The Story of Kitten part4

Tom- “Please……..”

Kitten- “Okay, but only for a couple of hours, I really need to check on my mom. And don’t get any ideas!”

Tom-” Of course not, I plan on being a complete gentleman. Like I said, it’s only an innocent cup of hot chocolate.”

(Tom and kitten get up and head back to the motorcycle.)

Tom- “Okay, jump on and hold on tight!”

Kitten- “I’m ready!”


I can’t believe I just told him I would go back to his place. I mean, I’ve always dreamed of being inside of his place, but I didn’t picture it like this. I didn’t picture myself drinking hot chocolate while thinking of his girlfriend. This is probably a big mistake, maybe I should have him drive me home. No, I need to relax. I’m getting all Overworked for nothing. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to talk to him. Maybe I’m over thinking things, we’re just friends talking over hot chocolate; nothing more or less.

(Tom pulls up to his apartment)


Tom- “Did you enjoy the ride?”

Kitten-” Yeah, thanks.”

Tom-“Here, let me help you off the bike. I stay on the fifth floor, but don’t worry, there’s an elevator. Follow me! ”

Kitten- “I’m right behind you! ”

Tom- “Let’s try and hurry up to my apartment, I don’t want any of my neighbors asking you tons of questions about who you are. They are so nosy.”

Kitten- “It’s okay. I don’t have anything to hide, right?”

Tom- “Oh, of course not. Haha! ”

( Tom and kitten quickly walk into the elevator.)

Tom- “Almost there.”

(Tom and Kitten get off the elevator and head for the door.)

Tom- “Here we are, my humble abode!”


Tom- “It’s nothing fancy, but I at least tried t0 make it cozy. But, you have to admit, it’s clean for a bachelor pad, right?”

Kitten- ” Haha, relax Tom, your place is great. I’m sure Cindy helped you with it.”

Tom- “She helped a little, but I did most of the decorating. Omg, are we standing here talking about decorating! Ha! Come on and take a seat. I didn’t bring you here to talk about decorating, I wanted to get to know you more.”

Kitten-  “I don’t want to sound rude, but why do you find it so important to “get to know me? I’m just a girl who spilled coffee on your suit.”

Tom- “You’re not “just” some girl who spilled coffee on my suit, but also a woman who seems to need a good friend in her life. Also, a beautiful woman who would constantly stare at me at the coffee shop. We never did get into why you always gaze at me. I think this is a perfect time to talk about it.”

Kitten- “Well….well…ummm……”

Tom- “Cat gotcha tongue! Hahaha!”

Kitten- ” look, I found you to be very beautiful, like a work of art. When something is beautiful, you can’t help but to stare. I didn’t mean to be rude; especially since Cindy was sitting beside you. Don’t take it serious. It’s all very innocent. I was simply appreciating a great work of art.”

Tom- “I’m speechless.”

Kitten-” Great! That mean we can move on to another subject. So…….. tell me more about your dad. ”

( Tom grabs Kitten by the back of her head and kisses her.)


(kitten pushes Tom back; she gasp for air.)

Kitten- “Tom! We can’t do this, take me home. You know what, I’ll find my way back!”

Tom-” What! You know you enjoyed it. Why stop?!”

Kitten- “Ummm…….I don’t know, maybe because you have a girlfriend; you know, the obnoxious blond?!”

Tom-“Don’t worry about her, she’s just my girlfriend, not wife. Don’t fight it, we have this chemistry I can’t explain. Please! Don’t go! ”

Kitten-  “Well………”To be continued


Will kitten decide to take up his offer to continue a romantic afternoon, or will she leave out of respect for his girlfriend Cindy? Read the continuation to find out! 

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