Betcha! I Want to Monetize My Blog! But Is Monetization Taboo?

Hey neighbors!

I want to first start off by saying I enjoyed doing my post yesterday about online safety. I did it because a fellow blogger wanted me to highlight some of the safety hazards of posting pictures online. So, I did😊. But then to my surprise, it created  negative emotions in some people. I had noooo idea that would happen! That definitely surprised me😕. I merely wanted to let people know the good and the bad side of posting photos. when you are giving out information, it’s important to answer questions and be as thorough as possible.  It never hurts to be aware of your surroundings. Everyone is adults, you can make your OWN choices, I’m just the messenger.

Okay, now that I got that out the way , I’m going to probably stir up more emotions😏(including my own). I wanted to talk about a word I find to be taboo in the blogging community. MONETIZATION!  I can’t figure out to save my life why that word makes people so angry. I had posted up a Motivation Monday that showed a chart of how some bloggers were able to succeed👇


When I posted it up, I could tell it made some people uncomfortable. When I see this picture, I feel happy! Why? Because these 10 people didn’t become trapped! Trapped in the cycle of poverty! Trapped in the cycle of a 9 to 5 job that they hate. Trapped in the cycle of getting paid minimum wage or below! Trapped in the cycle of getting bosses that treat them like crap because they feel like they can😭! Oh boy, let me calm down😩. Hahaha😂! Why is it that people don’t want to see someone accomplish anything. What’s wrong with entrepreneurship? What’s wrong with someone being compensated for great work? What’s wrong with getting paid while doing your passion? And I’m not saying that everyone has to monetize. If you’re happy with your job, and using it as a hobby makes you happy, then more power to you👍. But, why are you going to make someone else feel guilty because they hate their 9 to 5 job, and they want to be compensated for their work/ passion in their blog? Why are you encouraging people to stay in poverty or a job they hate? Instead of being jealous, why not make it a new goal to get out of whatever is trapping you in your life. Goals is what keep us alive. It gives us purpose and meaning to this life. Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and fight. When life pushes you down and try to destroy you, lay down, cry, bleed, scream, and pray! But don’t stay there. GET UP! Why? Because if you plan on continuing on with this life, you have to get back up. If you don’t, life will totally take you over. And you should want some control over your own life. And you can’t do that sitting around being jealous or judging others. Lastly, why is it that no matter how great someone’s writing is, or how much someone needs the financial help, nobody suggests they should monetize their blog? Why? People on YouTube do it allllllll the time. And people don’t really care that much. But with blogging, people feel a particular way. I’ll be honest. I’m not in a lot of need for financial help right now. I’m not rich, but I’m accustomed to living humble. And since I’m a humanitarian, I find joy in helping others. I’m not able to help those in need financially, so I try to give back in other ways. But, if I ever decided to monetize my blog or YouTube, it’s because I’m in bad financial need. And I’ll be the one to say that if any of you writers are in need of money, don’t be afraid to monetize! Okay, my rant is over😄!

Monetization is like a fought over treasure😄.

My points for this post is the following: 

  • Monetize is a taboo word in blogging
  • The word often bring negative emotions
  • Stop being jealous
  • Set some goals in life
  • If you fall get back up
  • Don’t be afraid of entrepreneurship
  • If you’re in financial hardship, don’t be afraid to monetize

Discussion- You read my rant, now it’s your turn to be heard! Is the word Monetization a taboo word to you? Do you think that great writers deserve compensation? Do you believe in entrepreneurship? Do you get angry at the word? Do you suggest someone in need should monetize? Remember, we can disagree without being rude, this is supposed to be a stimulating and fun conversation amongst us bloggers! Reply in the comment section below👇

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Betcha didn’t know!😄

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30 thoughts on “Betcha! I Want to Monetize My Blog! But Is Monetization Taboo?

  1. That was an expertly written post, and a great point. The choice of monetizing one’s blog shouldn’t be frowned upon by others, for as you said, is there anything wrong with making a small income from something you enjoy doing? I don’t think so; I myself toy with the idea, and if I’m at a point where I feel I’ve got the potential to make a little money from site, then why not? But not everyone feels the same way, and just like you said, it’s their opinion, and they’re free to do as they like. Monetization or not, what’s really important is creating genuine content that’s true to yourself and can be appreciated by others.

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  2. This RESONATES with me 100%! It’s the path I’m on for ALL the reasons you’ve shared! Anxious to learn more about monetizing my blog and thanks for sharing! At 50, I’ve finally started believing that I can make money following my passion, and am currently working towards that goal!

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  3. Yes, as I look into monetizing my blog, as my family is reaching a time when my financial support is crucial, I’m cringing already from the backlash I will receive from the blog hipsters of the world who have strong opposition to turning something you are passionate about into a career.

    Would love to hear some avenues of monetizing your blog, I’m still very green to that aspect of it.

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    1. You can’t even waste time with people like that because you’ll never move forward in life. If those 10 people feared the backlash, they wouldn’t be where they are today😉. Your “real” loyal readers won’t get upset. And the ones who are angry are no where to be found in your crisis situations, let alone advice on where you can get the spare income. 😭😊💗

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  4. If people can make money blogging – great!

    I just happen to be one of those old souls who was online before websites, chat sites, apps, and blogging, and have gotten weary of not being able to click a link without seeing ads or something for sale, needing financial support, etc.

    It used to simply be about PEOPLE. Now, it’s just about their wallets.

    As a self-published author, I’m not naive enough to not understand the opportunities the Internet affords, but it seems you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen books on monetizing blogs. 😒

    *No cats were harmed during the writing of this post.*

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    1. Hahaha! That disclaimer was hilarious😊. I really want to know if it’s fair to judge someone’s blog being monetized if you’re a self-published author? Is your book free? If not, then why? How did you promote your work? Is a bloggers writing less worthy because it’s in blog format? And how did you learn to self-publish? Did you learn it somewhere? Is it wrong for people to learn how to monetize from different sources? I’m not trying to be rude. I just want you to look at the subject in diffrent angles, then tell me what you think😊!

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  5. Someone mentioned monetization to me regarding blogging. I have no idea how to do it, hadn’t considered it, but I am in the niche of disability where I really could use (more money) couldn’t we all, but have put off the idea due to the anger out there regarding monetization and concern I’d lose my readership. Any thoughts?

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    1. If you have a loyal fan base, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Some people aren’t loyal readers but what I call “spam readers”. They only come around to be difficult, rude, and judge. Those people you have to ignore as readers. They have no desire to support your blog. I do have some advice I want to give out on this subject in post form. But please don’t live in struggle because of people like that😒. 😊


  6. I don’t think monetizing a blog is a bad thing. I produce content for free; I can at the very least make a little cash to sustain myself because I don’t work. If I want to do it, I will. But I’ll tell everyone first. It’s not a crime because it’s our blog and people need money

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  7. Thank you so much…I am currently making life changes. The judgement has been incredible. Reinventing yourself as a blogger is a good way to go. Monetizing my writing makes sense to me, but you can never account for others. Just keep moving forward.

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