Betcha! I Want to Add Affiliate Links! Learn Some Useful Tips

Hey neighbors! Yesterday I talked about ads, now I’m going to talk about affiliate links. I want to start by defining what affiliate links are.

An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username. In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website. This action is all part of an affiliate program.
Okay, now that you know what it is, let’s learn about how to get into it. There are numerous companies you can join. You can even go to your favorite store website and see if they have an affiliate program! But, the easiest I heard to get into is Amazon Affiliates. Now I’m sure you’re asking, how do I actually get involved?
First, pick a company that you want to sell products from. There are numerous ones to choose from. And yes, you can join multiple ones! When you pick the ones you want to join, complete their application process. The requirements vary by company. Some are harder to join than others. Some are even particular about how much traffic you have. Once you are approved, they will supply coded links that you can insert into your page. Why are they coded? Because the coding tracks your  clicks/sales that are credited to your account. This has nothing to do with the readers, they simply click the link that will redirect them to the product. Betcha! I don’t know which one to choose! I’ve never used affiliate marketing personally, but there is big hype around Amazon Affiliates . The application process is easy, and I hear it is easy to qualify. Hear is a chart I snagged from their site to give an idea of how much they pay.

1. Standard Advertising Fees

The Program’s standard advertising fee structure, applicable to Qualifying Purchases made through Special Links, is described in Table 1  below.

TABLE 1 – Fixed Advertising Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories


So you do the math, because that’s not my expertise! But, common sense would tell you the more unique visitors/ traffic you get on your site daily, the more money you’ll get. But if you like what you see, let’s continue😄.

I now want to talk about how to go about affiliate marketing properly. You ask how do I qualify to tell you anything? Because I’m a reader, and I’m giving you information from the reader point of view! Us as readers don’t like to feel like you are a sneaky car salesman. Affiliate links aren’t about just trying to sell stuff, it’s about recommending things that readers can ACTUALLY USE. If you created a blog that niche was totally surrounding affiliate marketing from the start, then readers know exactly what they were getting from the beginning. But, if your niche is recipes, you can’t just sit up and start advertising products out of the blue! Especially irrelevant products! You have to make a smooth transition by letting them know that the product is relevant to your article, and the product is there ONLY if they are interested. Why? Because that makes the reader feel like they are in control, you aren’t just a salesman, and they aren’t just a quick sale! And, I personally suggest not thanking people for their buy. Why? Because readers don’t like being reminded that you are benefiting, it’s supposed to be about THEM benefiting! They don’t even need to know about your percentage. It’s not their business and they aren’t interested in feeling like you are a charity case. I know it sound harsh, but that’s the marketing world. PEOPLE WANT TO BENEFIT. You only say thank you if you are accepting charity. Otherwise, you are letting them know the link is there for THEIR convenience and THAT’S IT. 

So for example, if I’m doing a recipe for cake on my blog, I might be using a cake pan that’s the shape of a rabbit. My readers take notice of the pan and adore it. So, I leave a link for those who are interested. Also,  let them know it’s an affiliate link, and give a privacy policy and disclosure at the bottom of your page. The more honest and clear you are about what the link is ( Amazon), where it leads( product), and the safety of it(not spam and their info is not revealed to you) , the less skeptical readers are .

You don’t even have to stop there. Creating a dish takes multiple pots, pans , and utensils. So leave links to the instruments you used, that way they can get the stuff they need for your recipe. Readers are way more accepting of you offering products they NEED. Always make sure you offer products that’s relevant to your niche and post! 

My points for this post is:

  • There are numerous companies to choose from
  • Affiliate linking is perfect for those who have low to moderate traffic
  • The more traffic, the more you make.
  • Amazon is perfect for those who are beginners.
  • Affiliate links are easy to insert
  • Don’t become a car salesman
  • Let readers know how it’s relevant
  • Be precise about the links and information.
  • Don’t thank people or mention percentage.
  • You don’t want to sound like a charity case.
  • People are all about them benefiting

Affiliate links aren’t conundrum!😄

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Disclosure- Graph credit: I do not own the graph from Amazon. I’m also not affiliated with them in any form or fashion. 


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