The Story of Kitten part 6


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy!

(kitten walks 4 miles until she finally makes it home.) 


(Kitten is greeted by her mom outside.)


Kitten- “What are you doing out here mom? ”

Mom- “You didn’t come home last night, so I got worried. Is everything ok?”

Kitten- “Yes, I slept over a friends house.”

Mom- “Oh! That’s great! What’s her name?”

Kitten-  “You mean his and I don’t want to talk about it.”

( kitten rushed pass her mom, into the house, to her room. She left her mother standing outside looking confused. Kitten changed her clothes and then dropped down and cried.) 


How could I be so vulnerable. I guess I was so caught up in my imagination, that I let him take advantage of me. He doesn’t even realize that he took my virginity. I’m going back to the coffee shop and confronting him! He’s not going to live happily ever after with Cindy; especially after sleeping with me!

(Just when she was getting up the phone ringed.)

Kitten- “Hello!”

Tom- “kitten……… ”

Kitten- “What do you want!? ”

Tom- “ I……I need to see you. ”

Kitten- “ Look! I don’t want to see you right now! ”

Tom- “This is very important, trust me. Please meet me at the coffee shop now! ”

Kitten-“ Okay! Fine. I’ll be there in an hour. ”

Tom- “Hurry! ”

( Tom hung up the phone. Kitten threw on her shoes and started heading for the coffee shop. She ran pass her mom.) 

Mom- “Are you eating lunch?! ”

Kitten-” No! ”

Mom- “When are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?! ”

Kitten-” Bye mom! ”

( kitten left her mom standing in the kitchen looking confused again.)


I can’t even imagine what he has to say. I guess what most guys say in this situation. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, we can’t be together! I really hope I see Cindy there. I can’t wait to reveal what he did.



( kitten walked in and saw Tom sitting in a corner holding his face. When he looked up at her, he was dripping blood from his nose and lip.) 


Kitten- “Tom! What happened!”

Tom- “Shhh! Sit down, please don’t make a scene.”

Kitten- “What do you mean don’t make a scene! You’re over here all beat up. Who did this to you!? ”

Tom-” Look, I told Cindy about us like I said I would. If I only wanted you for your body, we wouldn’t have held each other and talked after sex. It’s just that me and Cindy was in a commitment. A commitment that she thought was leading to marriage. But when I met you things changed quickly! I felt this immediate connection to you.Cindy and I have had a lot of bad times, and plenty of times of our relationship being on the rocks. So my heart was never there completely. But things had improved a little, So she was full of enthusiasm that we were going to work out. So out of respect for her, I didn’t want her to find out by seeing you there. I knew it would break her heart more seeing you. I wanted to speak to her alone and let her down easy. Anyway,Last night when we were together, I texted her not to come by because I was having a guy’s night out. She fell for the story until she dropped by the apartment this morning and one of the neighbors she conversate with asked her who the red head was I brought home yesterday. I knew things weren’t good when she was loudly banging on my door. Things definitely didn’t go as planned. Soon as I opened the door, she started punching me and she started screaming you brought her home! I played dum and asked her who. She yelled, ” The girl from the coffee shop!” I at that moment I had no choice but to tell her the truth. I told her everything. By the end of the conversation, I made it clear it was you I chose as a Replacement. At the moment I told her that, she totally lost it! She started throwing things and beating me up. She reached for a knife and came at me!


I luckily grabbed a hold of her and stopped her. She finally dropped the knife and said……..”to be continued.


What did Cindy say? Did she finally back off? Or does Tom have two angry women on his hands? Read the continuation to find out!

Betcha didn’t know! 😄

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14 thoughts on “The Story of Kitten part 6

  1. Sorry, but your use of the not-word ‘conversate’ threw me out of the story. There is no such word. The word is ‘converse’. We conversed for three hours. The real word is much more elegant and simpler.

    Having said that, I’m enjoying the story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A REPLACEMENT. If I’m Kitten, I’ll go and ask the waiter for a knife as well. Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t try to kill Tom. Just hold the knife and stare at him to make sure he won’t lie. And of course, for emergency purposes that I need the knife. Just in case something comes up (take it however you wanted =))

    Liked by 1 person

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