The story of kitten part 3

kitten- “Ummm……well……no, that’s okay. Thanks for the offer anyway.”

Tom- “Well, it was nice meeting you kitten.”

Kitten- ” You too Tom.”

(Kitten walks out the door)


Omg, that was so embarrassing! He probably thinks I’m an idiot. I spilled coffee all over his suit and I couldn’t even talk straight. I finally get a chance to talk to him and I ruined it! Then that brat he call a girlfriend just had to interupt! I freaking hate her. Ha! He actually thought I would want a ride. I’m not going to sit in the backseat of the car like some third wheel. I can’t go in to work today, I can’t even think straight! I might as well turn around. I’ll just call in sick, I mean technically I am sick. I feel like crawling under a rock and dying. Wait a minute……….who the hell is that on a motorcycle slowing down? And why are they pulling up near me?


Kitten- ” Look! I have pepper spray and I will use it!”

( motorcyclist pulls off helmet and laughs)

Kitten- “Tom!”

(Tom throws his hands up)

Tom- ” Please don’t pepper spray me! I just wanted to offer you a ride!”

Kitten-” Tom! You scared me to death! What are you doing here. I thought I told you I didn’t need a ride.”

Tom-” I know, but I just felt horrible about how things went. My girlfriend was really rude, and I never got the chance to buy you that coffee. Please, jump on! I’ll take you to a nice little cozy spot that I go to for lunch.”

Kitten- ” Where is Cindy and how did you find me?”

Tom-” Hahaha! I gave her the money to go shoe shopping. I won’t hear from her for hours; trust me. She’s on a shopping Marathon. I asked one of the waitresses where you worked, and she said Food Village. So I rushed home to get my motorcycle since Cindy took the car, and I decided to catch up to you.”

Kitten- ” well……since you went through all the trouble, fine! ”

(kitten jumps on the back of the motorcycle)

Tom- ” Hold on tight!”


I can’t believe I’m on the back of his motorcycle. I never imagined I would ever be able to hold him tightly in my arms. I feel so in love, so free, so happy! Feeling the wind blowing through my hair, the warmth of his body, and the vibration of the motorcycle beneath me is heavenly. I don’t want this moment to end. I want to stay in this moment of paradise forever. Only if he knew I’m already his.

(Tom drives up to cafe)

Tom- “Did you enjoy the ride?”

Kitten-” yes, thank you.”

Tom-” You were holding on a little tight there, were you scared?”

Kitten-” Oh, no! Just being cautious! Haha…..”

(Tom snickers)

Tom- ” Welp, shall we go?”

Kitten-” absolutely.”

( Tom locks arms with kitten and walks into an Exquisite cafe)


Tom- “Please, have a seat.”

Kitten-” Thank you.”

Waitress- “Welcome to Eddie’s, my name is Linda, I’ll be serving you this afternoon, are you two ready to order?”

Tom-” Kitten, would you like to order first?”

Kitten-“Ummm… know what, you’re familiar with this place, what do you recommend?”

Tom- “Thire Chicken soup is quite delicious. And it’s perfect for this cold afternoon.”

Kitten-“Sounds great!”

Tom- ” We’ll both have your chicken soup.”

Waitress- ” Of course.”

Tom- “So, tell me a little about yourself. Are you from Texas? ”

Kitten- “Yes, born and raised. I’m no one special. Actually, I’m a nobody. I’m 25 still living with my mom, and I work at a grocery market. My mom suffer from depression and alcohol abuse, so I try and take care of her. I’ve been all she has all my life, so I guess I ended up canceling my own life to be there for her.”

Waitress- ” Here are your chicken soups. Enjoy! Let me know if you guys need anything else.”

Tom- “Thank you. Looks delicious doesn’t it kitten? ”

Kitten-” Yes.”


Tom- “How did you get the name kitten ? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the name!”

(Tom blushes)

Kitten- “My mom loves cats, so she named me kitten. But, it actually has a deeper meaning to it. My dad bought her a kitten on their 3rd wedding anniversary. That same year he died of lung cancer. She was also pregnant with me. So, After that, my mom treated that cat like it was a part of him. So, when I was born, she named me kitten after the memory of him, and because I was like her baby cat. But, 3 years later, the cat he gave her died after getting ran over, so she then became obsessed with cats.To her, it was like losing my dad twice.”

Tom-” Wow, that’s a mouth full. I would have never guessed the story of your name. I’m so sorry. I feel like I know you so much better just by learning about your name alone.”

Kitten-” Enough about me. I’d love to learn more about you.”

Tom-” Welp, I’m 30, I’m co-owner of my dad’s dealership; we sell motorcycles, and I live alone in my 1 bedroom apartment. I don’t have any kids, and of course you know about my girlfriend Cindy! I live a pretty simple life too.”

Kitten-  “Wow, you have an awesome life compared to mine!”

Tom- “So do you. Being there for your mom is an awesome choice.”

Waitress- “Are you guys finished up here? ”

Tom-” Oh, yes, thanks.”

Waitress- ” Okay, here’s your bill, and I hope you guys enjoyed your meal. Bye guys!”

Kitten-” Please let me pay the bill, I still feel really bad about your suit.”

Tom- “kitten please! I can’t believe your still thinking about that. I changed clothes at home and it was nothing.Like I told you before, I would never let a beautiful woman like you reach into your pocket. Speaking of home, how about you come back to my place for a glass of wine. We can continue to talk and get to know each other better.”

Kitten-” I really don’t think that’s a good idea, what about your girlfriend?”

Tom-” We’re only friends talking, why should she mind? She already met you and know about you.”

Kitten- ” I don’t drink.”

Tom-” That’s fine, it’s cold outside anyway, how about we drink some Hot Chocolate?”

Kitten- Well…………..

Tom- Please…….. To be continued.


Will kitten take up Tom offer to go back to his place, or is it all too soon for Kitten? Read the continuation to find out! 

Betcha didn’t know!😄

Read part 2 here👇

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20 thoughts on “The story of kitten part 3

  1. Interesting. Can’t stomach women abusing alcohol, daughter sacrificing her life for mother. Well. It’s only a story I hope. And about pepper spray. No country is free from harassing of women, it seems.

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