Psst! Discover the Secret to Successfully Monetizing with Ads

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Last post I discussed the 3 categories of readers. So, now you know that the only way for monetization to work, is to have loyal readers and like-minded bloggers supporting you. So, for those of you who still want to monetize, let’s start to dig deeper into the subject. For those readers who are willing to stick around, you want to make a pleasant user experience. I did a survey👇😄-push-like-if-you-approve-of-ads-on-someones-blogsite-thank-you-for-participating😃/

And 40/60 bloggers said they don’t mind ads on a site/ blog. I received 40 likes and 60 views. So, I can only assume that  the 20 bloggers that just viewed it, and didn’t push like, didn’t agree with ads. I know it’s not 100% accuracy on the numbers, but we at least get a general idea. Those who left comments voiced their concern about pop up ads. I personally hate those. When I get those, I feel like I’m being forced into something. You don’t want readers to feel annoyed or forced. Also, it’s like you are saying that the ads are more important than your article. Is that what you want to insinuate? Also, I would like to add that you don’t want to make your blog/ site look like spam. I realize that ads don’t pay much, but you can’t over do it. Why? Because people like me will think these following things:

  • You are greedy
  • You don’t want me to focus on your article
  • I’m only a dollar to you (not a valued reader).
  • And I’m terrified of getting a virus on my computer! I don’t know if that’s possible, but personally I fear that.

If a reader have all of these negative emotions, they should and probably will move on!  I’ve seen some sites with so many pop ups, that I couldn’t  even navigate through the site itself. Ads is not only about covering cost of your blog/site. It’s also about providing service, convenience, and information to your readers. You should only have them on the far side of your blog.


That’s saying to the reader that the information is there on the side ONLY if they are interested. Also, it’s important to have ads that are relevant. Why? Because it’ll say to the reader that you are trying to offer up services that they can actually use. If you’re creating recipes, it only makes sense to offer ads that will offer cookware, or food products. So, for example, if you are making green bean casserole, it would make perfect sense to have an ad for cookware. The reader will actually appreciate it because they are eager to make that casserole, and you just saved them time trying to search out a site for casserole dishes. And it helps you because when it’s a relevant ad, it will spark interest in the reader, which means your chances of the ads being clicked increases.  Get it? If you blog is your business, then it’s all about customer service, and a good user experience for the reader. You should always make sure your loyal readers feel right at home!

My points for this post is the following:

  • You want to create a good user experience.
  • You don’t want your blog to look like spam or feel invasive.
  • You don’t want readers to feel like a quick buck!
  • Negative emotions will run readers away.
  • You want to have ads that are relevant, useful, and helpful.
  • Readers will appreciate the suggestions and convenience.
  • A business is about good customer service.
  • Make readers feel at home so they will return.
  • Ads should spark interest.
  • Vaue your reader

Your ads should not make readers flee!

Discussion- Do you agree with my post? Do you feel uncomfortable with pop ups? Do you think user experience is important? Let me know in the comment section below👇I appreciate your feedback!😃

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3 thoughts on “Psst! Discover the Secret to Successfully Monetizing with Ads

  1. Yet another great post about monetization. Unless I happened to miss a post where you already covered this, do you think you could talk about how exactly one would go about monetizing their site? The different ad placement programs, qualifications for monetizing, etc. I hear about it all the time, but I’m still pretty fuzzy on the whole process, and I’m sure some other readers are too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! That’s on the way too. It’s just that I wanted to get monetizatio n etiquette out the way first. Some People might be so eager to monetize, that they may want to “over do it”. Since monetization is such a touchy thing with readers as it is, I wanted to emphasize things that bloggers can do to prevent them from loosing even more readers from “over doing it”. You have to be very strategic in the process. A lot of people think they should just throw ads up and watch the money roll in and it doesn’t work that way. It’s a step by step process😊.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it seems like a lot of strategy is involved; I guess you really do need to be armed with a lot of knowledge on it before you decide to monetize, so I look forward to more on the topic!

        Liked by 1 person

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