The Story of Kitten part 7


Tom- “I luckily grabbed a hold of Cindy and stopped her. She finally dropped the knife and said, “This is war!” Then She walked off and slammed the door.”

Kitten- “I’m speechless……….I knew she would be mad, but I didn’t think it would go that far. I’m glad I wasn’t there after all. What does she mean by this is war? ”

Tom- “I’m not sure.”

Kitten- “I guess I’m not that mad at you anymore. You did keep your word; You probably saved my life.”

(Kitten reached over the table and kissed Tom Lovingly. She stared into his eyes and rubbed his bruised face.) 

Tom– “You know I won’t let anything happen to you, right? ”

Kitten-” I hope not. Come on, I’ll take you to my house and fix up your face.”

(Kitten and Tom got up and got on his motorcycle. They got on the bike and headed for Kitten’s house. When they arrived, Tom stayed sitting nervously on his bike.)

Kitten- “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you getting up? ”

Tom- “I forgot you said you live with your mom. I’m not sure I’m ready to meet her. What if she doesn’t like me? I know your mom is important to you. The last thing I want to do is get in between you two. ”

Kitten- “Don’t be silly! She won’t bite.”

Tom-“Okay, fine.”

( Tom hesitantly got off the bike and followed kitten into her house.) 


Kitten- “Mom, could you put the cigarette out. We have guest.”

Mom- “You brought guest here unannounced. Why should I stop what I’m doing?”

Kitten- “Mom! Stop being rude! ”

Mom-” Okay, Okay! ”

Tom- “Kitten, it’s fine, really. My dad is a smoker, I’m used to it. Nice cat figurines you have . ”


Mom-“Thanks. Good Lord! What happened to your face! ”

Kitten- “It’s a long story, don’t worry about it. I brought him here to fix up his face. ”

Mom- “Is this the guy friend that you mentioned earlier?”

Kitten-“Yes mom, okay.”

( kitten mom started to grin.) 

Mom- I didn’t properly introduce myself, I’m Linda.

Tom- Nice to meet you, I’m Tom.

Mom- “Tell me about yourself Tom.”

Kitten- “Mom! I only brought him here for his face. Not for you to investigate him!”

Tom-” Kitten relax. It’s ok. I don’t mind. ”

(Kitten slouched down into the couch.) 

Tom- “Well, I’m a simple 30 year old bachelor who works with my dad at his dealership selling motorcycles. I don’t have a record, children, or prior marriages. ”

Mom-” You sound like a keeper to me! You say your dad owns a dealership? We don’t have many dealerships in town that sell motorcycles. Are you Mr. Cooper’s son? ”

Tom- “Yes! You know him?”

Mom-“Not personally, but I’ve seen him at the bingo hall a few times. And I’ve also seen his commercials. He’s hard to miss. When I saw him at the bingo hall, he had on this cowboy hat, and had the loudest chuckle. He was the life of the party. And he kept mentioning his dealership. His slogan say you’re never too old to rock and roll, So get your motorcycle and hit the road!”

Tom-“Yeah, that’s him. Haha! ”

Mom- “What about your mom? ”

Tom- “He’s divorced. They divorced when I was twelve. I never got along with her, so I’ve always lived with him.”

(kitten jumped up off the couch.)

Kitten- “Okay, Okay. He introduced himself, now can I patch him up? ”

Mom- “Of course.”

(kitten began wiping off his face and placing bandages.”)

Mom- “Tom, would you like to stay for dinner? ”

( kitten gazed at him shaking her head no.”)

Tom- “ummm…..I have to go. I’m sorry, maybe next time.”

Mom-“That’s a shame. I make the best Spaghetti ! ”

Kitten – ” Bye mom! ”

Tom- “It was really nice meeting you.”

Mom-“You too! ”

( kitten grabbed Tom’s hand and rushed outside.)

Kitten- “That was annoying!”

Tom-” Remember you wanted me to go in?”

Kitten-“ Well, yeah…”

Tom-” Oh no……look!”

Kitten-” Why is she here!?”


To be continued……….

Tom see Cindy parked outside Kitten’s house. Could there be a good reason for Tom and Kitten to panic? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know!😄

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