The Story of Kitten part 6


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy!

(kitten walks 4 miles until she finally makes it home.) 


(Kitten is greeted by her mom outside.)


Kitten- “What are you doing out here mom? ”

Mom- “You didn’t come home last night, so I got worried. Is everything ok?”

Kitten- “Yes, I slept over a friends house.”

Mom- “Oh! That’s great! What’s her name?”

Kitten-  “You mean his and I don’t want to talk about it.”

( kitten rushed pass her mom, into the house, to her room. She left her mother standing outside looking confused. Kitten changed her clothes and then dropped down and cried.) 


How could I be so vulnerable. I guess I was so caught up in my imagination, that I let him take advantage of me. He doesn’t even realize that he took my virginity. I’m going back to the coffee shop and confronting him! He’s not going to live happily ever after with Cindy; especially after sleeping with me!

(Just when she was getting up the phone ringed.)

Kitten- “Hello!”

Tom- “kitten……… ”

Kitten- “What do you want!? ”

Tom- “ I……I need to see you. ”

Kitten- “ Look! I don’t want to see you right now! ”

Tom- “This is very important, trust me. Please meet me at the coffee shop now! ”

Kitten-“ Okay! Fine. I’ll be there in an hour. ”

Tom- “Hurry! ”

( Tom hung up the phone. Kitten threw on her shoes and started heading for the coffee shop. She ran pass her mom.) 

Mom- “Are you eating lunch?! ”

Kitten-” No! ”

Mom- “When are you going to tell me what the hell is going on?! ”

Kitten-” Bye mom! ”

( kitten left her mom standing in the kitchen looking confused again.)


I can’t even imagine what he has to say. I guess what most guys say in this situation. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, we can’t be together! I really hope I see Cindy there. I can’t wait to reveal what he did.



( kitten walked in and saw Tom sitting in a corner holding his face. When he looked up at her, he was dripping blood from his nose and lip.) 


Kitten- “Tom! What happened!”

Tom- “Shhh! Sit down, please don’t make a scene.”

Kitten- “What do you mean don’t make a scene! You’re over here all beat up. Who did this to you!? ”

Tom-” Look, I told Cindy about us like I said I would. If I only wanted you for your body, we wouldn’t have held each other and talked after sex. It’s just that me and Cindy was in a commitment. A commitment that she thought was leading to marriage. But when I met you things changed quickly! I felt this immediate connection to you.Cindy and I have had a lot of bad times, and plenty of times of our relationship being on the rocks. So my heart was never there completely. But things had improved a little, So she was full of enthusiasm that we were going to work out. So out of respect for her, I didn’t want her to find out by seeing you there. I knew it would break her heart more seeing you. I wanted to speak to her alone and let her down easy. Anyway,Last night when we were together, I texted her not to come by because I was having a guy’s night out. She fell for the story until she dropped by the apartment this morning and one of the neighbors she conversate with asked her who the red head was I brought home yesterday. I knew things weren’t good when she was loudly banging on my door. Things definitely didn’t go as planned. Soon as I opened the door, she started punching me and she started screaming you brought her home! I played dum and asked her who. She yelled, ” The girl from the coffee shop!” I at that moment I had no choice but to tell her the truth. I told her everything. By the end of the conversation, I made it clear it was you I chose as a Replacement. At the moment I told her that, she totally lost it! She started throwing things and beating me up. She reached for a knife and came at me!


I luckily grabbed a hold of her and stopped her. She finally dropped the knife and said……..”to be continued.


What did Cindy say? Did she finally back off? Or does Tom have two angry women on his hands? Read the continuation to find out!

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The story of Kitten part 5

Kitten- “Well……….”


I’ve always dreamed of being alone with him. So many times in the coffee shop I fantasized about this moment. I mean, I want to respect his girlfriend, but she doesn’t want him like I do. And she doesn’t deserve him. I’d do practically anything for him. I have to stop fighting this! I’m going to set myself free and allow myself to love. We’re obviously meant to be or I wouldn’t have made it this far with him. If I say no, I might not ever get a chance again, and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life!

( kitten grabs him and kisses Tom passionately.)

Tom- ” Are you sure about this?”

Kitten- ” Yes.”

valentine-1651355_640 ( Tom swoops Kitten up into his arms and carry her into his bedroom. He gently lay her on his bed.)

Kitten- “Please Tom, don’t do this unless you’re going to continue with me after this.”

Tom-” Of course.”


I can’t believe I’m doing this! I finally get to feel his body against mine. His soft gentle touch against my skin. I feel like I’m dreaming. Tonight he’s all mine. Not Cindy’s, but mine. It’s going to be me sitting in the coffee shop with him. I want him to have me. Every ounce of me.


( After a passionate night with Tom, Kitten wakes up by his side early in the morning.)

Kitten- ” Wake up sleepy head! ”

( Tom jumps up with a confused look on his face.)

Tom- “kitten! ”

Kitten-” Yes, Kitten! ”

( kitten laughs) 

Tom-“You have to hurry up and leave!”

Kitten- “Why? ”

Tom- “Cindy could be stopping by any minute now!”

Kitten- ” So what! I thought you said we had a connection?! ”

Tom- “Yeah, we do. It’s just now isn’t a good time for her to find out about us. Look, I promise I’ll let her know, but it shouldn’t be like this. ”

( Tom throws kitten her clothes and shoes.)

Kitten-” I can’t believe your doing me like this after our night together!”

Tom-” Please! There’s not much time. Just go! I’ll call you; I promise!  ”

(Kitten puts on her clothes and head towards the door.)

Tom- ” I’ll pay for you a taxi. That’s the least I can do.”

Kitten-” I don’t want anything from you! I’ll see myself out!”

Tom- “Kitten! Please don’t be mad! ”

( kitten slams the door in his face. Tom lays his head on the door in disappointment. Kitten runs down the stairs in Devastation and continues outside for her long walk home.)


I can’t believe he told me to leave! What a jerk. If he loves me, why can’t he confess his love for me to Cindy now? I just gave him my body. He’s not getting away from me that easy……..To be continued. 

What could kitten mean by he’s not getting away from me that easy? Read the continuation to find out!


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Be Your Best Self!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of Creation that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
— Marianne Williamson

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Celebrating the Birth of My Mother

I wanted to share my husband Facebook post with you all because it consist of such a beautiful message. 

Friends in celebrating the birth of my mother 66yrs ago, today I ask you all what kind of memories will you leave the ones you love? My mother left this world 19yrs ago in the physical form, but she has always been with me spiritually and in memories. My mother never kept the truth on how hard she had to struggle to raise me and my 3 brothers as a single mother. she met people along the way whom she thought that maybe she could share this life with, but sadly it never lasted that long. So she raised us mostly by herself. The memories of her taking me to a soup kitchen or of her taking me to a toy drive on Christmas in the cold just so I could have some toys for the holidays is something I’ll never forget. She was a teacher, survivor, protector, and mother. The memories I have of her to this day has kept me away from drugs, drinking, and out of jail. I tell you all this to ask you to take a minute out of your busy life to think about the choices you make and the memories you will one day leave your loved ones. One of the things in life that will never change is that we  will all experience good and bad times in life.  But don’t only share your good times with your loved ones, but Share the hard times too, So one day in the future when they have a hard time, they can at least say to themselves that they are not alone, and that someone they care about has been through the same, or even worst and survived. The choices we make not only effect us, but it effects the ones  we leave behind, and passes on to their loved ones and beyond. I miss my mom everyday and I thank her for being herself and not being afraid to share her pain and tears with me. I leave you all with a picture of the woman who shaped my life and continues to be a bunch of memories that has helped me. I ask you all again, what kind of memories will you leave your loved ones?



Me as a kid with my mom! 


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More Awards! Thanks So Much!

Blogger Recognition and One Lovely Blog Award!! 😄

I want to thank

For nominating me! I was nominated for the Blogger recognition award from Okoto Enigma and My Organic Adventures Blog, and the One Lovely Blog Award from Diaries of a Scatterbrain. These are all awesome blogs, so please check them out. I am once again happy,honored, humbled, and surprised by these nominations.😊

Blogger recognition award


I originally wanted to do a YouTube channel. But, I just didn’t have the time to do videos, so I gave blogging a try. With blogging, I can write no matter how many kids are laughing, playing, and hanging on me in the background! 😄My advice to new bloggers is just have fun. Write to your hearts extent! Let your creative juices flow. As long as you are being true to yourself and your readers, your talent will shine through. This is such a great platform to make new virtual friends😊.

One Lovely Blog Award

The Rules for this award are as follows:

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Seven facts about myself

  1. I’m very introverted.
  2. I look and act younger than my age.
  3. I’m a humanitarian
  4. I don’t drive
  5. I have 5 kids and want more😆
  6. I love change because I get bored easily.
  7.  I love everything vintage

Well, that was fun! I want to again thank

And my nominations are everyone! You all rock!💃😎👍


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The Story of Kitten part4

Tom- “Please……..”

Kitten- “Okay, but only for a couple of hours, I really need to check on my mom. And don’t get any ideas!”

Tom-” Of course not, I plan on being a complete gentleman. Like I said, it’s only an innocent cup of hot chocolate.”

(Tom and kitten get up and head back to the motorcycle.)

Tom- “Okay, jump on and hold on tight!”

Kitten- “I’m ready!”


I can’t believe I just told him I would go back to his place. I mean, I’ve always dreamed of being inside of his place, but I didn’t picture it like this. I didn’t picture myself drinking hot chocolate while thinking of his girlfriend. This is probably a big mistake, maybe I should have him drive me home. No, I need to relax. I’m getting all Overworked for nothing. I don’t want to lose the opportunity to talk to him. Maybe I’m over thinking things, we’re just friends talking over hot chocolate; nothing more or less.

(Tom pulls up to his apartment)


Tom- “Did you enjoy the ride?”

Kitten-” Yeah, thanks.”

Tom-“Here, let me help you off the bike. I stay on the fifth floor, but don’t worry, there’s an elevator. Follow me! ”

Kitten- “I’m right behind you! ”

Tom- “Let’s try and hurry up to my apartment, I don’t want any of my neighbors asking you tons of questions about who you are. They are so nosy.”

Kitten- “It’s okay. I don’t have anything to hide, right?”

Tom- “Oh, of course not. Haha! ”

( Tom and kitten quickly walk into the elevator.)

Tom- “Almost there.”

(Tom and Kitten get off the elevator and head for the door.)

Tom- “Here we are, my humble abode!”


Tom- “It’s nothing fancy, but I at least tried t0 make it cozy. But, you have to admit, it’s clean for a bachelor pad, right?”

Kitten- ” Haha, relax Tom, your place is great. I’m sure Cindy helped you with it.”

Tom- “She helped a little, but I did most of the decorating. Omg, are we standing here talking about decorating! Ha! Come on and take a seat. I didn’t bring you here to talk about decorating, I wanted to get to know you more.”

Kitten-  “I don’t want to sound rude, but why do you find it so important to “get to know me? I’m just a girl who spilled coffee on your suit.”

Tom- “You’re not “just” some girl who spilled coffee on my suit, but also a woman who seems to need a good friend in her life. Also, a beautiful woman who would constantly stare at me at the coffee shop. We never did get into why you always gaze at me. I think this is a perfect time to talk about it.”

Kitten- “Well….well…ummm……”

Tom- “Cat gotcha tongue! Hahaha!”

Kitten- ” look, I found you to be very beautiful, like a work of art. When something is beautiful, you can’t help but to stare. I didn’t mean to be rude; especially since Cindy was sitting beside you. Don’t take it serious. It’s all very innocent. I was simply appreciating a great work of art.”

Tom- “I’m speechless.”

Kitten-” Great! That mean we can move on to another subject. So…….. tell me more about your dad. ”

( Tom grabs Kitten by the back of her head and kisses her.)


(kitten pushes Tom back; she gasp for air.)

Kitten- “Tom! We can’t do this, take me home. You know what, I’ll find my way back!”

Tom-” What! You know you enjoyed it. Why stop?!”

Kitten- “Ummm…….I don’t know, maybe because you have a girlfriend; you know, the obnoxious blond?!”

Tom-“Don’t worry about her, she’s just my girlfriend, not wife. Don’t fight it, we have this chemistry I can’t explain. Please! Don’t go! ”

Kitten-  “Well………”To be continued


Will kitten decide to take up his offer to continue a romantic afternoon, or will she leave out of respect for his girlfriend Cindy? Read the continuation to find out! 

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The story of kitten part 3

kitten- “Ummm……well……no, that’s okay. Thanks for the offer anyway.”

Tom- “Well, it was nice meeting you kitten.”

Kitten- ” You too Tom.”

(Kitten walks out the door)


Omg, that was so embarrassing! He probably thinks I’m an idiot. I spilled coffee all over his suit and I couldn’t even talk straight. I finally get a chance to talk to him and I ruined it! Then that brat he call a girlfriend just had to interupt! I freaking hate her. Ha! He actually thought I would want a ride. I’m not going to sit in the backseat of the car like some third wheel. I can’t go in to work today, I can’t even think straight! I might as well turn around. I’ll just call in sick, I mean technically I am sick. I feel like crawling under a rock and dying. Wait a minute……….who the hell is that on a motorcycle slowing down? And why are they pulling up near me?


Kitten- ” Look! I have pepper spray and I will use it!”

( motorcyclist pulls off helmet and laughs)

Kitten- “Tom!”

(Tom throws his hands up)

Tom- ” Please don’t pepper spray me! I just wanted to offer you a ride!”

Kitten-” Tom! You scared me to death! What are you doing here. I thought I told you I didn’t need a ride.”

Tom-” I know, but I just felt horrible about how things went. My girlfriend was really rude, and I never got the chance to buy you that coffee. Please, jump on! I’ll take you to a nice little cozy spot that I go to for lunch.”

Kitten- ” Where is Cindy and how did you find me?”

Tom-” Hahaha! I gave her the money to go shoe shopping. I won’t hear from her for hours; trust me. She’s on a shopping Marathon. I asked one of the waitresses where you worked, and she said Food Village. So I rushed home to get my motorcycle since Cindy took the car, and I decided to catch up to you.”

Kitten- ” well……since you went through all the trouble, fine! ”

(kitten jumps on the back of the motorcycle)

Tom- ” Hold on tight!”


I can’t believe I’m on the back of his motorcycle. I never imagined I would ever be able to hold him tightly in my arms. I feel so in love, so free, so happy! Feeling the wind blowing through my hair, the warmth of his body, and the vibration of the motorcycle beneath me is heavenly. I don’t want this moment to end. I want to stay in this moment of paradise forever. Only if he knew I’m already his.

(Tom drives up to cafe)

Tom- “Did you enjoy the ride?”

Kitten-” yes, thank you.”

Tom-” You were holding on a little tight there, were you scared?”

Kitten-” Oh, no! Just being cautious! Haha…..”

(Tom snickers)

Tom- ” Welp, shall we go?”

Kitten-” absolutely.”

( Tom locks arms with kitten and walks into an Exquisite cafe)


Tom- “Please, have a seat.”

Kitten-” Thank you.”

Waitress- “Welcome to Eddie’s, my name is Linda, I’ll be serving you this afternoon, are you two ready to order?”

Tom-” Kitten, would you like to order first?”

Kitten-“Ummm… know what, you’re familiar with this place, what do you recommend?”

Tom- “Thire Chicken soup is quite delicious. And it’s perfect for this cold afternoon.”

Kitten-“Sounds great!”

Tom- ” We’ll both have your chicken soup.”

Waitress- ” Of course.”

Tom- “So, tell me a little about yourself. Are you from Texas? ”

Kitten- “Yes, born and raised. I’m no one special. Actually, I’m a nobody. I’m 25 still living with my mom, and I work at a grocery market. My mom suffer from depression and alcohol abuse, so I try and take care of her. I’ve been all she has all my life, so I guess I ended up canceling my own life to be there for her.”

Waitress- ” Here are your chicken soups. Enjoy! Let me know if you guys need anything else.”

Tom- “Thank you. Looks delicious doesn’t it kitten? ”

Kitten-” Yes.”


Tom- “How did you get the name kitten ? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the name!”

(Tom blushes)

Kitten- “My mom loves cats, so she named me kitten. But, it actually has a deeper meaning to it. My dad bought her a kitten on their 3rd wedding anniversary. That same year he died of lung cancer. She was also pregnant with me. So, After that, my mom treated that cat like it was a part of him. So, when I was born, she named me kitten after the memory of him, and because I was like her baby cat. But, 3 years later, the cat he gave her died after getting ran over, so she then became obsessed with cats.To her, it was like losing my dad twice.”

Tom-” Wow, that’s a mouth full. I would have never guessed the story of your name. I’m so sorry. I feel like I know you so much better just by learning about your name alone.”

Kitten-” Enough about me. I’d love to learn more about you.”

Tom-” Welp, I’m 30, I’m co-owner of my dad’s dealership; we sell motorcycles, and I live alone in my 1 bedroom apartment. I don’t have any kids, and of course you know about my girlfriend Cindy! I live a pretty simple life too.”

Kitten-  “Wow, you have an awesome life compared to mine!”

Tom- “So do you. Being there for your mom is an awesome choice.”

Waitress- “Are you guys finished up here? ”

Tom-” Oh, yes, thanks.”

Waitress- ” Okay, here’s your bill, and I hope you guys enjoyed your meal. Bye guys!”

Kitten-” Please let me pay the bill, I still feel really bad about your suit.”

Tom- “kitten please! I can’t believe your still thinking about that. I changed clothes at home and it was nothing.Like I told you before, I would never let a beautiful woman like you reach into your pocket. Speaking of home, how about you come back to my place for a glass of wine. We can continue to talk and get to know each other better.”

Kitten-” I really don’t think that’s a good idea, what about your girlfriend?”

Tom-” We’re only friends talking, why should she mind? She already met you and know about you.”

Kitten- ” I don’t drink.”

Tom-” That’s fine, it’s cold outside anyway, how about we drink some Hot Chocolate?”

Kitten- Well…………..

Tom- Please…….. To be continued.


Will kitten take up Tom offer to go back to his place, or is it all too soon for Kitten? Read the continuation to find out! 

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