The story of Kitten part 5

Kitten- “Well……….”


I’ve always dreamed of being alone with him. So many times in the coffee shop I fantasized about this moment. I mean, I want to respect his girlfriend, but she doesn’t want him like I do. And she doesn’t deserve him. I’d do practically anything for him. I have to stop fighting this! I’m going to set myself free and allow myself to love. We’re obviously meant to be or I wouldn’t have made it this far with him. If I say no, I might not ever get a chance again, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life!

( kitten grabs him and kisses Tom passionately.)

Tom- ” Are you sure about this?”

Kitten- ” Yes.”

valentine-1651355_640 ( Tom swoops Kitten up into his arms and carry her into his bedroom. He gently lay her on his bed.)

Kitten- “Please Tom, don’t do this unless you’re going to continue with me after this.”

Tom-” Of course.”


I can’t believe I’m doing this! I finally get to feel his body against mine. His soft gentle touch against my skin. I feel like I’m dreaming. Tonight he’s all mine. Not Cindy’s, but mine. It’s going to be me sitting in the coffee shop with him. I want him to have me. Every ounce of me.


( After a passionate night with Tom, Kitten wakes up by his side early in the morning.)

Kitten- ” Wake up sleepy head! ”

( Tom jumps up with a confused look on his face.)

Tom- “kitten! ”

Kitten-” Yes, Kitten! ”

( kitten laughs) 

Tom-“You have to hurry up and leave!”

Kitten- “Why? ”

Tom- “Cindy could be stopping by any minute now!”

Kitten- ” So what! I thought you said we had a connection?! ”

Tom- “Yeah, we do. It’s just now isn’t a good time for her to find out about us. Look, I promise I’ll let her know, but it shouldn’t be like this. ”

( Tom throws kitten her clothes and shoes.)

Kitten-” I can’t believe your doing me like this after our night together!”

Tom-” Please! There’s not much time. Just go! I’ll call you; I promise!  ”

(Kitten puts on her clothes and head towards the door.)

Tom- ” I’ll pay for you a taxi. That’s the least I can do.”

Kitten-” I don’t want anything from you! I’ll see myself out!”

Tom- “Kitten! Please don’t be mad! ”

( kitten slams the door in his face. Tom lays his head on the door in disappointment. Kitten runs down the stairs in Devastation and continues outside for her long walk home.)


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy……..To be continued. 

What could kitten mean by he’s not getting away from me that easy? Read the continuation to find out!


Betcha didn’t know!😄

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