Is it ok to flirt with someone outside of your relationship?

Hi! Since I’m on the subject of relationships, I thought I would bring up another thing that bothers me. I can’t stand when a couple is together, and one of them decide to check someone out that’s walking by! My husband has never done that and neither have I. But, I know if it ever did happen, I would flip my lid! I would be soooo upset 😡! To me that is so disrespectful. To me that’s you lusting after them in your head. I get it, the woman or man form can be very beautiful in general, but, when you’re with someone, the person you’re with beauty should hypnotize you. You should only want to look at them; especially if you’re in love. But, some people have the motto of you can look, but don’t touch. Okay, then how about those who love to “just” flirt. You know, like for example, telling a guy/ girl they have pretty eyes or smell good. Then they have a flirtatious smile that will cause you to imagine ripping their lips off 😂!  When you dedicate yourself to one person, all that stuff have to go out the window. What’s the excuse for having any of those desires. But, some men/women accept that and say it’s innocent. But, aren’t you opening a door for it to “accidentally” go too far? Me personally I can’t do it! How about you?

Let the person you’re with Shine!😉


Betcha didn’t know!😄


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41 thoughts on “Is it ok to flirt with someone outside of your relationship?

  1. I agree with you entirely on this. It is not only wrong, but an insult to your partner if you “check out” other people while being committed. Beautiful thoughts, you have there!


  2. No flirting – no! Not even online. I don’t think I flirt. I may have private jokes with exes who are still friends but the few best ones. My hubby isn’t capable of “clean” flirting so he can’t.

    But we look. In fact, like Patricia, I tell my hubby and son when I see a hot woman or I point out to them the ones with artificial big ones. Haha. We watch people. We’re like “autistsix” (above) 😀

    My problem is that I can’t seem to see that there are good looking men to look at.. except for Henrik Stenson, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling.. you know – them boys! 😂😜 It’s so unfair. It’s like I have this filter system that kicks in the moment I have a man (it’s been like this since I can remember). But when I was younger and when not in committed / exclusive relationships, ooh, I see ‘me gorgeous things! Lol!

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    1. Hahaha!!!😄you guys are too much. You and Patricia love playing with fire. Only if I was that brave. But, even if I did point one out, my husband wouldn’t admit that he finds them attractive!😄And I thought I was the only one who stopped seeing attractive men😄. Great answer!!!😂

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  3. It doesn’t bother me if he looks. Now if he touches then we really have a problem.😆 I think I get more upset when he’s looking at his cell phone when we’re out.


  4. In March I’ll have been married for 25 years and we dated for 7. I flirt the more disinterested and secure I am, the more I flirt. I flirt with anyone who starts it; male or female and I am very much heterosexual. I flirt more with happily married people; when I meet a flirty person I tend to talk about my husband if they then talk about their significant other the flirting continues with us both relaxing, anytime the flirting picks up you just work husband talk in. If media shows scantily or undressed women I call my husband because he likes that; I don’t like to look at men undressed so he laughs and calls me a prude. We will draw each others’ attention to beauty when out together; be it male/female, human/other. Now that I am older I look for potential son in laws (he he) 2 of my daughters join their dad, their grandma and I at men watching the other 2 are critical. We are very secure in our relationship and very open and honest.

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      1. Very happy, very in love, we were high school sweethearts and in case I’ve given the wrong impression 100% faithful & monogamous. We are each other’s first, last and only romantic relationship.

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  5. We’re weird over here. Yes, yes, you knew that already but I am the worst in the world for poking my guy and saying,’ OMG look at her boobs! They are perfect!’ And said guy will just go ..’sure’ and go on about his business. And I have no problem telling guys if they look or smell good.
    Everyone needs a compliment and I do the same with women. Sometimes people mistake that for flirting. It is not. Flirting can quickly lead to trouble in a relationship. And I think it is very insecure. Wink, Wink! lol

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    1. Haha! That is hilarious😆. What would you do if he said you’re right, they are amazing and gawked!? Then he would be able to say, hey! I’m just agreeing. 😄 you’re brave to open such a door. I don’t mind compliments as long as their is no look of lust accompanied with it. I think all of us are insecure just a little; especially when we are in love with the person. I love your answer! 😄👍

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  6. I absolutely agree. This is not okay. And not right for a healthy relationship. But again, people have different views. Some guy thinks it is okay to look at other girls. I think it is important that partners do talk about it openly.


  7. I was all flirty and didn’t want to close doors with any of my guy friends. even when i was in a relationship!! :0. It became such a habit that only last year, i finally realized i am NOT okay with that behavior in myself and want to put all my effort and energy towards the one I am with. To be fully committed and have that amazing feeling of attachment instead of spreading my attention wide.


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