Men Need to Let Women Be Men

Hi everybody! I want to talk about how us women tend to contradict ourselves. Some of us say we want to be treated equal to a man and don’t want to be considered the “weaker sex”. But, it seems like only when it’s convenient for us. I often see on television women getting into men faces and punching and slapping them. For whatever reason we often make it okay to laugh and find humor in women abusing men. But, then it’s not so funny when the man finally hit back. Then, everyone runs to attack the man and yell, “She’s a woman!” Okay, first off, why was a “woman” hitting a “man” anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot! She said that she’s equal to a man. So she should go ahead and fight like a man, right? But no! She yells out too, “I’m a woman! You never put your hands on a woman !” And then she starts crying. Does anybody find this ridiculous besides meπŸ˜„? If you decide to challenge a man, you get what you deserve. A man shouldn’t have to be a punching bag because you’re the “weaker sex”, or as you say an “equal”. Β Women often say that they want to be independent and pay their own bills, but then will be first in line to draw a mans attention with revealing clothes and hope to get asked out for a date. Then, when they get the date, they are hoping to find a man who makes a lot of money and have their life in order. Why? Because she’s hoping to get treated like a “lady”. She wants him to ask her out, pay for the date, and have the ability to spoil her. So, my point is, that all of a sudden women will accept the title of “weaker sex “when it comes to accepting a mans money or help. That’s when us women will say the man should make more than us and he should take care of us despite having our own money. No! You said you wanted to be a mans equal. You ask for the date, you pay for the date, and you spoil him financially just the same. Also, a man shouldn’t date you either unless you make a certain amount. I hate how men let women get away with this crap. If you men are judged on how much you make financially, women need to be judged too! Β Ladies! You have to make up your mind. If you claim to be equal to men, you have to give up the privileges that come with accepting the title of “weaker” sex. Oh yeah! And if you get attacked or robbed in the street, you fight them off! Don’t hope for a man to come to the rescue. They should stand there and watch like you’re just another man. Let me stop rambling onπŸ˜†.

Don’t try and RenewalΒ being a woman out of convenience!


Betcha didn’t know!πŸ˜†




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32 thoughts on “Men Need to Let Women Be Men

  1. Coming to love your bold posts! I am no feminist, I believe that men should be given a man’s place and a woman should get her place in life, in the family and in the world. Once this is sorted out, half your problem is solved. Being a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend – no man can take a woman’s place and vice versa.

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  2. Women don’t know what they want. There are obviously differences between the sexes. I heard of a woman who was employed as a firefighter alongside the men, but she couldn’t lift the hose. Women get confused between consideration and manners, and equality. If a woman is doing the same job as a man, she should have the same pay. She should have the same rights on promotion as a man, and have the opportunity to do whatever job she is able, as well as education.

    I do get annoyed with women who object when a man holds open a door for her. This isn’t sexism, just good manners. I check if someone is behind me when I go through a door and hold it if someone is coming. I’ve had a door let go by a male collegue as I was entering my place of work, carrying several bags. He was afraid I’d say he was sexist if he held it open.

    The paying for a date is different. As is asking for one. Nowadays, women seem to be just as likely to ask a man out as vice versa. I think the one who does the asking ought to pay, at least on the first date. Afterwards, they can come to an arrangement.

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  3. All very valid points. I must say that in my opinion, the feminist movement has gotten bit out of control. In the 50’s & 60’s (and still now in many countries) it was more about equal employment opportunity and pay. (Which I am 100% on board with) Now it seems to have gone off-the-rails, so to speak. I am a woman. There are many things I can do that men can’t, and there are many things that men can do that I cannot. Men & women COMPLETE each other – NOT COMPETE against each other!

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  4. I have pondered over these thoughts at least once so really enjoyed you bringing them out so well! πŸ™‚ It is really amusing and as you say ridiculous how conveniently this game is played. I do not wish equality for the sake of it …only love and respect for what I am!

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  5. Haha. So very well said. I never in my life want to be equal to a man. Trust me I’m not among the group of women that are figting for gender equality or whatever it’s called. I love being a woman, I want to keep performing womanly duties and want it to remain so..

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