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Getting Old is my story that has been chosen by C. A. Simonson to be included in her anthology book “A QUICK READ”. I am honored to be included among such wonderful authors.

  • By: Patricia Salamone     Alone I sit by my window. I watch the world now with little participation. Befuddled in my thoughts at times, I smile to myself at some distant memory. Cradled in my heart is my life’s story.

    Damn, why did I waste so much time being foolish? Envy took up a good part of it. Foolish choices made on the spur of a moment can turn out to cost you more than money. Gratitude was short lived as I climbed the mountain to success.  Humility was just a word on a sign posted on an old wooden board along the way. I paid little attention to it. Independence was my goal; I would never ask for…

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