Betcha! I Have A Lot of Follows! Discover If Your Follows Hold Value

Hey neighbors!

I wanted to reveal the environment that we’re in here a WordPress when it comes to Follows. Everyone here at WordPress blogs for a reason. Some to make friends, others to follow their passion, or just as a hobby. The list can go on and on. But one of the things I’ve also noticed is that us bloggers all tend to have our own opinions and beliefs when it comes to likes, follows, and views. And I’m sure some of you will want to turn me into a martyr for this post, but these are only my beliefs and opinions! We all have a right to our own opinions, right? Ok, now that my little rant is over, let’s begin😊.

 Everyone puts their own importance on follows. Follows are a good thing. It can mean that someone took interest in your writing and followed you to get your latest work in their reader. But here at WordPress, I’m seeing a really interesting pattern. I’ve noticed that someone can have 8,000 follows and only 200 likes or less on each post. Why does this disturb me? Because I’m more accustomed to the YouTube format where vloggers numbers match up better. Bloggers numbers seem to have a major gap😕. Now depending on your purpose for blogging will the gap make a difference to you. But if you’re trying to make a career out of your blog, that’s not a good thing; especially if you don’t get much traffic either on social media. As the years go by, I would expect the numbers to even out some. But, if you’ve been on WordPress for a short amount of time, and your follows don’t match your  likes or views, that makes more sense because it takes time to gain a loyal fan base. But, it also means that you have a lot of empty follows. What are empty follows? When you get a follow from someone who is a follow collector. What is a follow collector? A follow collector is someone who follow you in return for your follow, then you never see or hear from them again. These are terms I’ve made up myself by the way😊. ( At least I think😕)

I personally have no problem with follow collectors. I think collecting follows can become an entertaining hobby/sport. There’s a sense of achievement and a rewarding sensation that comes with it. That’s why video games are so popular😄! We as humans crave that sense of reward and achievement. And technically it is a game. It’s a game of how many follows you can get in a short amount of time. Sometimes in the WordPress community, we try to beat each other’s record. But, there’s a down side to that. You are left with bloggers who are passionate about their work and long for genuine follows. I’ve noticed follow collecting has become a trend. But it’s not really a healthy trend. Why? Because you end up blogging on a platform that’s hard to take serious. Also, another problem is when people talk about their achievement in follows, it creates envious bloggers, and envious bloggers can turn into collectors. Why? Because some people naturally crave challenge and competition. So the blogger who was once a passionate writer, is now screaming behind the computer screen, ” The challenge is on!” So how do we even take WordPress or bloggers serious when it’s full of collectors? And please don’t say people should be able to freely share their achievement. I totally agree with you!  I’m always cheering on and congratulating bloggers. Follows are an achievement and it can also take hard work. So You should! I’m simply letting you know what happens sometimes as a result!😳

My main points of this post is the following: 

  • Everyone at WordPress blog for their own reasons
  • WordPress bloggers have a major gap in follows/ likes/views
  • This is the result of follow collectors
  • Follow collecting can become a entertaining sport/game/hobby
  • But it can result in a lot of empty follows
  • This is not good for passionate writers
  • It’s hard to take this platform serious or bloggers serious when everyone is turning into follow collectors. 

Give me your feedback. Do you think WordPress has turned into a game? Are you a follow collector? Or do you think you have fallen victim of follow collectors? Do you agree or disagree with me? And a lot of us here are adults, so we can disagree without being rude. This is supposed to be a stimulating fun conversation amongst us bloggers😊! Leave in the comment section👇

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64 thoughts on “Betcha! I Have A Lot of Follows! Discover If Your Follows Hold Value

  1. I only follow blogs I’m interested in and plan to read. I think I am a ‘victim’ of follow collectors and I really think it is rude when someone follows you and leaves a comment saying ‘follow back’ or similar. My posts tend to end up with only 40 ish views generally, but I have a lot more followers than that. Often I get followers who haven’t even read one of my posts. I used to think you had to follow back anyone that follows you but I’ve changed my mind now. Thanks for a great post, I had been pondering how ‘followers’ worked for a while.

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    1. I totally agree with you. I’m starting to narrow down who I give my time to. I usually give attention to those who don’t even acknowledge me, but that’s got to stop because I have so many blogs to read as it is. 😜. Thanks for your feedback!😀

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  2. I’m with you here. I try to only follow the blogs I’m interested in. I desire genuine readers and followers too. Those who really are responsive and offer up words or encouragements or constructive criticisms to help me grow as a writer. I want such followers too because that’s what I am to those I follow.

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  3. I totally agree with your post. 🙂 🙂 On a personal note, it has been an interesting journey over the last 3 years. My little blog is growing gradually and gaining followers slowly….. My motto is quality rather than quantity. Over time I have noticed that people follow and you see their likes/comments and then poof, they disappear into thin air. That is the nature of blogging! I endeavour to visit all my followers and leave likes/comments time permitting. A great post and topic for discussion.

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    1. I have noticed the disappearing act too! That surprised me a little when I first started. I admit that it still get me sometimes😊. I believe as long as your blog constantly grows, speed is not an issue. Thanks for commenting and stopping by! 😃

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  4. I would like to thank you for sharing your view points. I’ve learned alot from this post. I’ve been blogging for a short time now. Before this, I really had no form of knowledge of a bloggers life. Thank you for the breakdown it makes a lot of sense to me. You are appreciated..Blog on!!!

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  5. I agree. Well, I only started blogging since last month, and I do confess I follow back my followers. But, I make sure I check their pages first and read a few of their posts (because I started blogging for the purpose of stalking my crush, so I don’t want my reader to be flooded).
    Thank you for noting that anyway. I hope I don’t turn into a competitor when it comes to the number of followers and I also hope that I continue to become a passionate writer.

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  6. Would you believe me if I tell you that I was having the same thoughts while scrolling my reader, and then BOOM! there was your post! Thank you for saying it like it is. I love that phrase “empty follows,” lol…But I still can’t understand why people are so hungry for numbers, I really can’t.


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  7. I love that phrase “empty follow”. I have a fair number of them so I would have to say I have fallen in to that part of the WP environment. But I wouldn’t say that I’m a follow collector however. I have had my WP for over 2 years and I still don’t have 700 followers. I’ve seen a fair number that have been here for 6 months or less and they are well past me. Does it bother me? Yes and no. No because I have my account for personal reasons and as a hobby. I do this for fun and as a vehicle to meet people. Yes because I have an ego just like anyone else. I guess the bottom-line is everything comes in its own time and we”ll stay optimistic.

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    1. I think it’s got something to do with how much time a person spends blogging. I can relate to what Jim said here about the “yes/no” answer to “does it bother me?”

      I started my blog around July and had like 10 followers. I post every now and then, but never explored past my own blog. Last October, I discovered Community Pool, and I was so excited to see so many other people on here. There was a lot of activity on my blog after that.

      I spent a LOOOT of time exploring other blogs, reading posts, liking, following… I guess it was a thrill. Right now, I have a little over 300 followers, and I’ve kind of stopped desiring to have too many followers.

      Why? I want real interaction with people. I want to spend time getting to know other bloggers, not just become a number on their page… It’s difficult to keep up when you’re also following hundreds of blogs.

      Anyway, sorry this is already a long comment. Haha! But @betcha, something interesting I noticed. and probably just a theory.. I’m not 100% sure…

      The amount of followers we see on blogs sometimes are not actual followers on the blog itself. It could be an overall number with the blog followers, and IG, FB page, twitter followers as a whole. I noticed this one time with a blogger who had 2,000 followers on her blog. but less than 10 people would like the posts. I noticed she connected her blog to Instagram, and she has 1,000++ followers there.

      It’s just a theory, but it could explain why there are people with loads of followers and not that much interaction on WP itself. ❤ ❤ ❤ (this is so long haha!)

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      1. I am a believer in the 20/80 principles which States that its about 20% of your customer that produces about 80% of your company’s turnover.

        For me I believe if a writer has tried to gains tribe of about 20% of his followers, he/she tried.

        I’m actually not refuting your claims of “follow grabber”. the truth is they exists in every sphere of human interaction platform and engagement.

        you see interaction cant be forced, no matter how you tried.

        there are two classes of readers on wordpress in my estimation in relation to the “follow grabber” issue.

        1. Those who are simply addicted to the surging burst of excitement when some follows them without adequately analyzing the responsibility that it will need to match up

        2. Those who are aren’t interested in interaction whatsoever. those are the types you the comment section on their blogs aren’t activated.

        I rule I follow is this: I only respond to those that respond to me. You likes, comments or Follow me? I’ll do so too immediately but if not I shun but I’m generous enough to be magnanimous about my likes. My likes are for free but not my comments and follows.

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      2. Hmm…very interesting! I like the aspect that you added. There is a lot of people who don’t realize the responsibility that come with it. Some care about the responsibility and some don’t. And yes, there is those who don’t want interaction at all. How that’s going for them I don’t know!😕And that’s true, you don’t need a huge percentage for success. The most important thing in writing is a loyal fan base. And lastly, I’m sure you took care of the issue of too many blogs to read. I think I’m a little too generous! I give attention to those who don’t even acknowledge me. You have definitely given food for thought on that part. Well said and thanks for stopping by and commenting!😄

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  8. Oh yeah I see that trend as well, the number of followers to the amount of views/likes people (me included 😄) receive doesn’t add up. Empty follows are definitely discouraging, but I suppose sifting through the hollow ones to get to at least a few genuine ones is worth it! I liked the terms you made up for them as well haha

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  9. I work for a publishing company that doesn’t take bloggers seriously for exactly these reasons. I enjoy reading on wordpress. That’s the best I can say. If I like your post or leave a comment, it means you engaged or inspired me. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  10. I seriously have to bookmark your page & and start from the very beginning with all your post because I love your content so much! I seriously find things to be very helpful and I need to take a whole day and some.. to sit down and just read through all your post! thank you for sharing such good content.



  11. I try to only follow the blogs I think I’d be interested in, and try to engage with those I follow as much as possible. Though I get the psychology of follow collecting. It’s like adding people you barely know as Facebook friends: it gives you a very temporary and empty sense of satisfaction at having lots of “friends/followers.”

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  12. Really agree with you on this! When I put up a post I hope my words will be not only read but understood by others and want to follow to read more. At least that why I read and follow the blogs I do! Great post!!☺

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  13. I totally agree with your post. I am seeing follow collectors more easily. I do not wish to be part of the game. I post fewer than what I write and have ready to post …because I wish to reciprocate with genuine followers and spend time on their work. Not sure what success look like with this attitude, but I feel very content day to day.

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  14. Totally agree with the follower game. People will follow me and there is no sign they even looked at a post. I MAY indulge with a follow back and explore their work. If they don’t return the courtesy, I drop them. I’m one of the folks you mention that prefer engagement…actually comments and interacting with a smaller group of writers who invest their energy and time in me and I do the same for them. Someone that follows, then fills up my reader by posting too much, and never visits my blog…not interested. Time is too valuable.

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  15. Considering this blog is for the purpose of promoting the book I’m working on, and gauging where my reader’s interest lie, I am dependent on a following. In that essence I am a follow collector, but I also, despite having three toddlers and a house to upkeep do try my hardest to read the blogs on my list. I try to comment as much as possible, but I do make sure each morning to open each bog on my reader feed to offer my followers a view, and then as I go through the day I try to read through them all, offering comments where I can, likes are a must. I’m dyslexic on top of it all, so to read one blog post takes me about four times the effort and time of any other reader, so my progress is slow.

    I try my hardest to not be a “follow collector” but at the same time I try very diligently to promote my blog, and support those who took the time to follow me as I follow them in return.

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    1. You don’t sound like a follow collector. A follow collector is someone who follow you to get one back, then you don’t see or hear from them ever again. They have no interest in your blog. I can relate to the overwhelming amount of blogs to read!😝😄But if you are using your blog as a promoting tool, you definitely want at least some “real” follows.

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  16. I totally agree with you. I see bloggers with thousands of followers and they barely get even 30 likes on a post. It’s really disturbing. That’s why I’ve slowed down my blog a little to build a more loyal fan base; instead of getting followers because I love being active and connecting with bloggers so having follow collectors is a waste of time for me.

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