Question-Why are women becoming more like men?

Question-Why are women becoming more like men? 

Early this morning, I started thinking about how women are becoming more and more like men. We tend to physical fight other women as well as men. We say we don’t want a marriage, children, or a man altogether. We even go as far as to move, walk, and build our body like men. I’m talking about women who are heterosexual. I feel like ever since feminist and the liberation, women took that as the right to become men. Now don’t get me wrong, women shouldn’t be completely helpless. Every woman should have survival skills. Why? Because there’s not going to always be a man around to do the job and knowledge is power. I too want to learn how to fix a car, do plumbing, and fix broken appliances. But, that can’t stop me from being feminine altogether. Why? Because when you do that, you are saying that a man hold no place/ position in your life. Do I think women should play sports? Hmmmm…….Yes and no. Yes, because despite being a “woman” we are still human and have our own unique interest. But, on the other hand, I say no because whenever you see a lot of women in sports, their bodies look muscular, and some of their voices sound like men. Why is it just because you’re in sports, you think you’re body has to resemble that of a mans? Is it because you’re doing the sport that was originally created for the strength of a mans, so now you have to create extra muscle to keep up? Did you take sports from men just to be spiteful because us women didn’t like to feel controlled? We as women can take control without becoming men. We take control by knowing when to say yes or no.

  • No I won’t let a man mentally or physically abuse me.
  • No I won’t let men use me for just my body
  • No I won’t become your sex object
  • No I won’t let you define what is or isn’t beautiful
  • No I won’t let you control my mind.

Us women I feel hold our own unique power, and we shouldn’t steal the power of men just to feel relevant. We need to tap into our own power! Our power doesn’t come from muscular physical strength, it comes from our power to create life physically and mentally. Our natural biological makeup proves this point. Men naturally have more muscle than women. Men can create extra muscle more easily than women. Men don’t have periods to recreate(women do), but they do have physical strength. Us women came with periods to reproduce, but not with extra muscle. Why don’t we find pride in the fact that WE women hold the power to create life? Man and woman has to come through us first! And that’s why we should have the mentality of a nurturer. Why? Because we nurture life in our wombs for 9 months. And because of that, we should naturally want to nurture that life when it’s born. To do that, you have to be sweet, calm, caring, patient,  soft, and sensitive. You can’t do that being an angry she hulk! You know, the hulk!


But, not only should you allow yourself to be sweet and vulnerable with your children, but with the man of your life. If a man is properly playing his role as the protector and provider, that leaves you the space to be nurturing. Why do I say he is the protector and provider? Because he has the mental and physical capacity to do both. He protects with his physical strength, and provides for us with his physical strength. He more now provides with his mental strength ; men used more of their physical strength before things became industrialized. when a man comes home from physical and mental stress from playing his role, he needs us there to nurture him.

  • A soft subtle voice(calming)
  • Soft feminine skin
  • A body that’s built like a woman to hold something that’s enticing and that’s not like his own.(That helps to get him in the mood to reproduce/ bring life.)
  • Someone to listen to him and give encouragement
  •  Someone to carry his children(bring life because he doesn’t have a womb)
  • Someone sweet and beautiful. (Women are beautiful)
  • Cook a hot meal . ( He’s too busy providing to cook)
  • Sweet smell of a woman

All these things should make a man want to treat you soft and gentle. It should make him want to protect you. Why? Because you can use the same theory with a baby. Babies are so small, cute, soft, and loveable! Doesn’t that make you want to love and protect the baby? But, if babies were born like little hulks, we wouldn’t feel the need to protect, and we might even fear them! Lol! The only thing we should be equal to men with is our brain. The power of thought, choices, and opinion! Not our bodies!

Fishing for reasons to be like a man!

What do you think?


Betcha didn’t know!😄


46 thoughts on “Question-Why are women becoming more like men?

  1. When I had to get a new washer/dryer. I stood back and said “you can tell a man” 🤦 designed this. Instead of thinking more like a woman, 🤷 who would design it for more convenience, instead it’s more difficult to reach for this, have to bend for that, etc. 🙆 And yes, there are women who design like men. 🤦

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  2. It’s true. Women in the corporate works often adopt a male persona, and get frowned upon for it. That’s not to say I’m against women having a career, but it’s also a function of the perception of what women represent. As for sports, I’m all for equality, but I’m also a realist too. Nice article. Thanks 😀

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  3. Men and women are more than roles. They have spirits. Some men are born with a feminine spirit\souls as some are born with masculine spirits\souls. The same is true for women. The point that I make, human beings are more than roles chosen by society, and the sex of there their bodies by way of the science behind human exterior reproduce. I believe life to be deeper than surface perspective. Again this is just a different point of view. Actually, I speak from truth because I am that different point of view.

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  4. Very well written. There is no need for us to be LIKE men. We have so much on our side but we have been duped into thinking the man is our mortal enemy. We have more power than we realize and forget to use it. We actually should view our roles as ying/yang. As far as equal pay that will be a fight that will continue. I really feel we can be well balanced if we stop following popular opinion and trends and harness our unique power. ♤♡◇♧

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  5. I agree that there is still room in the world for classic masculinity and femininity. However, isn’t it possible that the strong, active, protective, sometimes aggressive role might not be the sole province of manhood? Could it be that there are some people who are very gentle and nurturing (like my dad, who raised me) even though they are male, and people who take more of the active role in being breadwinner (like me?) Though, I agree that you can still be classically feminine while doing these things. Could it be that these traits became more associated with men because they were the ones in history who reserved them for themselves?

    (One quick little note: A truly transgendered person is that way because they have the brain structure of one sex within the body of another sex. Medical science can’t yet change the brain structure, but we can start to do something about the body.) Great article, and thought provoking!

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    1. I agree that women should be able to be the breadwinner. Men are very nurturing too. That’s why they have the urge to provide and protect. Men and women both nurture. I think if the man wants to provide and protect inside the house, that’s fine. Do I think the woman should strain her body to do extreme work that’s created for a mans build outside the house? No. I think women should do work that exercise her mind more than physical strength. I think that the traits are biological. Both genders have their own hormone balance. Testosterone and estrogen. Transgender individuals could possibly have an hormone imbalance or was environmentally affected. Only that individual knows. But, I think we are specifically biologically designed to play specific roles. Great additions you brought to the table.😄

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      1. I can understand what you say here. Regarding gender transition, part of making that transition is undergoing hormone treatments and counseling for a year to make sure a person really has the condition, rather than it being a result of some psychological or environmental factor. It’s a long, difficult process that most folks don’t understand.

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  6. The entry is complete with the thoughts of Elizabeth and angelacampbellx12. Am I confusing you? Woman should not only keep her individual appearance, but also claim her equal rights. On no account should she be treated as a plaything by men.

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  7. Well, there is a lot to be feminine that has backfired a bit on us in terms of salary and job security. Kind hearted nurturing people shouldn’t be worried when the man seated at the desk near them makes hundreds of dollars more than they. “Femaie” institutions such as education suffer from low pay, poor leadership, and continuing political backlash. The police, firefighters, bus drivers, and sanitation workers all civil servants work in a male dominated industry. Compare education of these civil servants to that of teachers. Sanitation’s pay scale begins higher than that of an educator. Police and firefighters earn time and a half when going beyond the call of duty. Teachers dip into their paychecks to supply their classrooms. Principals frown on teachers who do not do so. Why, we are feminine, giving, supportive even to the detriment of ourselves. Administrators will shame you if you don’t comply.

    I think women need and should grow huge balls in the areas that matter. I use teachers in this example. Blog about abuses in the workplace related to pay scale. Protest having to pay to decorate the office you work in. (Honestly I know teachers who purchase vacuum cleaners and rugs). Make loud and public that fact that you don’t receive weekend pay. Women need to do this; and it won’t makes us manly. It will mean that we finally make our fair share in a world where we are proven to do more everyday.

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    1. I absolutely agree. I think us as women need to demand our rights to equal pay. Demanding equal pay doesn’t make you manly, it makes you a woman who is demanding what she deserves. And we don’t have to stop being feminine or nurturing to do that. We nurture those who are worthy of being nurtured. Those who are not, we stand our ground and use our mental power.


      1. We need to stop being afraid of using our mental power as a sword. We need to stop being quietly complacent. It’s like playing dumb to win a handsome idiot boyfriend. One female may win her hearts content; but we’ve damned the rest of us to be perceived as idiots.

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      2. That’s right! We are so stuck on being equal to men physically too, that it seems like we are forgetting where the true power is. And I’m tired of women thinking that they have to be mean and angry to prove their intelligence. You can be soft, smart, and strong😊.

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  8. Coming from a feminist (I can’t speak for all of us) we don’t want to be like men. The only thing we want that men have is the right to make our own choices without anyone interfering and the right over our body. We want everything to be equal. If a woman wants to be like a man we want the right to make that decision. If she doesn’t want to have kids, again we should have that right without judgment. We should be able to walk out at night without having someone hold our hand to make sure we don’t become a target. We don’t want to be eye candy or told the reason we get rapped is because of what we wear. We want to be exactly who we want to be without someone telling us we can’t because we are a woman. It’s not that we (most of us) are trying to be men. We’re just tired of being seen as less than or the weaker sex.

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    1. That’s why I say the power of being a woman should be in our brain power, not abandoning everything that comes with being a woman. We are the weaker sex physically far as muscle strength. But we can endure a lot of pain physically because of childbirth. We can’t get revenge on men by pushing their roles out all together. Some women seem like they abandoned womanhood altogether. You as a woman hold power without asking. Why? Because you bring forth life. Man and woman come through you first. That’s the only way men get here. We have equal minds not bodies. I enjoyed your feedback😊

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      1. Well said 👍🏼 and the article sums it up well.
        In the novice of women fighting for equal rights, women are forgetting their own womanhood, the jewel of a woman is her femininity, which now is becoming scarce or lost.

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