Celebrating the Birth of My Mother

I wanted to share my husband Facebook post with you all because it consist of such a beautiful message. 

Friends in celebrating the birth of my mother 66yrs ago, today I ask you all what kind of memories will you leave the ones you love? My mother left this world 19yrs ago in the physical form, but she has always been with me spiritually and in memories. My mother never kept the truth on how hard she had to struggle to raise me and my 3 brothers as a single mother. she met people along the way whom she thought that maybe she could share this life with, but sadly it never lasted that long. So she raised us mostly by herself. The memories of her taking me to a soup kitchen or of her taking me to a toy drive on Christmas in the cold just so I could have some toys for the holidays is something I’ll never forget. She was a teacher, survivor, protector, and mother. The memories I have of her to this day has kept me away from drugs, drinking, and out of jail. I tell you all this to ask you to take a minute out of your busy life to think about the choices you make and the memories you will one day leave your loved ones. One of the things in life that will never change is that we  will all experience good and bad times in life.  But don’t only share your good times with your loved ones, but Share the hard times too, So one day in the future when they have a hard time, they can at least say to themselves that they are not alone, and that someone they care about has been through the same, or even worst and survived. The choices we make not only effect us, but it effects the ones  we leave behind, and passes on to their loved ones and beyond. I miss my mom everyday and I thank her for being herself and not being afraid to share her pain and tears with me. I leave you all with a picture of the woman who shaped my life and continues to be a bunch of memories that has helped me. I ask you all again, what kind of memories will you leave your loved ones?



Me as a kid with my mom! 


Betcha didn’t know!😄


26 thoughts on “Celebrating the Birth of My Mother

  1. Truly beautiful! … and the message is so true and serves as a great reminder to make the most of the times we share, creating happy memories and supporting each other through when life throws a lemon at us.. Thanks for the lovely reminder and I send a hug to your hubby! x

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  2. Reblogged this on My Loud Bipolar Whispers and commented:
    This was such a beautiful post I read on Betcha Didn’t Know. I Ioved it so much I wanted to share it. It touched my heart and really made me think. I pray I will leave beautiful memories for my children and hopefully other lives I may have inpacted somehow along the way like so many touched mine as well. It is something we should really think about everyday really. I loved this and I hope you will too.


  3. This was emotional and beautiful!! Mothers are truly a goddess!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!!! I just know that I want to leave all the happy and joyful memories to my loved ones!!!! 😊😊❤

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