Feed Your Child Healthy On The Go!

Hey everyone! I wasn’t going to come on here today, but I had a light bulb moment. You’ll be able to tell by how off subject I am😄. But, I had an idea I wanted to share. And let me give a disclaimer. I’m doing this to filter unnecessary comments. Time is valuable, so I don’t want anybody saying something that is a waste of my or their time. You can disagree, I just don’t want any rude comments because there is a misunderstanding. This is advice for like-minded parents. For those who will find this useful. If you find this to be a bad idea, it’s fine. This is only something I find useful. I don’t stand behind it with recommendations from a pediatrician. 

Okay, now! In the grocery store you will find packets like these for kids👇

They have packets like these for kids, but, mostly are full of sugar. I’ve mostly seen just fruit or yogurt for kids. 

Except, they mostly come in fruit or yogurt form; that I know of. I call them sugar packs. Recently, I have been introducing solids to my 6 month old. I’m an advocate for making homemade baby food, but, I need to get a food processor. I really enjoyed the baby bullet I once used for my other children, So I think I will order that. Anyway, as I looked through the baby food flavors, I realized that the flavors could be used for anybody; especially children. They come in meat, vegetables, and grain. The whole food pyramid. In a perfect world, we all would have time to sit down and eat an actual meal. But, in reality, we have allowed our lives to be so busy, that we often skip meals. The problem is that children are too busy these days, and often skip meals. Children have growing bodies and need to eat nutritious. Not just sugar, junk food, and fast food.  So, instead of giving them just packets full of sugar( yogurt and fruit) why not hand them a pack of vegetables, meat, and grain? Also, you can get organic! If there is no time for you or your children to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, don’t skip the meal. Have your child run out the door with a couple of those packets that’s equivalent to that missed meal! Fast food is a treat, not meal. Their little bodies will thank you. I hope you find this useful, and I will share more tips in the future. Also, if picturing your child eating baby food disturb you, but also make perfect sense, you might want to stop and reflect on how you live your life. Do you really need to be that busy? Do you find your child eating a lot of fast food or chips and candy to supplement? 😩

You will be
Tempted to eat them too!😊


Betcha didn’t know!😄


Photo credit: header image from pixabay.com

Babyfood is my photo!


15 thoughts on “Feed Your Child Healthy On The Go!

  1. You couldn’t have stated this better. My two grandchildren are with me and I ensure that they eat their vegetables, and grains. NO JUNK FOOD! They keep asking me for fries and Kentucky, I told them I can pack their suitcase and send them back home to eat that!! lol… For sweet I usually bake a carrot cake or something on some weekends for them but I do not buy snacks and stuff like those…no way!

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  2. If the world discussed just how many children suffer from early onset puberty, it would be eye opening. When your child grows three years faster than their given age. It changes you. It changes the look of your cabinets and fridge too. Thanks, organic is the key. Removing GMOs, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, should be the goal for all countries around the world. T-shirts should say Children’s Lives Matter.

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  3. I like this post because it seems that young mothers today are starting to give their children fresh snacks and food whenever possible. I noticed it when my first grand child was born.
    When I was growing up many, many years ago, if we wanted a snack it was either a piece of fruit or a fresh vegetable from the garden. We used to pick the green beans or tomatoes and that was our snack.
    So Kudos to all you young moms out there that are going back to the old ways.

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  4. My kiddo was born before the pouches came out, but I used to carry unsweeten applesauce cups and bananas (still in their skins) in my bag. Ripe bananas are GREAT, even on the go, because they smash up easily. Cheerios and graham crackers were also good. I had a HARD time finding jarred vegetables that tasted good, so we usually mashed up whatever we were eating at lunch or dinner. (Hopefully, they’ve improved since then. Jarred baby food with meat in it tasted SOOO nasty, back in the day. LOL) Rule of thumb I’ve always had: If I wouldn’t eat it, I can’t expect my kiddo to eat it. 🙂

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