The story of Kitten Part 8

Tom-” Oh no……look!”

Kitten-” Why is she here!?”


( As soon as Tom and Kitten noticed, Cindy speeded off. )

Tom– “I don’t know. She obviously followed us over here. Don’t worry about her, she’s just trying to intimidate us.”

Kitten– “I don’t like this!”

Tom– “Look, how about I take you out to a quiet dinner; just the two of us. That should get her off your mind. ”

Kitten-“Well, okay.”

(Tom kissed Kitten softly on her cheek. Kitten jumped on the back of Tom’s motorcycle and they were off to dinner. As Tom and Kitten drove off, Cindy drove back up. Cindy got out the car and knocked on Kitten’s door. Kitten’s mom opened the door with a look of shock.)

Mom– “Oh my God! Young lady are you okay? You have a busted lip and a bruised face. Should I call 911?! ”

Cindy-“Please don’t! You’ll get Tom in trouble!”

Mom– “Excuse me?! ”

Cindy– “Can I please come in? I’m Tom’s ex-girlfriend. I wanted to talk to you about something important.”

Mom-“Yes, of course. Come in and take a seat. Does this have anything to do with Tom’s face being bruised? ”

( Cindy started to cry.)

Cindy– “Yes. I wanted to warn you about Tom for your daughter’s safety.”

Mom– “There, there. Just calm down. Oh boy, I think I’ll need a cigarette and beer for this. Would you like a beer too?”

Cindy– “Yes, thanks. ”


Mom-“Okay, spit it out!”

Cindy-” Long story short, Tom confronted me this morning and told me that he was leaving me for Kitten. As soon as he told me that my heart sunk. I started to grab at his shirt and begged him for that to not be So. He yelled for me to let go of him, but I refused. That’s when he punched me on my lip and I fell to the floor.”



Mom– “That jerk! ”

Cindy– “But that didn’t stop me. I still didn’t want to see him go. I grabbed onto the bottom of his leg and that’s when he kicked my face. I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, so I got up from the
Squat and fought back! ”


Mom– “Good for you!”

Cindy– “When he saw that I wasn’t going to back down, he finally stopped hitting me.  He slowly stepped back and told me to stay away from Him and kitten. Then he slammed the door and left.”


Mom– ” You poor girl. I’m so sorry that you went through that. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that! You must call the police! ”

Cindy– “No, I don’t want to see him get in trouble! I Don’t want him to go to jail, I still love him. I just wanted to warn you and your daughter that Tom can be abusive.”

Mom– “You have to be kidding me! You can’t let that bastard get away with hurting you! If you care anything about your or my daughter safety, you will press charges! ”

( Cindy smiled sneakily)

Cindy– “You’re right. I’ll never forgive myself if something was to happen to Kitten. I’ll call the police! ”

Mom-” That a girl. Thank you so much for coming here and your bravery.”

(  Kitten’s Mom reached over and hugged Cindy. And in the meanwhile, Kitten and Tom was enjoying a quiet dinner.)


Kitten-” I’m really enjoying this time together. ”

Tom– “Me too. I’m really sorry about Cindy. She’s taken the news about us a lot worse than I thought she would. But don’t worry, I’m not going to allow her to destroy this relationship.”

Kitten-” I guess I can’t blame her. I did steal you away from her. I’m starting to wish none of this ever happened. ”

Tom-“Don’t say that!  You’re the best thing that ever happen to me. We hit it off so quickly because we’re obviously ment to be. Besides, we were going to break up eventually anyway. We were always arguing. You’ve made me so happy. ”

Kitten– “Yeah, I feel the same way.”

( Kitten grabbed  Tom’s hands and smiled.)

Kitten– ” I really should be getting home. I have to wake up early for work. Going back to work will hopefully make life feel somewhat normal. ”

Tom-” Haha! Of course.”

Kitten– ” I’ll pay the…………”

Tom-” Don’t even say it! You’ll never dig in your pocket around me!”

( Tom and Kitten got up and headed back to Kitten’s house. When they made it back to Kitten’s house, they noticed Kitten’s mom looking out the window.)

Tom– “I think your mom is waiting for you. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble! Haha! ”

Kitten– “Very funny. It’s my mom being weird as usual. Goodnight Tom.”

Tom– “Goodnight Angel face. ”

( Tom kissed Kitten and drove off. Kitten went inside.)

Kitten- “Mom! What are you doing? Why are you looking out the window?”

Mom-“Kitten we have to talk! ”


To be continued……..

Kitten obviously have a lot of explaining to do. Will the conversation between Kitten and her mother go good or bad. Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

Read part 7 here👇

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