The Story of Kitten part 9

Mom-“Kitten we have to talk! ”


Kitten– “Why are you yelling? What’s wrong.”

Mom– “I don’t want you seeing Tom anymore! His ex-girlfriend told me everything! Why were you trying to hide all of this from me!?”

Kitten– “What do you mean everything?! She came by here? ”

Mom– “Yes! Tom busted her lip and bruised her face when he told her he was leaving her for you. So she came here to warn us that Tom is abusive and to stay away from him.”

Kitten– “Don’t believe what she tells you, she’s crazy. She was parked in front of the house earlier trying to intimidate Tom and I. As soon as we noticed her, she drove off. I can’t believe she came back when we left! ”

Mom-“Look, I know you love Tom, and I know you don’t want to believe it, but Cindy had the bruises to prove it.”

Kitten– “She didn’t have those bruises when I saw her in the car. She obviously did it to herself!”

Mom-“Ha! Let’s get real Kitten, there’s no reason for her to go that far. Why don’t you get the Glitter out of your eyes. She didn’t even want to press charges. I had to convince her to because she didn’t want to see him get in trouble!”

Kitten– “Wait a minute, you did what!? You can’t get him arrested, he didn’t do anything!”

Mom– “What is wrong with you and Cindy?! Both of you want to protect him. What spell has he got on you both?! ”

Kitten– “I’m not protecting him! I saw her face with my own eyes! She wasn’t bruised earlier. Are you really going to believe a stranger over your own daughter!?”

Mom-“Yes, because I saw her bruised face with my very own eyes. And I know you love him so much that you were willing to steal him away from her. But, despite the fact, I can’t let you continue to see him! ”

Kitten– “I can’t believe this. I bet you didn’t like him from the start! You’re only using this as an excuse! God forbid Tom takes me away from you and I live my own life for once!”

Mom– “Oh come on! Don’t be ridiculous! ”

Kitten-“I’m a grown woman and you can’t tell me who to see! I’m out of here, I need to see about Tom!”

Mom– “Hey, don’t talk to me like that! Kitten! Kitten!!!!”

( Kitten ran and slammed the door in her mother’s face. She got on her bike and peddled as fast as she could. She stopped a couple of blocks away to call Tom.)


Kitten– “Oh no! There’s no answer, just his machine. Let me calm down and call him again. Still no answer! I’m going to go ahead and go to the police station.”

( As soon as Kitten rode up to the parking lot, she saw Tom and his dad walking out together at the police station. Tom looked sad and exhausted.)


Kitten– “Tom! ”

Tom-” Kitten! ”

( She jumped off her bike and into his arms.)


Kitten– “Oh my God, I’m so sorry about this! My mom convinced Cindy to press charges on you! ”

Tom-“What! ”

Dad– “Did I hear you right young lady? ”


Kitten– “Oh, hi Mr. Cooper, I’m kitten, Tom’s girlfriend. And yes, you heard right. Cindy came over my house earlier while Tom and I was out to dinner, and convinced my mom that Tom did it.”

Tom– “She what! This is outrageous! She actually decided to go that far! When I made it home, the cops showed up fiften minutes later. They started banging on my door yelling open up! As soon as I opened the door, they started handcuffing me saying I was under arrest for domestic violence charges. I tried to tell them they were making a big mistake, but they wouldn’t listen!


When we made it outside my apartment, Cindy was screaming outside, ” That’s him, he did this to me! He tried to kill me!” At that moment I became so angry her face became a blur.


I continued begging them to hear me out, but they just shoved me in the cop car and brought me here to the police station. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of my dad to bail me out.”

Dad– “I think I’ll need to have a talk with your mother.”

Kitten– “It’s no use, she’ll just insist that you’re only taking up for Tom.”

Dad– “That’s my boy. All of this need to be worked out. I’m talking to your mom.”

Tom-“Dad, it’s okay, really. I’ll sort this out. I don’t want anymore trouble!”

Kitten-” Tom, maybe we should let him. Maybe he can talk some sense into my mom.”

Tom– “Okay, fine.”

Kitten– “The problem is how do we get Cindy to back off.”

Dad– “My lawyers are already working on that. Everything is going to be just fine. It’s nothing that conversation and a cup of coffee can’t fix where your mom is concerned.”

Kitten– “I hope so!”

(kitten cell phone ringed)

Kitten– “Hello……”


Mom-“Haaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa! Get over here! ”

Kitten-” Mom, calm down! Why are you screaming!?”




To be continued………..

Kitten’s mom just called screaming. Is she still just scolding kitten, or could Kitten’s mom be in some sort of trouble? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

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