Discover an Effective Technique That Will Draw Readers Attention

Hey neighbors!

Disclaimer! This information is for those who are using their blog as a potential career, not a hobby😀. Lately I’ve been talking about ways for bloggers to get seen and noticed. But none of it serves a purpose if readers click back out. Why are readers so anxious to click back out? Because there are hundreds on top of hundreds of blogs to choose from. That gives readers the excuse alone to be extremely picky. When you choose a niche, it’s important to give readers something they can identify with, beliefs to share, and some of the same interest. To provide that, you need to construct  a brand/trademark. That’s why I wrote the post Betcha! I have something to say! In that post I discuss how it’s important to speak your mind.

When readers click in, they need to be able to feel like they can identify with something. Here is a list of things people can identify with.

  • Religious views
  • Political Views
  • Sexual orientation
  •  Race
  • Hobbies
  • Sickness
  • Disorder
  • Medical beliefs

These are just to name a few of things that can turn into a subculture. That’s how you are identified out of the thousands that’s in your niche. And the only way to stand out is to be able to speak your mind and share a piece of your life. How will people be able to distinguish you from the other bloggers in your niche if you’re afraid to say who you are and what you believe in? I think it’s safe to say most of us like to feel that sense of belonging to somthing in some sort of fashion. For example, your niche is gaming. Their is plenty of others who have the niche talking about video games! What’s so diffrent about you? Well, you are a female. So that helps because female gamers aren’t as common. So that can turn into a subculture in itself. But you could narrow yourself down even more! What else is different about you? Well, You happen to be a biker who is part of a motorcycle club! Being a biker is something that we all can’t raise our hand to and say we are one. So that’s a subculture. Some people don’t like to admit they are a biker because it’s frowned upon. But you shouldn’t be ashamed! Their is plenty of other people who are bikers and are proud to be. So even though their is plenty of other blogs on gaming, someone who is a biker will want to give yours a chance first. Why? Because they can relate and identify with you! And you being a biker/gamer/ female also becomes your brand/trademark. You are now known as the blogger who is a female gamer biker😄!

My points for this post is the following: 

  • There has to be something that prevent readers from clicking out.
  • Readers need something they can identify with or relate to. 
  • You need a brand/trademark
  • Is their something unique about you or something about you that others can relate to? 
  • Are you part of a subculture?
  • Readers will pick those in their “group” before others. 

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