitten– “Ughhhhh!!!!!”

Tom– “Kitten calm down. Please don’t do this!”

Tom’s dad- “Let’s just call the cops. ”

Mom-” I agree with him! You can’t just go over there trying to fight her, she’s dangerous. Let the police sort this out.”

Tom– Your mom is right.

Kitten– “Everyone just stop it! She crossed the line threatening my family. As long as we show fear, she won’t let up. Besides, I can’t let her get away with killing your cat mom.”

(Kitten rushed out the door.)

Mom– Kitten! Kitten!!!

Tom– Don’t worry, I’ll go with her and stop her!

Tom’s dad– Call the police!

( kitten jumped on her bike.) 

Tom– No! I’m going with you. Jump in the truck.

( Kitten and Tom speeded off to Maricle Park in Tom’s dad truck.)

Tom– “You know you don’t have to do this. I really wish you wouldn’t! ”

Kitten-“She’s not pushing us around anymore!”

( Tom and Kitten didn’t speak during the trip.Tom drove into the park and parked the truck. Kitten jumped out and Tom followed behind her.) 


Kitten– Oh my God !


Tom– Cindy!!!


Things just took a total left turn! Tom and Kitten found Cindy dead! Did she kill herself, or is there someone else in the picture? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😆

 Read part 9 here👇

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